The 23rd Weekly Webheads Open Mic Sandbox FUNinar Karaoke Night, jukeboxes provided by Heike Philp and Han Chee

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Learning2gether Episode 488
23rd Webheads Revival Weekly Sunday Sandbox Open Mic-inar


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On Sunday, September 6th at the usual time of noon UTC we had the
23rd Weekly Webheads Open Mic Sandbox FUNinar Karaoke Night

Heike Philp is planning to cat-herd our open mics tonight. She said she
“would like to try out singing together. If you know of great songs with Karaoke type videos, please bring then along.

It would be interesting to find out whether it is actually possible to sing together due to the inherent lag of this system.”

Heike through this might be possible if all listen to a joint music source.
“Maybe this works, maybe it doesnt. Let’s give this a try.”

Spoken like a true Webhead!

Here are some examples of music created by educators sung in unison over the Internet

Heike pointed out that these are actually mixed after-the-fact, like ths one, from a group called “Goat Rodeo” whose members are nevertheless obviously not playing together in the same space,

But if you look at the comment from Josh Rogosin, Sept 2, 2020, you can see that Heike was correct …

In case anyone’s curious how their producer put this together: “There’s too much latency to all record together, unfortunately.  So we recorded in this order: mandolin/vocal > bass > Aoife (on The Trappings) > fiddle/vocal > cello.  I would make a pretty-close-to-final comp of each part before recording the next person so they could play to the best version of each performance. And then I did final editing tweaks after I had all the parts recorded  and then mixed it.”

Han Chee joined us as well. He said …

I use karaoke to teach the students pronunciation and diction. Sometimes I say the words and let them hear it then I will try to sing the song. I hope you can use these

(This one uses a copyrighted song but the YouTube bot was unable to detect it since it was so cleverly diguised by Chee’s singing 🙂 (This one has been removed for a copyright violation where I am but maybe you can see it wherever you are)

Copyright violations can be annoying with YouTube. When I uploaded my video from last week’s Back to School night I was informed that the bot had detected a copyrighted melody in Minnie’s concert. The bot informed me that the tune was copyrighted in some parts of the world, and that I would not be able to monetize my video. The bot told me this was not going to cost me a strike, but that it could remove the melody from the video I had just uploaded (the entirety of Minnie’s concert!) or I could go ahead and post it but accept the restriction on monetization. I don’t monetize my videos anyway, so I was unconcerned, and went ahead and posted it.

Can Heike’s plan and Chee’s experience help Webheads to overcome the physical force of latency over the Internet?

Our communities were invited to join us in Zoom,
and learning2gether we’ll find out …

Yet another treat was when Doris Molero appeared and took us on a tour of  her Virtually Anywhere Language Learning Project (see the last event in VWMOOC20, at the very bottom of this post).

Doris introduced us to Minnie Guzheng, Minnie’s new avatar in Second Life

We got there because Heike took us via screenshare in Second Life to her island and showed us where Doris’s castle was. Doris and Minnie are planning to present at VWMOOC next Saturday at noon UTC, as listed in the program:
Virtually Anywhere: Terracotta Army- Transmedia Storytelling and Music
(Click on the title to access the ZOOM meeting; Password: 719629)

Chat Logs

There was not much of significance in either the Zoom chat or Facebook commentary this week. Only when I mentioned that we were approaching the 500th Learning2gether episode, Heike said in the conversation that we should do something special to mark the occasion, and this was posted as a Facebook comment:

500 should be celebrated with a party😇

Promotion and Feedback

This event was posted to these Facebook Groups

An event was set at Learning2gether –,
but thanks to Facebook’s new, uninmproved interface, I was unable to share the event with the following groups. When I Googled for help, I landed on a Facebook help page that explained that the feature was not yet available.

In the old interface it had been a simple matter to create an event and then share it across a number of associated groups. In the new interface I had to copy the event description as a discussion post in each of the following groups:

And the event was posted as a calendar event at this,

And as usual we streamed from Zoom on

From Minnie’s Facebook page


Earlier Events

Sun 30 Aug noon UTC 22nd Weekly Webheads – Back to School Open Mic Sandbox FUNinar

Wed 2 Sept midnight UTC Sept 3 – Free workshop – How to Make Remote Learning Personal: 5 Quick Ways to Develop an Authentic Connection

How do I build a connection, and a relationship with students and staff, when we are in hybrid and remote learning environments?

Well, this Wednesday, 2 September 2020, 8:00 PM, Thomas C. Murray will be hosting a free online workshop answering that exact question heading into this school year.

Register for Free Here:

How to Make Remote Learning Personal: 5 Quick Ways to Develop an Authentic Connection with Students and Staff this Year

8 am Sept 3 in Malaysia, a ‘doable’ time for me, so I tuned in on my iPad

Thomas Murray was talking about the importance of making connections with students apart from the Zoom room, in personal contacts to find out if anything happening in their lives was impacting attendance, or across the door stoop where possible.

Here is the video replay link

Sat 05 Sept 1300-1500 UTC – VSTE Second Life Saturdays – repeats each Saturday

About this intitiative,

Jaz and Thunder are at VSTE Space in Second Life every Saturday morning from 5 am to 7 am Pacific time. Feel free to come learn more about the VSTE VE PLN there.

Follow them on Facebook:

Below are directions for joining the VSTE VE PLN in Second Life

Basic directions to join VSTE Spaces

If you don’t have a Second Life account get one, it’s free. We recommend setting one up at the Rockcliffe University Consortium’s Gateway here:

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. While your Second Life viewer (software) is open click this link
  3. and voila! Look for an avatar on VSTE Island and say, “Hey, I’m new!” We will take care of the rest.

The 7th annual Virtual Worlds MOOC (VWMOOC20) taking place September 1-5, 2020

The 7th annual Virtual Worlds MOOC (VWMOOC20) are happening from September 1-30, 2020 and Smore

The theme of the current MOOC is peace through learning and connecting online for instruction and learning via web technologies such as Second Life and Virtual Worlds. The MOOC will focus on connecting online for collaborative learning and teaching around the world through Second Life. The live presentations will include the speakers’ reflective process on teaching and learning in fully online and blended learning formats.


  1. Presentations
  2. Presenters
  3. Presenters’ Bios

VWMOOC20 Tue Sept 1 2000 UTC

Dr. Nellie Deutsch (Nellie Homewood), Dr. Doris Molero (Pionia Destiny), and Dr. Nan Zingrone (Maggie Larimore)

VWMOOC20 Wed Sept 2 1900 UTC

Dr Nan Zingrone (Maggie Larimore in virtual worlds)
Virtual Worlds Education Overview for Newcomers – A brief overview of sources for understanding the history of virtual world education, the current research and theory. A bibliographic tour of sorts. Held in VWMOOC Headquarters, SLURL:

VWMOOC20 Thu Sept 3 2000 UTC

Nexus Dot, chaired by Sheila Yoshikawa
A tour and talk about the installation on Molas  produced by Guna women, and Emberá culture – A Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable event: An educational tour from cultural anthropologist Nexus Dot. He will give a short tour of the installation on the Molas produced by Guna women; and, Emberá cosmology & ethnobotany. This Panama exhibit was curated by Nexus Dot and Shiloh Emmons. Nexus will talk about developing the information and insights he had into an educational exhibit. We start at

Contact: Sheila Yoshikawa

VWMOOC20 Fri Sept 4 1530 UTC

[Nonprofit Commons meets every Friday in SL; contact Rhiannon Chatnoir]

Janie Teague-Urbach (Katsii Tennen in SL)

Virtual World Music Library Discussion – Visit the CVL Marly Milena Music Library to discuss virtual world original music and future plans for the new music library.

VWMOOC20 Sat Sept 5

Introducing Virtually Anywhere in Second Life – The
Virtually Anywhere Language Learning Project

Virtually Anywhere is a trans-media experience for language learning. Students employed Trans-media Storytelling techniques to collaborate in the creation of a new fiction based on an existing  audio series. The story line used for our project is part of the audio series by Cambridge Assessment English. These audio episodes were created primarily to help students improve their English listening skills.

The series tells a story about university students Geeta and Paul. They are struggling with their archeology coursework, when a mysterious professor offers to help, and takes them in a series of virtual traveling to different sites. In the original series our characters visit two sites: The Terracotta Army in China and the Citadel of Teotihuacan in Mexico.

Students created two new episodes following the original ones as models. Since students are in different countries, they thought of a situation happening in their countries. Students in Argentina chose Pucara de Tilcara in the province of Jujuy in Argentina and students in germany decided to work on The Imperial Palace of Goslar  (Kaiserpfalz Goslar)

This project includes virtual worlds where students can visit the sites involved in the story line of Virtually anywhere. Also, students participate in a series of short presentations in the sites in both Second Life and the virtual platform Zoom.

Ann Von Rhein and Pionia Destiny then presented

Virtually Anywhere: The imperial Palace of Goslar – As Geeta, Paul and The professor visit different archeological sites, they get the chance to participate in a quest to find an important lost artifact. Help our friends find it and have a little virtual fun!

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The date of this update is September 17, 2020 03:00 UTC

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