Learning2gether with Bron Stuckey hosting Successes in Remote Learning in Minecraft

Learning2gether Episode 458

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The other day I came on this Facebook post from Bron Stuckey. It announced a Minecraft meeting May 6th on “Let’s talk successes (big and small) in remote learning with Minecraft.”


“Come have fun?” What’s not to like? Beats sitting at home wishing you weren’t under lockdown (e.g. by sitting home wishing you were in Minecraft?). She didn’t give the time in UTC but Malaysia happens to be in WA time, 1:30 pm for most of us in Asia. Malaysia is also 12 hours out from EST/NYC so it makes it easy to synchronize watches.

When I arrived I found these beautiful people in the Zoom chat


The chat was full of interesting tips, as when Bron pulled up a slide show explaining to someone who’d asked how to set up a multiplayer game in Minecraft.edu, more fully explained in this video, https://youtu.be/cyQOfidGgKo


Knowing I might be the odd one out in this group of Ozzies and not wishing to appear at the table with nothing to add to the feast, I prepared a notepad with a number of links I could throw into the text chat as I discussed each one. When it was my turn to speak I introduced myself as having started EVO Minecraft MOOC 6 years ago because at the time I knew nothing about Minecraft and I thought that way I could trick someone into teaching me. As is now obvious, no one teaches you Minecraft, you learn it, but in the process we would also learn how to use it with students. So my first link was to the EVOMC MOOC site, http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/

As one example of what we were learning about using Minecraft with students, I cited Rose Bard, Dakota Redstone, and Jane Chien host Building Challenge on EVO Minecraft 1.12.2 server

I mentioned that Jane then researched the discourse between Mattie and Emanuel and produced this article:
Chien, Y. (2019). The language of massively multiplayer online gamers: A study of vocabulary in Minecraft gameplay.TESL-EJ, 23(3), 1-16. http://tesl-ej.org/pdf/ej91/int.pdf. Also available: http://www.tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volume22/ej91/ej91int/
In this article Jane reported that the level of vocabulary used by two young learners when carrying out a task in Minecraft encorporated vocabulary that appeared on General Word Lists well advanced from words they would have been expected to know at their respective grade levels.

I also mentioned that I had been interacting recently with VSTE in their regular Minecraft Monday events, and that the latest one (the day before this chat) had presented us with copies of maps traded for in-game with a cartographer which showed the way to a Woodland Manor, a rare find in Minecraft. I thought this was a great instance of how students could learn many life-skills while orienteering their way in world, not to mention the collaborative problem-solving involved in overcoming the obstacles inside the manor and finding whatever treasure it concealed, reporting on their strategies, narrating their adventures, creating videos or digital stories of the experience, etc.

I added that people could find more our our writings about EVO Minecraft MOOC in a list that appears here.

Finally, I noted that Jane Chien and I would be appearing on behalf of EVOMC MOOC along with some of our colleagues in VSTE on Saturday May 9 at the online Virtual Round Table conference, more information at

Bron’s Zoom chats on remote learning with Minecraft are apparently taking place every Wednesday at about the same time. There have been previous ones, and Bron is working on preparing an archive. Some of the links can be found in the chat logs below. I hope to attend the next one.

I hope also that Bron will allow me to embed the video of this chat in this post, or at least link to whatever excerpts she puts online.

Bron was unable to locate the link to her YouTube channel where earlier links in this series were being files, but she provided these links to help me catch up in the series:


Two days later, she FOUND her YouTube channel!

I have started uploading the recordings of our Minecraft Teacher Meetings and any associated resources. I’m working backwards so there are still videos to come, but you might find what’s building there of some value, https://bit.ly/BronMinecraft

Next week we hope to get the student and teacher perspectives on remote learning with Minecraft.


Selected Zoom Chat Logs

After I presented myself, others started using the text chat much more intensively

From Helen to Everyone: 02:06 PM Is there such a group where educators meet in Minecraft like Sue Gregory does in Second World?
From Me to Everyone: 02:08 PM VSTE Minecraft Mondays is such a place, I’ll get the link
VSTE Discord channel https://discord.gg/cp9tsWz
From Helen to Everyone: 02:09 PM We will go back to school and back to no or very little computer resources! Only 1 computer lab and no BYOD, a disadvantage to working in low socio-economic schools.
From Bron Stuckey to Everyone: 02:09 PM Teacher Advice
https://education.minecraft.net/blog/12-tips-for-getting-started-with-minecraft-education-edition/ Simon Johnson USA
From Vincent Trundle ACMI to Everyone: 02:11 PM My project at ACMI is Game Lessons http://www.acmi.net.au/game-lessons/
From Me to Everyone: 02:12 PM Facebook group for EVO Minecraft MOOC, https://www.facebook.com/groups/evomc/
From Bron Stuckey to Everyone: 02:12 PM https://education.minecraft.net/wp-content/uploads/Remote-Learning-with-Minecraft-Education-Edition_Final.pdf
From Me to Everyone: 02:15 PM People love to learn, they just hate to be taught 🙂
From David Jones to Everyone: 02:17 PM I’ve got a great simple social example of using Minecraft recently done
From Helen to Everyone: 02:17 PM & for kids that don’t have access
From Bron Stuckey to Everyone: 02:20 PM Dragon Realm
From Me to Everyone: 02:21 PM Hide and Seek games in Minecraft
or Dragon Realm as the case may be
From Helen to Everyone: 02:27 PM Lucky you! What is the advantage of using classroom mode?
From Me to Everyone: 02:27 PM are you talking about Minecraft edu? Hunt the Teacher 🙂
From Megan to Everyone: 02:28 PM You can see the top-down map view. And where everyone is on the map.
From Helen to Everyone: 02:28 PM Thanks
From David Jones to Everyone: 02:28 PM you can move students if they are lost too
From Helen to Everyone: 02:28 PM I am very much a learner in Minecraft!
From Megan to Everyone: 02:29 PM You can move students without Classroom Mode. You just have to type in the chat commands
From Megan to Everyone: 02:33 PM Lego 🙂
From Me to Everyone: 02:37 PM Minecraft stuck at home challenge, March 15, 2020, https://flipgrid.com/minecraftcovid19
Being stuck at home for weeks can be dull but designing an awesome house to be stuck in would make it a whole lot better! What would your epic dream home be? A boat? A starship? A castle? A Jawa Sandcrawler? What would be in it? 800″ screen TV? Indoor pool? An IMAX movie theater? Where would it be? On the beach? Underwater? On the moon? Submit a 3 min video of your dream home created in Minecraft and share your link on Twitter! Include the hashtag #MinecraftCOVID19
From Me to Everyone: 02:38 PM Regarding App Smashing, this is where I first heard about the concept:
From Bron Stuckey to Everyone: 02:39 PM https://education.minecraft.net/wp-content/uploads/Remote-Learning-with-Minecraft-Education-Edition_Final.pdf
From Me to Everyone: 02:42 PM When I searched for Bron Stuckey it took me here, blast from the past, https://youtu.be/II-jiGqPJ1w
From Megan to Everyone: 02:44 PM https://education.minecraft.net/lessons/minecraft-hour-of-code/

Twitter handles provided by some in the chat:
@vances, @scienceninjagal, @DJoneseducator, @hihelen18, @bronst

At 2:05 in the chat I asked everyone, What else was I supposed to get? Now I remember. I had promised to provide a link to Library 2.0

This is one of many domains managed by Steve Hargadon, comprising, possibly among others (in alphabetical order)

During time of school closures, they say you can hangout with Librarians 24/7 in text and / or Zoom through this link, https://www.library20.com/page/live

Earlier Events

Mon 4 May 2000 EDT or Tue May 5 midnight UCT – Monthly VSTE Minecraft Monday


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VSTE Minecraft Monday teaches orienteering and prepares for upcoming Virtual Round Table

Learning2gether Episode 457


About VSTE
Skip down to Earlier Events that happened since the previous Learning2gther post

The Minecraft Monday event this month (Tuesday on the side of the world where I live) was quite interesting. It was a lesson in using maps to find your way in world. About of dozen of us convened in creative mode on the VSTE server where we were given a mission briefing using slides posted in Discord chat, an excellent illustration of how Discord can serve as a content resource for learning experiences crafted in Minecraft.

These slides basically showed those present how to bring up the coordinates of where they were exactly on their Minecraft server, and see which way they were heading in the Minecraft HUD (heads up display). They then showed what a map looks like and how to find youself on it, presented an explanation of how the XYZ coordinate system works in Minecraft, and finally explained how to get maps from cartographers in villages. It was apparently by trading for such a map that Jaz and K4 were able to discover the location of a Woodland Mansion, make copies of the map, and leave the copies in a chest in survival mode, showing where the Woodland Mansion was.

Having received our briefing, we warped over to survival where we found the chest at our arrival point. Opening it we each took a diamond sword and a map, plus bundles of torches and baked potatoes. Armed with knowledge of orienteering in Minecraft, we would use the map to navigate to the Woodland Mansion.  Armed with diamond swords we would fend off any mobs encountered, the torches would help us light up dark places where mobs congregate, and potatoes would sustain us in our journey. I looked around for ketchup but I didn’t see any.

According to a Google search on Woodland Mansions, they occur only in dark forest biomes. So we were on the edge of a dark forest and would have to penetrate it in order to cross from the top right of the map to the bottom left where the mansion appeared as a structure-like icon. The vegetation in dark forests is so thick that we could start out by hopping treetop to treetop. But once you fell to the forest floor you could hardly see and had to put the diamond sword to use slashing foliage. But on the map we could see where there were rivers and if you found one of those you could swim down it and work your way closer to the mansion.


Eventually we arrived. We were warned against going inside because there would be booby traps and a particular class of monster called illager, described here:

Suffice it to say they would be lethal. I see Dak went inside and encounted a Vindicator illager


Having found the place, Jaz made us weightless so we could fly around and look in the windows. The picture above was taken as I peered into all the windows.

Here are some more shots of the interiors

When I was killed later by a common zombie I discovered that this server had a /back command which would return you to your point of demise. I also discovered when I was slain that I respawned at the mansion. Interesting. I took a picture of its coordinates, but having a spawn point there would allow me to commit suicide on a later visit to this server and then revisit the mansion.

But I wouldn’t want to do that without permission or experienced companions, as that would spoil it. The reason they didn’t want us newbies going inside is probably that they want to systematically approach such places and mount an expedition that would lead the explorers to its treasures. But once they had neutralized the mobs the place would be only a giant house in the woods, nothing particularly useful or challenging. There’s one on the EVO Minecraft server in the vicinity of the 2019 spawn point (or was it 2018, the one where Dak built a huge boat). But it no longer contains any traps or surprises or treasures or its unique variety of guardian monsters.


When the sun went down, we were teleported to the village where the cartographer and other villagers lived in safety, since a huge wall had been erected around it, and golems employed to patrol the area. In the picture below, I’ve just arrived at the village, still carrying my map.


Still able to fly, I rise up to get a better overview …


Here are Jazmar and K4sons at the village …

Some of the villages seemed a little intoxicated (purple bubbles). If you right click on them you find that many have items to trade, as in the menu here:

There was a whirring sawmill blade. I asked what would happen if I stood on it. I was encouraged to try it and see. Nothing happened. In the next picture a golem is standing on it.

This was where Minecraft Monday ended, and some of the teachers there went off to meet their students online, which they apparently did in the evenings in this time of IsolatioN. But Jaz and K4 and I stayed around to see how Minecraft would behave when observed through a shared screen in Zoom. We wanted to test that because we would be giving a performance (not a presentation, that word causes anxiety) at the 2-day Virtual Round Table conference May 8 and 9, http://virtual-round-table.ning.com/

So we experimented with the screen share and I made a recording in Zoom. In the recording you can see the village at night where the villagers were mostly sleeping but the golems were on patrol, and we ventured outside the gate to attract some zombies. That may have been unnecessary since inside the compound at night, phantom birds attacked, and the movie has footage of K4 dispatching them with her enchanted bow (the kind that fires unlimited times with only a single arrow in your quiver, as long as you keep up the enchantment). K4 got a couple of them, it appears.

About VSTE

Basic directions to join VSTE Place, VSTE’s Minecraft world

To join the VSTE Minecraft server
please email K4sons@gmail.com or lwalconc@gmail.com.
If this is your first time, we need your Mojang Minecraft user name and your real name.

The VSTE Place IP address is

  • (choose multiplayer and add a server: Name VSTE Place IP
  • We are currently using version 1.15.2.

As a reminder, this server is for educators. If you are using your child’s account to participate please do not encourage your child to use our server.

This Google doc has more info about the server:

Communications in-world

  • To chat in Minecraft type T which brings up a line you can type in.
  • For voice we use Discord. Install it on your computer or mobile device. Our Discord channel is VSTE VEPLN Chat server. We can send you an invite to the channel through Minecraft the day of the meeting. If you have a discord account and have it live, just click the link we post and you will be able to join us.


  • Discord is a voice and screen sharing application that will run on your computer or mobile device.
  • Download and install it for free. Create an account.
  • Many of us use the same name for our Discord account as our Minecraft account to keep things simple.
  • Our channel is https://discord.gg/cBFFzU
  • It helps us to be able to play Minecraft in one screen and listen via Discord with earbuds or headphones.

Earlier Events

Sun May 3 noon UTC – Weekly Webheads Sunday Revival Meeting #6


Mon 4 May 1430 UTC TESOL Virtual Seminar with Liz England and Amira Salama – Navigating your TESOL career path

Registration: https://bit.ly/2VAKOgH
You have to sign in to your TESOL account in order to register for this event.
It is possible to create an account as a non-TESOL member at https://www.tesol.org/

DATE: Monday, 4 May 2020

Registration Deadline: 30 April 2020

  • TESOL Members: Free
  • Global Members: Free
  • Nonmembers: Free

I experienced difficulties while attending this. Music was played while we were waiting for the event to begin and the music kept disconnecting and reconnecting, same with sound quality when the event began. I found it very difficult to manipulate the text chat window due to lag. The even was scheduled up to midnight where I am, so I am very pleased to find there is a recording, here:


That link requires login. If you were registered for the event, you would have created a password. Once you are logged in you are directed to playback here:

If you were not registered for the event it might be impossible to see the recording (at either link) since both require a login and the registration deadline was April 30.

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Weekly Webheads Sunday Revival Meeting 6 and TALIN 13 (and Graham Stanley on Remote Teaching)

Download this audio

Learning2gether Episode 456
and TALIN event #13


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— See video of Graham Stanley presenting on Remote Teaching: A Survival Guide for Schoolteachers

The original Webheads weekly meetings used to be held regularly for the first decade of this century in various online spaces, many archived here
http://prosites-vstevens.homestead.com/files/efi/chatlogs.htm, traditionally at noon UTC on Sundays. These started out being meetings of Writing for Webheads, a precursor MOOC for people worldwide who wanted to improve their English in conversation and other interactions with native speakers. After Webheads in Action was formed in 2002, the meetings were mostly attended by teachers and educational technology specialists, and others who considered  themselves in the process of becoming a community of practice.

Webheads never disbanded, though we did lie fallow for some time. When COVID-19 provoked us into moving online to a greater degree than in the interim, and at the instigaton of Webheads co-founder Michael Coghlan, we regrouped in the current format, falling eventually into the original time frame. This post archives the Sunday May 3 Noon UTC the Regular Weekly Webheads Revival Meeting #6, which was also Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN TALIN event 13, as well as Learning2gether episode 456

In these meetings we gather in Zoom to talk about Life in the Time of COVID-19. It’s an opportunity for virtual friends and colleagues to spend some time together and talk about how we’re spending our lockdown days, or anything else that may be on our minds. As with our original meetings, agendas are rarely set beforehand. It’s open mic; our meetings tend to be free-form and are tailored to the interests of whomever turns up.  (But of course, if anyone wants to suggest an agenda in advance, they are welcome to do so.)

This event was posted to these Facebook Groups 

And at the Webheads in Action Groups.io list here: https://groups.io/g/webheadsinaction/message/32573


Did Nina mention this during this chat, Now is the Month of May in the time of COVID?

Zoom Chat Logs

20:18:27 From Michael Coghlan : South Australian playgrounds to reopen after 11-day coronavirus-free streak
20:19:52 From Vance Stevens : yaaayyyy
20:20:41 From Michael Coghlan : Hello Graham!!!!
20:20:42 From Mirna Quintero : good
20:22:00 From Michael Coghlan : Isoman
20:28:13 From Michael Coghlan : in Australia the main things have been no gatherings of more than 10 people and ALWAYS observe 1.5 metres between people
20:29:09 From Chris Fry : In Spain it’s two metres
20:34:53 From Chris Fry : My wife and I left the house to go for a walk yesterday for the first time in seven weeks!
20:35:18 From Nina Liakos : Wow. We go for a hike every day the weather permits.
20:35:28 From Nina Liakos : We live next to a big state park.
20:37:02 From Laine Marshall : We only leave the house to walk around our quiet neighborhood – but we do that at least once a day.
20:39:10 From Michael Coghlan : no masks in Australia
20:43:08 From ElizabethA : worldometers.info (the world numbers site)
20:45:07 From Sus Nyrop : my ipad cannot manage the battery level is almost done, although I have the line connected. so perhaps I will fall out soon.
20:45:25 From Chris Fry : https://photos.app.goo.gl/G83jmEK8uwiud1tu6 me with my mask on
20:45:49 From Michael Coghlan : OK Sus

From Doris’s post on Facebook

20:47:59 From Chris Fry : https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
20:48:56 From Graham Stanley : http://covidvisualizer.com
20:49:22 From Vance Stevens : thanks
20:53:44 From Nina Liakos : That covid visualizer link that Graham put in is very interested!
20:53:50 From Nina Liakos : interestING
20:54:13 From Graham Stanley : yes, I like it as it is easy to move from one country to another
20:54:38 From Nina Liakos : Comparing the US with other countries like CHina is very sobering
20:54:49 From Vance Stevens : The links will all appear in the chat logs in the blog post of this event
20:54:55 From Nina Liakos : Trump has made America great in ways we could never have imagined
21:03:21 From Chris Fry : It’s great that the links we put in the chat are clickable again


21:04:25 From Chris Fry : I think I must stop and have lunch
21:04:51 From Michael Coghlan : I need to go to …lovely to see you all
21:05:04 From Nina Liakos : Bye Michael c u soon
21:05:12 From Michael Coghlan : See you next week
21:05:26 From Vance Stevens : bye I gotta go to
21:05:32 From Chris Fry : See you all next week
21:05:39 From Vance Stevens : bye chris
21:06:00 From Nina Liakos : Bye Chris
21:06:00 From ritazeinstejer : Bye, Cris
21:06:09 From Doris Molero : bye cris
21:11:50 From Vance Stevens : https://www.screencast.com/t/zjFBfHoGv
21:12:04 From Vance Stevens : For more webinars see https://tinyurl.com/learning2getheror https://tinyurl.com/talin2020
21:12:40 From Doris Molero : http://virtual-round-table.ning.com/
21:13:18 From Doris Molero : *KEYNOTE presentations*: by Gary Motteram, Nik Peachey, Mike Hogan,Graham Stanley , Joe Dale, and John Pathfinder Lester
21:13:44 From Doris Molero : Save the date! 8-9 May 2020, Friday and Saturday from 9am GMT (10am UK time) to about 7pm GMT (8pm UK)
21:14:03 From Mirna Quintero : we’ll keep in touch.
21:14:12 From Mirna Quintero : nice meeting you all.

More about TALIN

TALIN stands for Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN, https://tinyurl.com/talin2020


The idea for TALIN was prompted by suggestions in numerous cross-fertilizing communities of practice that there was needed a space where members of these CoPs could meet online and talk informally to one another about how they are dealing with changes in their personal and professional contexts and what they are doing to help others in this trying time of pandemic.

Learning2gether can host TALIN events in Zoom during times of isolation/lockdown if they are intended to be recorded and shared with the wider community, and if they take place between 02:00-14:00 UTC

TALIN events here are open to all and free to attend.  If you would like to propose an event or invite others to meet in conversation

  1. Visit this page https://tinyurl.com/talin2020
  2. Click on “Request Edit Access” to the left of your profile picture at the top of the page
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Write in your event on the schedule. Give the time in UTC if you can, and give the time in your location also as a double check on time

You can host the event yourself, but if you want Learning2gether to host it and promote it, please allow enough time to check that I am available, at least a few days in advance.

Earlier Events

Mon 27 Apr 1300 UTC Rita Zeinstejer – Whither Jing?


Thu 30 Apr 1900 UTC – British Council / Graham Stanley, Remote Teaching: A Survival Guide for Schoolteachers

Schools all over the Americas, and indeed the world, are becoming more creative in developing solutions to keep students learning amid multiple school closures and the general disruption caused by Covid-19. In Uruguay, the British Council has been working in partnership with Plan Ceibal to cater for the lack of trained and qualified English language teachers in the country, project managing the remote teaching of 80,000 primary schoolchildren aged 8- 11. During the last 5 years, we have learned a lot about what makes a good remote teacher, and in this webinar, we’ll look at how best teachers can adapt to the new situation they now find themselves in.

Registraton was at

I haven’t seen a recording but Graham (who was present at the Sunday May 3 Webheads Revival Meeting #6) tells me “Actually, they were all a variation on this one really: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtRkk6ml4hw&t=1s

Graham continues, “That one had a bit about using green screens in zoom and the other ones were without that and a more expanded section at the beginning”

Graham has since passed me the blog post for the British Council version, which contains  a download link for the presentation slides

He also gave a similar talk for the British Council-iTELL Webinar Series for the benifit of Indonesian teachers, the same series where I archived Joe Dale’s presentation, here

Sat 2 May 1300 UCT NileTESOL TEYL SIG webinar with Deborah Healey on Trace Effects: Computer-Based and Game-Based Learning

The NileTESOL TEYL SIG is pleased to invite you to its upcoming online live event “Integrate it: Computer-Based and Game-Based Learning” on May 2nd on Zoom at 3 p.m. (CLT)

Our GUEST OF HONOR is the American and international senior educator: Dr. Deborah Healey.

Sat 2 May 15-1300-1500 utc – VSTE Second Life Saturdays – repeats each Saturday

If you don’t have a Second Life account get one, it’s free. We recommend setting one up at the Rockcliffe University Consortium’s Gateway here: https://urockcliffe.com/reg/second-life/

Download and install the software. While your Second Life viewer (software) is open click this link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soulgiver/155/144/58
and voila! Look for an avatar on VSTE Island and say, “Hey, I’m new!” We will take care of the rest.

About this intitiative, https://vste.org/upcoming-events-virtual-environments-pln/

Views in world on Sat May 2, 2020

Sat 2 May 2130 UTC Nik Peachey The 4 Ps of Successful Webinars


Wondering how to ace webinars and virtual presentations? In this talk, Nik Peachey will share some of his top learning points from more than 20 years of experience in the development and delivery of digital education products. He will focus on the key factors that help make a webinar or a virtual presentation a success, whether it’s for delivering training, pitching a product, or delivering a virtual lecture.

Read more
Peachey, N. (2020, April 10). The 4 Ps of delivering a webinar presentation. PeacheyPublications.com. https://peacheypublications.com/the-4-ps-of-delivering-a-webinar-presentation

This event took place too late at night for me to attend, but registration rewarded us all with these links


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