Nik Peachey on the Uberfication of language teaching: What next with teaching in lockdown?

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The Uberfication of Language Teaching
 – Introducing Nik Peachey
 – Nik at the Virtual Round Table web conference
 – Promotion of and feedback on this event
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The Uberfication of language teaching

Nik Peachey was kind enough to contribute his time and write himself in as a presenter for a Learning2gether / TALIN (Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN) on On Friday May 15, at 1300 UTC. His working title was So what next with teaching in lockdown?”  But as he developed the topic, it became a more catchy The Uberfication of language teaching.

Here are his slides:

His proposal:
So now that everyone has been launched into teaching online whether they like it or not, what happens next? How do we develop our skills and make sure we are delivering quality lessons? I’ll be sharing experiences of two years spent managing a 100% online school with more than 70 teachers and developing training and content for online classes.

And the video

Nik who?


Here are the links behind the icons on one of Nik’s signature slides

Is that all?

I’m sure that what is listed here is not “all” either, but it’s a start …

Nik’s “other” blogs and websites

Nik’s main Scoop.Its: 

Nik on Mix, a site that breaks down tools so they go into collections; e.g.

Nik on Diigo:’s:

Nik at the Virtual Round Table web conference on May 9

In his second presentation at the recent Virtual Round Table Web Conference (he had participated in the Virtual Exposition the day before), Nik was asked about the future of schools after COVID-19. Here is what he said, queued to where he said it

The slides for this presentation are here:

From these slides and the Zoom text chat I gleaned the following items of interest, which help to introduce Nik, his method of working, his connections, and his interests

Plus these tags were suggested by participants in the Zoom chat when Nik prompted them to write their favorite tags there

  • #ELTChat
  • #mfltwitterati
  • #covid19wl
  • #langchat
  • #covidteaching
  • #mlearning
  • #ELLchat

Some of Nik’s favorite tags: 

Nik provided me this list when I asked him what tags I should use to promote his talk for Learning2gether and TALIN

#esl #efl #elt #tesol #eal #ell #ela #esl #tefl #edtech #remoteLearning #onlineEnglish #EnglishOnline

Who to follow on Twitter

These Twitter handles were shared when Nik asked participants to write theirs in the Zoom text chat

  • @Marisa_C
  • @joannapnorton
  • @lainemarsh
  • @vances
  • @joedale
  • @RitaZ
  • @nataneva
  • @JoeMcVeigh
  • @anacristinaprts
  • @garymotteram
  • @leoselivan
  • @Chris_Fry_BCN
  • @EleniMoraki
  • @malmohamady80
  • @Peter90598383
  • @abelgalvezelt
  • @nelliporseva

Facebook Groups that Nik follows

Some useful tools mentioned by particpants in the text chat

  • Pinterest
  • Evernote
  • Sketchbooks
  • Tik Tok
  • Podomatic
  • Padlet, and now that Padlet has gone to an extreme freemium model

Teacher blogs that Nik recommends

Nik asked those present in the chat to post their own blog links in the Zoom chat

Promotion and feedback

This event was posted (by Vance) to these Facebook Groups 

And announced

Ajarn Ti was one of the participants in my eLearning course in February


Nik made these announcements in his own mailings

  • In his May 12, 2020 PeacheyPublications emailed newsletter
    Nik Peachey – Director of PeacheyPublications will be doing a free webinar on Friday 15th May about the future of language teaching online. It’s intended that in the webinar he will raise questions about the impact online teaching will have on language teaching, language teachers, language schools and the ELT publishing industry. The webinar will be more of an informal discussion of some of the issues and won’t necessarily offer answers, but should be food for thought as we move forward together as an industry.
  • And on May 14, this one
    This is just a quick promo message for a free webinar that I’ll be doing tomorrow (15th May at 13.00 UTC).The title of the webinar is ‘What next after teaching in lockdown?’ And the theme of the session will be looking at the longer term impact of online teaching and social distancing on English language students, teachers, schools and the publishing industry. The talk will be a provocative one that looks at the potential ‘uberfication’ of language teaching and asks the questions about what we can do to maintain the quality professionalism of our industry in this time of disruption.Please come along and be ready to share your views and insights
    Nik Peachey – Director – PeacheyPublications


Parting Tweet

Zoom Chat Logs

Just prior to starting the recording, we were inundated with Zoom bombers. This chat log would have appeared once the recording had started. We had corralled the bombers in the Waiting Room, and I was calling out the names of everyone stuck there and asking if any of the 30 some-odd participants we had in the room would vouch for them. As participants spoke up, I would admit the lucky ones to the main room, leaving the bombers behind to stew in their juices, but some unfortunate colleagues must have been left behind as well.

I was thinking at the time I was glad I hadn’t started the recording yet, but now, on reflection, I wish I had. It would have made an interesting record and could have been useful in working out how and why the event happened. The nastiness could have been removed from the archived video later.

21:07:32 From Andrew Howarth : I’m an ELT consultant in Italy
21:08:34 From Sarah Redbridge Institute : Yes, Barbara Rossi is a colleague
21:08:50 From MariCarmen : Good afternoon from Bath
21:08:55 From Jeff Magoto : Hello everyone!
21:09:05 From Harshita : Hello Everyone
21:09:07 From Joshua Underwood : Afternoon from Bilbao
21:11:43 From Jeff Magoto : I’m glad that uberification doesn’t involve delivering groceries!
21:12:59 From MariCarmen : Vance’s microphone is giving echo
My apologies, but I was juggling a lot of hot irons and was not paying attention to the text chat.

21:15:29 From Vance Stevens (to the waiting room) : sorry the room is full at the moment but If you want to wait we may be able to let you in later
And later, when there was more time, I did let in a couple of people in the waiting room who had photo icons next to their names. After searching their names on Facebook I was able to verify that a couple of these icons matched with real educators.

My apologies to those with legitimate interests who may have been trapped with the “bombers” but it was quite difficult to distinguish friend from foe once we were able to start the session, which would have been about this time in the chatlogs.

21:15:42 From Nik Peachey :
21:17:16 From julie wallis : New normal will hopefully combine best of old and new. Previously blended
21:20:21 From Jeff Magoto : The old International House Model?
21:20:22 From Ana Cristina Pratas : Exactly. It’s the perception that speaking/teaching online is supposed to be cheap if not free…..
21:21:11 From Marilina Lonigro : The idea is that online Learning is “optional” both for Teachers hired in government schools and for students
21:22:12 From Joshua Underwood : I think I am starting to notice more comments amongst people looking for online learning about ‘quality’ and how you identify quality language learning opportunities online but that is just something I ‘feel’ I’m noticing in comments on MOOCs, not quantitative.
21:24:31 From Ana Cristina Pratas : @Joshua Underwood – there is a significant shift owing to the emergency remote teaching right now; there is a clearer perspective that online edu does need quality and is not only a video dump
21:26:10 From Jeff Magoto : With 24/7 hours, we’ll definitely need a virtual/AR café next to the virtual school.
21:27:36 From Joshua Underwood : @AnaCristina yes, possibly. I’m thinking in particular of comments I see that I think relate to ‘live’ teaching/tutoring
21:27:40 From Michael Birch to Vance Stevens(Privately) : Hi Vance, Sorry I’m late. Internet connection problems even in a supposedly developed country.
21:30:28 From Vance Stevens to Michael Birch(Privately) : we had a bomb incident, needed to halt entry, sorry
I had recognized Michaels name from the chatlogs from Nik’s presentation on May 9 at Heike’s Virtual Round Table web conference, and had admitted him accordingly.

21:28:55 From julie wallis : Building Trust in a VLE is the foundation of classroom quality
21:28:55 From Ana Cristina Pratas : Yes @Joshua, I understand; it affects both asynchronous and synchronous teaching.
21:33:10 From Ana Cristina Pratas : Another expense -> good digital tools….
21:33:38 From julie wallis : Schools will need to learn to be flexible about the phisical space and be prepare to open and close, creating larger and smaller spaces depending on the period and restrictions
21:34:42 From Vance Stevens : you’d have to moonlight as an uber drive
21:36:27 From Jeff Magoto : I think I’d rather work for Peloton — if I’m going to be paid less, at least I get to stay in good shape!
21:35:24 From Joshua Underwood : One tension with ‘uberfiying’ teachers is that you don’t always get the same driver/teacher and that gets in the way of building relationships, which (I think) can be very important in language learning
21:36:49 From Ana Cristina Pratas : @Joshua, that’s a really good point, at the same time students like trying different teachers out (those trial lessons) and so it becomes like an endless bowl of cherries.
21:40:13 From Joshua Underwood : @ana sure but once you find the type of cherry you like you might want to stick with it and maybe pay more for it.
Maybe even adjust your timetable to get that teacher
21:41:28 From Ana Cristina Pratas : Very true @Joshua; for me (i.e. establishing a positive, constructive relationship with learners, is important for their success (in whatever field of study)
21:37:13 From Marilina Lonigro : I agree with @Joshua Underwood. Languages are mostly about communication and relationship. Having to change teacher continuously….well we could well have bot Teachers!
21:41:03 From Vance Stevens : the chat will be published online
21:41:23 From julie wallis : Loving the challenge
21:41:24 From Maria : Do you think we are in front of global education?
21:42:07 From julie wallis : @maria ..difficult to know as tend to live in an isolated bubble
21:41:54 From Nik Peachey :
21:42:00 From Ana Cristina Pratas : Thank you Nik!
21:42:03 From Joshua Underwood : Afraid I have to go 😦 Very interesting topic – thanks Nik
21:42:35 From Sarah Redbridge Institute : Can we talk about quality?
21:45:55 From David Heath : But I don’t think the market could support a doubling of lesson fees.
21:46:07 From Pradita Nambiar : How does this work in countries where most of the children go to public schools and have limitations of access
21:47:00 From Ana Cristina Pratas : Yes, there are indications of blended edu also being a blend of synchronous & asynchronous (i.e. so not only blended in the more pre-Covid19 sense)
21:47:26 From Marilina Lonigro : exactly what I was saying about online needing a lot of self-discipline
21:46:29 From Vance Stevens : my mic went out and I’m trying to fix it
Must have lost it in the juggling. Vance runs audio tests, tries switching mic source, eventually unplugs and re-inserts USB mic
21:48:22 From Vance Stevens : I think my mic is working now
21:48:50 From Michael Birch : For the f to f, online mix, I was thinking of both as synchronous
21:50:52 From Ana Cristina Pratas : Vance, you are referring to people who speak English (any other language) rather than actually being a trained teacher….
21:52:34 From Vance Stevens : no, I mean what are the prospects for teachers of our qualification if your prospects for employment are in the gig economy, would you go to college for 6 years for that? What about the gigification of doctors? Not feasible, where is the happy medium
21:53:33 From Ana Cristina Pratas : @Vance, the more I teach, the more I wonder where a possible happy medium may be.
21:51:46 From Milena Montalbano : That’s going to be an issue with going online, how can we communicate quality?
21:52:56 From Jeff Magoto : Fast food didn’t destroy haute cuisine, but certainly a lot will be lost in uberification: accessibility, affordability, and equality of treatment to name a few.
21:52:58 From julie wallis : Teachers, professional Teachers , will Always need support in developing. We don’t just learn about today’s technology and stop there. Good schools will find ways of retaining good Teachers. If they can’t and the quality is lowered, they will close.
21:56:24 From Ana Cristina Pratas : Most language teachers cannot live only with 1 salary…..
21:57:58 From Jeff Magoto : Peachey Pubs: High quality, innovative, and low cost! A hard combination to ignore (or beat!)
21:59:31 From Barbara Rossi : I need to go now. The talk was very interesting and informative. Thanks
22:00:49 From julie wallis : Thank you Nik. Have to go. Plenty of food for thought.
22:01:07 From Vance Stevens : bye Julie
22:01:58 From Rakesh Bhanot : China still needs 100,000s of teachers
22:02:07 From David Heath : I have to go now. Thanks for the informative webinar.
22:02:17 From Vance Stevens : thanks David
22:02:31 From Ana Cristina Pratas : You’re right Nik and Vance as well, I.e. more and more demand for higher and higher qualifications (which are expensive and not everyone may have the opportunity to do a PhD etc)
22:02:59 From Michael Birch : Thank you Nik
22:03:05 From Nik Peachey :
This is the link to Nik’s slides
22:03:07 From kelley : Thanks Nik
22:03:13 From Marilina Lonigro : Thanks for the interesting conversation! I have to go now!
22:03:18 From Andrew Howarth : Thanks Nik. Some great tips.
22:03:30 From Ana Cristina Pratas : Thank you Nik and everyone – very important issue
22:03:33 From Nesma Montaser : Thanks Nik.
22:03:51 From Michael Cotton : Thanks, Vance, thanks Nik a very helpful starter
22:03:56 From Steve Neufeld : thanks.
22:04:16 From Carmen ABL : Thank you Nik!
22:04:43 From Sarah Redbridge Institute : thanks Nik and Vance
22:05:15 From Jeff Magoto : Thanks, Nik and Vance!
22:05:39 From Milena Montalbano : thank you! lots of food for thought.

More about TALIN

TALIN  stands for Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN,

The idea for TALIN was prompted by suggestions in numerous cross-fertilizing communities of practice that there was needed a space where members of these CoPs could meet online and talk informally to one another about how they are dealing with changes in their personal and professional contexts and what they are doing to help others in this trying time of pandemic.

Learning2gether can host TALIN events in Zoom during times of isolation/lockdown if they are intended to be recorded and shared with the wider community, and if they take place between 02:00-14:00 UTC

TALIN events here are open to all and free to attend.

If you would like to propose an event or invite others to meet in conversation

  1. Visit this page
  2. Click on “Request Edit Access” to the left of your profile picture at the top of the page
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Write in your event on the schedule. Give the time in UTC if you can, and give the time in your location also as a double check on time

You can host the event yourself, but if you want Learning2gether to host it and promote it, please allow enough time to check that I am available, at least a few days in advance.

At the Virtual Round Table Conference May 8-9, 2020, Vance provided even more about TALIN here: and

Earlier Events

Mon 11 May 1300 UTC – TALIN hosted Karen Schwarze on Teaching Natural Language Processing in English Classes

This blog is written and maintained by Vance Stevens
You are free to share-alike and with attribution under

The date of this update is May 20, 2020 10:30 UTC

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