Vance Stevens and Michael Coghlan host their weekly Webeads in Action – TALIN hangout meeting

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Learning2gether Episode 449
Not 448 as was mis-mentioned in the video 🙂


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What is this about?

Join us for another Zoom meeting where we to talk about Life in the Time of COVID 19 – an opportunity to spend some time together and talk about how you’re spending your lockdown days. Or anything else that may be on your mind 🙂

This is the 3rd of what we hope will become a revival of the regular Webheads in Action weekly meetings that were held regularly for the first decade of this century in various online spaces, traditionally at noon UTC on Sundays.

These meetings tend to be free-form and are tailored to the interests of whomever turns up, unless someone sets an agenda beforehand

Monday, April 13th at Noon UTC

Vance’s TALIN2020 Zoom room
There were at least 14 participants present

This event was posted to these Facebook Groups

And here:

More about TALIN

Besides being Learning2gether episode 449, this was TALIN event #7

TALIN stands for Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN,

The idea for TALIN was prompted by suggestions in numerous cross-fertilizing communities of practice that there was needed a space where members of these CoPs could meet online and talk informally to one another about how they are dealing with changes in their personal and professional contexts and what they are doing to help others in this trying time of pandemic.

In the video, I mentioned that there had been a change to the TALIN Google Doc and Facebook pages, but no one could tell me what it was.  Maybe my cat knows …


We needed a logo , so my cat made one for me. He did a good job, but now I can’t find my mouse !! 🙂

Learning2gether can host TALIN events in Zoom during times of isolation/lockdown if they are intended to be recorded and shared with the wider community, and if they take place between 02:00-14:00 UTC

If you want to propose an event

  1. Visit this page
  2. Click on “Request Edit Access” to the left of your profile picture at the top of the page
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Write in your event on the schedule. Give the time in UTC if you can, and give the time in your location also as a double check on time

You can host the event yourself, but if you want Learning2gether to host it and promote it, please allow enough time to check that I am available, at least a few days in advance.

Zoom Chat Logs


20:03:03 From Michael Coghlan : Lovely backdrop Mbarek!
20:03:17 From Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux : Hello
20:03:26 From Daf : Hi everyone!
20:03:43 From Michael Coghlan : Hi there Daf!!!
20:04:01 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : Dafne Gonzalez?
20:04:08 From sandip jadhav : hi everyone
This is sandip from India
20:04:28 From mbarek akaddar : Hi all
20:06:13 From Hala Fawzi : Hello lovely webheads
20:06:22 From susana canelo : Hello !!
20:06:37 From Hala Fawzi : WoW. Dafne is here. How amazing!
20:06:49 From Hala Fawzi : Hello Daf. Long time 🙂
20:07:41 From Hala Fawzi : Just like how I disappeared, but once a webhead forever a webhead 🙂
20:07:52 From Hala Fawzi : Hi Susana
20:08:11 From Hala Fawzi : Hello Nellie, the queen of Moodle!
20:08:33 From susana canelo : Hi Hala !! Great to have you here !
20:08:47 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : pls everyone mute when you are not speaking
20:09:12 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : we are hearing Minnarets
20:09:29 From Daf : Hi Michael!!!!
20:09:39 From Daf : Halinha!!!!
20:09:40 From susana canelo : Hi Michael !
20:10:29 From Daf : We missed you to halinha!
20:14:36 From Hala Fawzi : Missed you too, Dafinha!
20:15:38 From Hala Fawzi : Hi Sus!
20:15:43 From Daf : Sus!!!
20:16:23 From Hala Fawzi : OL
20:16:27 From Hala Fawzi : LOL
20:16:27 From Chris Fry : I wanted to share this offer from OUP
Support for teachers, parents and learners during Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Sign in or register for FREE access to 148 Graded Readers until 30 Jun 2020
You can listen to the readers, too!
20:16:51 From Nellie Deutsch : Thank you, Chris.
20:17:42 From Hala Fawzi : Yes
20:18:01 From Nellie Deutsch : Sometimes, you need to reload the class to renew your audio.
20:18:17 From Vance Stevens :
20:18:17 From Daf : Thanks Chris!
20:18:41 From susana canelo : I’m copying links.
20:18:56 From Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux : Thank you 🙂
20:19:21 From susana canelo : Thanks Chris
20:19:46 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : Do you need an access code?
20:20:22 From Chris Fry : No just sign up. It’s free
20:20:22 From Hala Fawzi :
20:20:34 From Nellie Deutsch : How many are teaching at F2F schools, remotely?
20:20:37 From mbarek akaddar : Sorry but I can’t hear anything. My audio system has aproblem
20:20:44 From Hala Fawzi : Thanks Chris.
20:21:23 From Chris Fry : We can hear you
20:21:26 From Daf : I have a problem with my screen. Will brb
20:22:39 From ElizabethA : Audible _ a book reading site_ has made all its children’s books free for the duration
20:26:21 From Daf : sounds great!
20:26:40 From Chris Fry : Wow!
20:28:22 From Daf : not here
20:28:35 From susana canelo : We don’t know , here in Argentina
20:28:54 From Vance Stevens : You can share links related to covid-19 here
20:29:17 From susana canelo : Thanks Vance !!
20:29:31 From sandip jadhav : in India shut down has been extended
20:30:28 From Vance Stevens : for how long Sandip?
20:31:24 From ElizabethA : here’s the British council 2 min videos for children
20:31:34 From Vance Stevens : thanks
20:31:37 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : thank you Elizabeth
20:31:42 From Chris Fry : I’ve been watching a lot of webinars on these three sites Association for Language Learning TiLT
20:32:17 From Chris Fry : British Council Teaching English webinars:
20:32:43 From Chris Fry : Teach from Home – Google Includes “For a step-by-step guide, download the Teach from Home Toolkit in your language” 
20:34:00 From sandip jadhav : The federal authorities are keeping close eyes. In state of Maharashtra(mumbai) , districts have been categorized as red, orange and green zones. Red zone will have lock down,in remaining parts it will be lifted on 30 april
20:34:28 From Vance Stevens : we’re on lockdown till Apr 28 in Malaysia
20:34:46 From Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux to Vance Stevens(Privately) : wanted to add to what’s next in schools
20:34:54 From susana canelo : Difficult to manage, Sandip. Worrying indeed
20:35:12 From Hala Fawzi : I love this: Paying more!
20:35:13 From Chris Fry : This is where I watched the OUP webinars
20:35:44 From Daf : We are in lockdown until april 26 but we have been told it might be extended until mid may
20:35:48 From Vance Stevens to Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux(Privately) : ok
20:36:01 From Hala Fawzi : It’s crazy
20:36:06 From Chris Fry : Try Edmodo instead of a LMS
20:36:24 From susana canelo : Using Classroom at the moment
20:37:00 From Daf : The main problem here are the students who have no access to technology
20:37:09 From susana canelo : Yes Daf
20:37:14 From Hala Fawzi : I agree, Daf!
20:39:05 From Daf : I’m scared about how our lives will change” after” this
20:39:46 From Daf : So nice to see you again Laine
20:40:28 From Vance Stevens : (note – this link will be moved to in a post dated April 14, 2020)
20:40:32 From Sus Nyrop : I don’t really know what flipped learning is.
20:40:43 From Laine Marshall : Pre-work link link:
20:41:11 From Nellie Deutsch : Pre is great if people bother to do it. Sorry… I’ve had no go with it when it comes to public meetings.
20:41:24 From Hala Fawzi : It’s invalid
20:41:32 From Chris Fry : I was interested to hear in one of Heike’s webinars that many teachers who have to teach online have been told that they and their students cannot use webcams
20:41:38 From Vance Stevens : try the other one
20:43:30 From Hala Fawzi : attended your session last week
20:45:36 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : Vance has to enable this in the setting
20:45:44 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : and then you can start it from the meeting
20:48:16 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : Elizabeth, you look changed!
20:50:52 From susana canelo : Wow !! What a question !!
20:51:25 From Elizabeth Anne : having difficulty finding the OUP download the app to work offline
20:52:07 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : @Elizabeth, do you have a tablet or an ipad?
20:52:22 From Hala Fawzi : They are not listened o especially if the parent are teachers, who happened to be busy with heir students.
20:53:37 From Vance Stevens : self management college in brighton?
20:54:08 From Vance Stevens : ian cunningham
20:54:24 From Daf : I’ve been helping teachers around here, but it should indeed be done internationally
20:55:23 From Hala Fawzi : There are many educators who have stories to tell the world after this is over
20:55:25 From susana canelo : A huge challenge Lorena
20:55:32 From Hala Fawzi : Stores to tell
20:55:49 From Elizabeth Anne : @heike I went back to my laptop ( ipad memory limited)
20:56:07 From Laine Marshall : Here is one I am doing on Friday for Learning Revolution: For Learning Revolution, Online Global Conference, 4/17/20, Online Pedagogy
TITLE:  The webinar you didn’t know you needed: Online Pedagogy – It’s not just tech tools.
Webinar Link:  Go to (Note: you need to join the free conference Learning Revolution to view the webinar)  Link posted in Schedule of Conference, in your Time Zone, a few days ahead of the event. 11 am EDT
Pre-work link : or
Short Session Description:  With the focus on tools for instructional technology, there comes an expectation that pedagogy remains essentially the same.  This is clearly not the case, as this webinar demonstrates. Learn how to Create Fertile Spaces for teaching and learning online.
20:56:45 From Hala Fawzi : Thank you for sharing
20:56:54 From Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux : I was talking about Dr Ian Cunningham. He founded the Self-Managed Learning college in Brighton.
20:57:30 From Nellie Deutsch : Thank you, Lorena.
20:57:40 From Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux : you are welcome:)
20:57:45 From susana canelo : Thanks Lorena !!
20:58:35 From Vance Stevens :
20:58:42 From Daf : Maybe from now on they will start looking for information
20:59:43 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : Can I tell you more about the Virtual Round Table and an invitation for symposium moderators?
20:59:46 From Hala Fawzi : I have to go now. It was great being around you
20:59:59 From Hala Fawzi : Stay safe dear webheads
21:00:14 From susana canelo : Stay Safe , too
21:00:15 From Hala Fawzi : Bye all
21:00:22 From susana canelo : bye
21:00:25 From Daf : bye for now, halinha
21:01:12 From Nellie Deutsch : Actually, it’s 27 years.
21:01:13 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : @Sandip pls mute
21:01:37 From sandip jadhav : sorry
21:02:30 From Vance Stevens : no problem, you’ve been very good about thiat in this session
21:02:34 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : amazingk
21:02:48 From Sus Nyrop : @sandip it was very sweet to hear a child’s voice.
21:03:20 From susana canelo : Everywhere the same problem
21:03:33 From susana canelo : Teachers here use WhatsApp !!!
21:03:37 From susana canelo : frustrating
21:03:40 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : haha
21:03:54 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : yes! when the learner is ready the teacher appears
21:04:42 From Daf : sounds good!
21:04:46 From sandip jadhav : that’s my daughter asking me to play with her
21:05:06 From susana canelo : Do it Sandip !!
21:05:21 From susana canelo : Hi Cat !!!
21:05:24 From Daf : remember our WIAOC unconference?
21:05:32 From sandip jadhav : her mum is taking care now
21:06:44 From Sus Nyrop : Goodbye for now, it is a pleasure to follow the TALIN development process. hugs at a distance, from Sus in Denmark!
21:06:55 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : bye Sus
21:07:03 From Daf : bfn Sus
21:07:56 From susana canelo : Same feeling
21:07:59 From Vance Stevens : from Lucy Grey, I am starting to host Zoom sessions for parents and educators interested in chatting and collaborating. I am not sure what this will look like or about dates and times, but if you are interested in participating, send me an email at or follow me on Twitter @elemenous and the hashtag #globaled20.
21:08:46 From susana canelo : They want to do things the same way they’re used to.
21:10:13 From sandip jadhav : I am Nellie’s student
21:10:32 From sandip jadhav : one of the participants of Nellie’s moodle
21:10:48 From susana canelo : So I learnt a lot from you, Nellie !!
21:11:02 From Vance Stevens : Link to this doc:
21:13:21 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : I just signed up on the Learning Revolution NING site, the first page kills you with the amount of links mentioned there…
21:14:24 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : Be invited to the Virtual Round Table Web Conference 7-9 May, – am looking for symposiums
21:15:38 From Michael Coghlan : I need to go everyone = lovely to see you all ….
21:15:51 From Chris Fry : Useful language for distance learning 
I found this very amusing and potentially useful for students
21:15:52 From Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux : Thank you
21:16:08 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : thanks Chris
21:16:28 From Daf : Nice seeing you all guys!!!!
21:16:31 From Elizabeth Anne : bye everyone 🙂
21:16:36 From Elizabeth Anne : thx
21:16:39 From susana canelo : Thanks everybody !!!
21:16:47 From susana canelo : Thanks Vance !!!
21:16:59 From Daf : thanks! Glad to be back here!
21:17:22 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : LOVE – Live Online Virtual Engagement?
21:17:26 From Daf : my food is in the oven. Late lunch
21:17:37 From Chris Fry : Thanks everyone. See you on Sunday
21:18:13 From Daf : bye everyone!
21:18:31 From Heike Philp let’s talk online : hi DaF – drop me your email

Earlier Events

that happened since the most recent previous Learning2gther post

Fri 10 Apr 1400 UTC Susana Canelo on TALIN talking about Quarantine Experiences

Fri 10 Apr 1600 UTC – NileTESOL TESG webinar on Teaching and Developing Speaking Skills

TESIG would like to invite you to their first online live event on Zoom application that will take place on Friday, April 10th at 6:00 p.m. The event includes three informative and engaging sessions which will help you teach speaking virtually and online in this hectic time.

The sessions will be recorded and you will not miss anything.


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