Vance Stevens and Michael Coghlan host 2nd weekly Webeads in Action – TALIN Zoom meeting

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Learning2gether Episode 446


This was Michael’s invitation posted to

Calling all Webheads.  Join us for another Zoom meeting on Monday, April 6th at Noon UTC to talk about Life in the Time of COVID 19 – an opportunity to spend some time together and talk about how you’re spending your lockdown days. Or anything else that may be on your mind 🙂 In Vance’s Zoom Room

Approximately 25 colleagues answered he call and here’s the video:

What was this about?

This was the second of what we hope will become a revival of the regular Webheads in Action weekly meetings that were held regularly for the first decade of this century in various online spaces, traditionally at noon UTC on Sundays.

These meetings tend to be free-form and are tailored to the interests of whomever turns up, but If anyone asks, Vance can explain TALIN – Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN

Zoom Chat Logs and screenshots


20:13:11 From ElizabethA : Some thing I saw Yesterday about the Spanish flu
20:13:27 From ElizabethA : a: more people dies than in the wa
20:13:36 From ElizabethA : It started in Arkansas
20:13:46 From Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux : yes it must have been awful
20:14:00 From Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux : did it?
20:14:11 From Chris Fry : chat is messy on an iPad


20:16:42 From Vance Stevens : Hi Chris 🙂
20:17:53 From Vicky Saumell : I think each educational level has its specific problems. I’m teaching primary at the moment….
20:18:55 From Vance Stevens : what issues are you facing Vicky?


20:21:44 From RitaZ : true, Vicky
20:23:35 From Vance Stevens : sorry, I wasn’t watching the waiting room
20:23:40 From tom : Here is a url. I made a Google doc.
20:23:41 From tom :
20:23:44 From ElizabethA : Did you hear about “houseparty ” being called dangerous …. urban myth
20:23:46 From Helaine Marshall : YES – synchronous is priceless!!!
20:24:11 From Hala Fawzi : Can I share schools’ experience
20:24:18 From ElizabethA : that was before they started calling out Zoom
20:24:37 From nour-eddine laouni to Vance Stevens(Privately) : Hi Vance, I really would love to tell you about the situation in Morocco. I have a google classroom now . I’ll get back you with some questions regarding some shortcomings that my trainees find in google classroom – sorry I missed seeing this … next week perhaps? – Vance
20:24:47 From Michael Coghlan : Good to know Elizabeth – my nephews are using Houseparty
20:25:27 From carlaarena to Vance Stevens(Privately) : Hey, Vance. Don’t know why I can’t hear you. Will leave and get back here. I tested audio and it seems ok, but no luck!
20:25:50 From ElizabethA : Did you hear the company has offered a 1 million dollar reward to find out where the rumour started ! (now THAT sounds fishy LOL)
20:26:02 From Vicky Saumell : ha ha
20:27:11 From RitaZ : thank you, Tom, will take a closer look at what you shared
20:27:46 From RitaZ : I do believe G Classroom is a great option
20:28:14 From ElizabethA : It’s incredible how Zoom is holding up ! So many people are using it
20:28:33 From Michael Coghlan : Yes – quite amazing!
20:28:34 From Chris Fry : an open source alternative to zoom. I only heard about it this morning
20:28:43 From Vicky Saumell : Yes, Elizabeth, I’ve had minor crashes only
20:28:49 From RitaZ : Skype is also good now…, getting more reliable
20:28:56 From Susan Marandi : Hi everybody! 🙂
20:29:03 From Vance Stevens : all urls posted here will be shared in the archive at
20:29:11 From Vicky Saumell : Keeping a routine is important
20:29:12 From Vance Stevens : Hi Susan
20:29:13 From Susan Marandi : Once again, I’m fashionably late! 😉
20:30:28 From Vance Stevens : at least you’re using the right camera 🙂
20:30:42 From Susan Marandi : LOL, don’t remind me! 😀
20:31:05 From Susan Marandi : Not wearing jammies today, just in case …
20:31:35 From Hala Fawzi : Hello Suzan
20:31:49 From Susan Marandi : Hi Hala; missed you soooo much! 🙂
20:32:12 From Hala Fawzi : Same here dear, sooo much missed
20:32:41 From nour-eddine laouni : Hi everyone
20:32:59 From Vance Stevens : welcome Nour-eddine
20:32:59 From ElizabethA : CARLA ! CARLA !
20:33:10 From Michael Coghlan : Hello Nour – where are you?
20:33:18 From Susan Marandi : Hi Nour-eddine, welcome!
20:33:21 From nour-eddine laouni : Thank you Vance
20:33:28 From Susan Marandi : yes
20:33:29 From Sus Nyrop : my younger granddaughter age 8m is on a private school following the ideas of Celestin Freinet where students are supposed to make their own personal schedule. She is doing amazingly well!
20:33:34 From Susan Marandi : yes
20:33:55 From Teresa : hi clarinha!
20:34:08 From Vicky Saumell : That’s very interesting Sus! Would love to hear more about it
20:34:30 From Chris Fry : I’m trying to put extracts from the notes I take about all the webinars I attend about teaching onlin e
20:34:31 From Hala Fawzi : Hello Carla 🙂
20:34:39 From Susan Marandi : I agree, Vicky
20:34:42 From Vicky Saumell : Thanks, Chris
20:35:13 From Vance Stevens : There’s been a request for more about this from Sus, Celestin Freinet where students are supposed to make their own personal schedule.
20:35:52 From Hala Fawzi : LOL
20:36:24 From Michael Coghlan : Good doc Chris – correct URL:
20:39:58 From Vicky Saumell : Hi, Carla!
20:40:02 From Susan Marandi : That sounds like so much fun! Won’t they have any standardized tests later on?
20:40:17 From Teresa : ola carlinha!
20:40:47 From Michael Coghlan :
20:41:23 From Michael Coghlan : Helloooooo Carla 🙂
20:41:39 From RitaZ : thank you Michael
20:41:42 From Susan Marandi : Hi Carla! 🙂
20:42:29 From Nina Liakos : Celestin FREINET
20:42:32 From Chris Fry : I’m trying out the idea of using my mobile phone to chat, as on my ipad the chat covers most of the screen
20:42:59 From Nina Liakos : Chris, you can adjust the size of the chat screen once you’ve detached it.
20:43:40 From Nina Liakos : Get out of full screen view first
20:44:25 From Susan Marandi : Congrats!
20:44:32 From Chris Fry : I can’t on my ipad or at least I can’t see how. On a computer it’s all easier
20:46:12 From Nina Liakos : True, I always forget that
20:46:13 From Helaine Marshall : All I can discover is that you can maximize the chat – and then pull it to make a vertical strip the full height of the screen
20:46:47 From Nina Liakos : Yes that’s what I’ve done, I have it running along the entire right side of the screen
20:46:54 From Sus Nyrop : I want to add that the Freinet school was early on adapting technology, such as tape recurring and photography, sending books and pictures to other s friendship schools around the country (and other parts of the world). lMuch later France was rashly on having a teletext based info and exchange system, meaNING THAT ORDINARY PEOPLE AND SCHOOLS WERE SO READY TO ADAPT THE INTERNET IN THE CLASSROOM.
20:47:05 From Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux : This a link to Sir Ken Robinson’s podcast:
20:47:13 From Sus Nyrop : (TAPE RECORDING, sorry)
20:47:28 From Susan Marandi : Thanks, Sus
20:47:45 From Hala Fawzi : This interesting, Carla
20:48:16 From Vicky Saumell : Carla, is it for all the subjects?
20:48:48 From Sus Nyrop :
20:49:28 From nour-eddine laouni : How can we as teachers benefit from your programs of professional development ?
20:49:52 From Susan Marandi to Vance Stevens(Privately) : Vance, whenever the time was appropriate, I’d like to briefly share some news about my own uni.
20:50:17 From nour-eddine laouni : Hi Carla , How can we enroll in one of your programs
20:50:47 From Vicky Saumell : The TPACK
20:50:55 From nour-eddine laouni : TPACK
20:51:12 From Vance Stevens : TPAC link?


20:51:43 From nour-eddine laouni : Agree
20:51:45 From RitaZ : sorry, guys, need to go, have another meeting with a sponsor I have, to start a series of webinars in Spanish, on Google Classroom
20:51:49 From Vicky Saumell :
20:51:56 From Susan Marandi : Bye Rita!
20:51:59 From Michael Coghlan : Bye Rita 😉
20:52:05 From RitaZ : will hopefully see you soon again!
20:52:12 From Vicky Saumell : Bye, Rita!
20:52:15 From nour-eddine laouni : Can I ask you a question Carla?
20:52:17 From Vance Stevens : bye rita
20:52:55 From Vicky Saumell :
20:53:01 From Vance Stevens : 🙂
20:53:24 From Chris Fry : What sort of ratio of work offline to work online?
20:54:09 From Hala Fawzi : Bye Rita
20:54:49 From Vicky Saumell : to standardize the process


20:56:09 From Hala Fawzi : Vance, why don’t we have session only for Carla to tell us more about this project? This is of interest to many here
20:56:27 From Claire Siskin : Portuguese would be fine, Carla!!
20:56:31 From Michael Coghlan : Sustainability goals –
20:56:35 From Vance Stevens : Laine is giving a presentation for TALIN on April 4, TALIN – Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN,
20:56:53 From ElizabethA : Having been out of teaching for some 4-5 years I am having difficulty trying to teach ONE forteen year old !!!
20:57:01 From Claire Siskin : Vance, it is already April 6!
20:57:11 From Nina Liakos : I’m with you, ELizabeth.
20:57:18 From ElizabethA : Just finding short (repeat short) videos to talk about
20:57:48 From ElizabethA : TRYING to find approriate short videos to talk about
20:58:03 From Vance Stevens : more info about Laine’s talk at the TALIN site
20:58:45 From tom : That’s very NYS of you! 🙂
20:59:06 From Susan Marandi : SOFLA?
20:59:24 From Hala Fawzi : When is the webinar?
20:59:31 From nour-eddine laouni : What are the steps plz?
21:00:05 From nour-eddine laouni : the link plz?
21:00:05 From Chris Fry : Elizabeth, film English by Kieran
21:00:12 From Susan Marandi : playposit?
21:00:14 From aiden yeh : she’ll talk about it on her webinar
21:00:15 From Nina Liakos : playposit?
21:00:34 From aiden yeh : interesting
21:00:45 From Hala Fawzi :
21:00:54 From Vance Stevens : more about SOFLA,
21:01:04 From ElizabethA : tom – still trying to work out NYS
21:01:13 From Vance Stevens : nice?
21:01:26 From ElizabethA : thx chris – site marked
21:01:52 From Helaine Marshall :
21:02:05 From Helaine Marshall :
21:03:05 From ElizabethA : repeat “That’s very NYS of you! :-)” ????
21:04:07 From Claire Siskin : applause for Susan!
21:04:27 From Hala Fawzi : Mbrook Suzan
21:04:43 From Susan Marandi : Thanks, everybody! 🙂
21:05:12 From Helaine Marshall : anyone heard from Daf?
21:05:13 From tom : NYS = New York State TESOL
21:08:31 From Hala Fawzi : Link, please?
21:08:35 From Hala Fawzi : To the podcst
21:08:42 From Hala Fawzi : podcast
21:09:19 From Anne Fox : to be on the podcast


21:10:58 From aiden yeh : if you’re free Wednesday evening 11 UTC you could join me online and my small group of national athletes- runners, learning English
21:11:02 From Claire Siskin : either day ok with me
21:11:06 From Hala Fawzi : lol


21:11:35 From Susan Marandi : I have French classes Sundays, so Monday is a bit better
21:12:23 From Susan Marandi : what’s the venue, Aiden?
21:12:38 From Vicky Saumell : Interesting! can you share the link>
21:13:15 From Vance Stevens : TALIN – Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN,
21:13:37 From Hala Fawzi : I need to go, sadly
21:13:50 From Claire Siskin : Bye Hala!!
21:13:52 From Hala Fawzi : It was great to met you all tody
21:13:54 From ElizabethA : BYE Hala
21:14:00 From Hala Fawzi : See you around 🙂
21:14:09 From Susan Marandi : Bye Hala!
21:14:13 From Hala Fawzi : Stay safe!
21:14:40 From carlaarena : Carla Arena – Brasilia, Brazil
21:14:41 From Vance Stevens : Penang Malaysia
21:14:41 From Teresa : Lisbon, Portugal
21:14:42 From Hala Fawzi : Bahrain
21:14:43 From Michael Coghlan : Adekaide, Australia
21:14:44 From Nina Liakos : Gaithersburg Maryland (outside of Washington DC
21:14:45 From Chris Fry : Spain, Barcelona
21:14:46 From Claire Siskin : Claire Bradin Siskin: USA (Pittsburgh)
21:14:48 From Susan Marandi : Susan Marandi, from Tehran, Iran, Alzahra University
21:14:52 From Helaine Marshall : White Plains, NY USA
21:14:53 From ElizabethA : ELizabeth in Grenoble , France
21:14:53 From aiden yeh : Kaohsiung, Taiwan
21:14:54 From Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux : London
21:15:03 From Heike Philp : hi
21:15:04 From Vicky Saumell : Buenos Aires, Argentina (but you know that)
21:15:25 From Heike Philp : Heidelberg, Germany
21:15:31 From Heike Philp : I know I am an hour late
21:15:34 From tom : Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
21:15:36 From Heike Philp : had an issue…
21:15:44 From nour-eddine laouni : Dr Nour-eddine laouni- Teacher Trainer . Morocco
21:15:47 From Hala Fawzi : Tom is from Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
21:15:49 From Susan Marandi : Hi Heike, nice to see you! 🙂
21:15:50 From Hala Fawzi : lol
21:16:35 From Susan Marandi : Thanks, Vance!
21:16:42 From Susan Marandi : Bye everybody; great to see you! 🙂

Announcements on Facebook Groups


Vance meets with Sedat’s students in Turkey to talk about Webheads

In response to this thread on Webheadsinaction Sedat Akayoglu invited us to visit his class just prior the meeting described above,

I will be there, too. I have an online class “Instructional Technologies in ELT” (an MA Class with 10 graduate students) just before the meeting. We will talk about Elizabeth Hanson-Smith’s chapter in Teacher Education in CALL book.

Hanson-Smith, E. (2006). Communities of practice for pre- and in-service teacher education. In (Eds.) Hubbard, P., & Levy, M. Teacher Education in CALL.

As you can guess, it is inevitable to talk about the Webheads as the best example if we are talking about the online communities of practice.

It will be great for me to join you just after this class.
By the way, if there is someone who would like to join our discussion for my class, you are welcome.
Sedat said he would share with me video of my visit and when he does I will fill in more show notes here – Vance
This will be easier to reproduce once I have access to the video, but in talking with Sedat’s students, I started with and went looking for places where Sedat had interacted with us.
Some examples, threads to be filled in later

Earlier events

Fri-Sat Apr 3-4 Best of EVO 2020 – NOT cancelled! Moved ONLINE!!

Recordings and archives,


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