Special streaming from EVO Minecraft MOOC from in-world using Discord

Learning2gether Episode 358

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, at 1500 UTC, Learning2gether delivered a special treat by streaming an EVO Minecraft MOOC Server Party and Tour from Minecraft in-world using Discord for voice.

Members of the #evomc17 Google+ Community, who had filled out the registration form and become whitelisted on our server, could join us in-world. But anyone could watch us on YouTube, at https://youtu.be/qwSLAzbwOcY, and interact with us in real time at our text chat space at http://chatwing.com/vancestev

Tour guides who had indicated they’d be there included Rose Bard, Linda Gielen, Maha Abdelmoneim, Jane Chien, and Vance Stevens. All were welcome to participate in Minecraft live or in the stream, and as all worked well, a recording was created at the YouTube link.

For more information visit


Those who couldn’t text us in Minecraft could text us at http://chatwing.com/vancestev, and if there were no monsters around at the time, we could text back 🙂

Dennis Newson dropped by and left these comments in response to mine

Hi, Vance and all – Dennis aka Osna, Germany and Second Life, EduNation.
I find, after a lot of time in Second Life, I am much more aware of colour I am in First Life. I’ve also just decorated my study here in Germany and realised after a while that I was nconciously copying colour schemes I had tried out in a villa I have in Second Life.


I’ve always thought Second Life was a stupid name. To some people it means death… Where is Second Life if it is not in in First Life. Better, surely, to think of virtual worlds as part of our human world, not an alternative.
This is my first time in Minecraft, if that is where we are. I am surprised of comments I have read in the past that people coming into Second Life were disappointed at the way things looked. What I am looking at looks like Lego compared to the look of objects in Second Life.
Hi Dennis, sorry I missed you. Thanks for your comments. I’ll be sure and post them in our blog archive


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Earlier this week

Sun Jan 15 1400 UTC Vance Stevens on Gamification and CLIL: A Minecraft perspective – webinar for Techno-CLIL EVO session


Tue Jan 17 Nicky Hockly: Going mobile – webinar for ICT4ELT EVO Session



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