Vance Stevens on Gamification and CLIL, A Minecraft perspective: webinar for Techno-CLIL EVO session

Learning2gether Episode 357

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Vance Stevens was invited to give a talk for the EVO Session Techno CLIL on the congruence of that session with EVO Minecraft MOOC, which Vance is co-moderating for the 3rd year in a row. After looking at some of the assumptions of CLIL, Content and Language Integrated Learning, Vance shows how three of these, language competence, learning curricular subjects in a foreign language, and combining teaching strategies and technical tools, are supported in Minecraft.

In Vance’s view, one teaching strategy supported by Minecraft with great potential for CLIL is gamification. Vance touches on the MOOC concept and community as curriculum before introducing Gee’s notion of Big G and little g games as one framework for gamification. The little g game is Minecraft, but the big G game is EVO Minecraft MOOC, which was itself designed as a game.

Vance explains how the Big G game of EVO Minecraft MOOC was designed and what happens when participants go to the Google+ Community and figure out what to do to play the Big G game, and what they learn by doing so.

This is contextualizes what the organizers of this session put in the description they left on WizIQ.

Description About Class

Vance Stevens on Minecraft for language teaching and CLIL

Vance will explore the potential of Minecraft for language teaching and CLIL.

We are all learning about gamification here, it’s not so much about Minecraft. Minecraft is the little game, the enabler of our emerging knowledge of gamification. When you enter survival mode you’ll find that you are assisted by others in world. With their help you stay alive and learn. So gamification turns out to be learning through teamwork and mutual support and meeting challenges and achieving your goal, whatever it is. In this game you set your own goals. By achieving your goals in the game light bulbs go off in your head and light your way to some realization of how what you are learning in Minecraft might work to meet your real world challenges.

You have to enroll in the EVO session to reach the link below, so I made a Camtasia version and uploaded it to YouTube here, It’s the video at the top of this post.

But here is the recording in WizIQ as stored in the course.

I made a Camtasia version viewable by all because it gives the participant view with participant text chat visible and my web cam prominent, unlike the view I recorded while streaming as I was presenting it, so that people in our networks would be able to tune in live, or play the recording immediately thereafter.

Streaming details: 

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or here

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Recording (Bb Collaborate)

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