Gamifying teacher professional development: EVOMC17 Minecraft MOOC playdate #2

Learning2gether Episode 343

Rose Bard captured a video of this event and granted permission for its posting here

Thanks, Rose 🙂

On Tuesday, September 6, EVO Minecraft MOOC co-moderators Vance StevensRose Bard, Linda GielenMircea Petrascu, and Jeff Kuhn responded to Rose’s invitation to this “playdate” for participants at EVOMC17

Meanwhile, Mircea Petrascu posted this challenge

In his post, he provided picture clues, all we had to follow, in order help Rose, Linda, and Vance retrace his steps (well, actually, Vance followed Linda and Rose)

Success! Linda Gielen posted …

Without revealing the location of Mircea’s new discovery, here is a picture of +Vance Stevens, +Rose Bard, +Mircea Patrascu and me at the new site!

Here are some screen shots of my own

Well, actually, we found only the Treasury. We ran out of time and I almost expired myself by getting inextricably stuck in the roof of a shelter that Mircea and I were building a little too simultaneously for my skills to ward off the onset of night. There were spiders about, but fortunately, Mircea teleported me to a safe location.

It occurs to me well AFTER the fact that I could probably have got out by destroying the little of Mircea’s handiwork that was hemming me in and I might have dropped out of the ceiling AND I’d still be at the Treasury! oh, well, live and learn (but at least, live, with inventory intact) – Mircea mentions he was suffocated in a wall, probably due to my building him in, same problem as mine then. When he died, I saw his resources all tumble down to where the beds were. I could have recovered them. Interesting reflections 🙂

Lessons learned from gamified TPD


This was further proof that the most important lesson to take away from a gamified learning environment is how you can develop strategies to work with others to survive the environment. This is an important lesson that Minecraft imparts to us as students. It suggest approaches to problem solutions, such as how to work as a team to overcome setbacks, as well as how to help students develop heuristics for addressing ill-defined problems, as noted at the end of this post,
Microsoft Acquires Minecraft App for Schools,
by Nick Wingfield and Natasha Singer (Jan. 19, 2016).

Teachers and researchers say they believe Minecraft and other games can improve important skills that students are likely to need later on in their working lives, such as creative problem-solving, collaboration and design thinking.

Minecraft, for example, could help students learn to visualize and build solutions for multilayered open-ended problems like how to cross a river when there is no bridge or how to structure Greek architecture, said Eric Klopfer, a professor of science education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who directs the university’s teacher education program.

“If it’s a well-defined problem, a computer can solve that,” Professor Klopfer said. “We need students to be able to answer undefined problems.”

Thanks to Elizabeth Ann for calling this post to my attention

Earlier this last week

Sun Aug 28 1400 UTC Vance Stevens and Jeff Lebow – What is going on with HoA, and what to do about it

Thu Sep 1 2016 1700 UTC Globinar with Russell Stannard on Quizlet

Quizlet – Engaging Vocabulary Learning Tool

•    one of the most popular language learning tools on the internet
•    a tool for desktops, mobiles and tablets.
•    how to get working with Quizlet in minutes.
•    getting up and started with Quizlet
•    some of the more advanced features
•    ways to get your students engaged
•    an ideal tool for any teacher, teaching any language

Russell STANNARD is the founder of . It is a website that offers free training videos that help teachers incorporate ICT into their teaching and learning. It won the Times Higher ‘Outstanding Initiative in ICT’ and the British Council ‘Technology’ award. The site receives more than 300,000 visitors a year. Russell trains teachers in ICT all over the world and also runs on-line courses which are accessed by hundreds of teachers. Moodle is one of his areas of expertise. Russell teaches part-time at the University of Warwick and is a NILE associate trainer.

Russell Stannard / Host: Tilly Harrison

01.09.2016 | 19:00h – 20:30 CET

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  • You can register even now for the next webinars in English language:
  • There you can register for several webinars in 1 go and make sure you receive the follow-up materials in case you can’t attend.

Further webinars – also in German, French and Spanish – can be found and booked (for free) here

These Globinars are organized by Jürgen Wagner, Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien, Saarland

Mon Sep 5 Globinar with Marie-Hélène Fasquel – Let’s study literature with IT

Let’s study literature with IT!

Marie-Hélène Fasquel | host: Amélie Silvert

05. 09. 2016 | 19:00h – 20:30h CET

Access link:

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