Informal learning with Jeff Lebow, Jose Rodriguez, and Rhizo16

Learning2gether Episode 334

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On Sunday June 5 Vance Stevens and Jeff Lebow met in Hangout on Air to talk about old times and new projects, all in the spirit of informality that infuses all our online projects past and present. We planned (if that is the correct word 🙂 to discuss these in a context of informal learning.

We invited Dave Cormier to join us and fill us in on the Rhizosphere, which is verging on a Rhizo16 MOOC one of these days. Dave texted that he was surrounded with kids on Sunday morning and if you’re a dad you know what that is like 🙂 The rhizomes will look after themselves.

Meanwhile, Hangouts with Jeff are always F.U.N. and in this one we were joined by special invited guest Jose Rodriguez in California, Peggy George in Phoenix, Elizabeth Anne in Grenoble, Vanessa Vaile in Colorado, Arthur Oglesby from the Rhizosphere, and Dave Cormier in spirit.

Where? Hangout on Air

Rhizo14 … 15 and 16 A Practical View MOOC by Dave Cormier, neverending

Dave declared May to be Rhizo month some time ago, but is stuck on #rhizo15 even though it’s no longer May. So Vance was wondering, is there a #rhizo16? Answer, yes, according to

Dave had announced:

May is Rhizo month this year
#rhizo16 is going to (formally) start up on May 1 and finish on May 31st

The newsletter response was fairly positive around having another rhizo this year… so we’re off. I’m still working on whatever trouble we might get into – posts will follow. I will say that we will continue to use this newsletter and the blog. Creating new ones every year isn’t really all that sustainable. I’ll be using the #rhizo16 hashtag – I’ve long since stopped trying to figure out what you all are going to do 🙂

Meanwhile, back on Prince Edward Island …


Whatever happens, the rules for Rhizo 15 will likely maintain …


Posts and videos:


Rhizo 15 started April 15. When does it end? It doesn’t say (maybe never 🙂

You can vote

Earlier this week

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Mon May 30 Globinar by Dieter Umlauf – How to put BYOD into practice

WEBINAR: How to put a BYOD-concept [Bring Your Own Device] into practice


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You may find the syllabus for MM8 useful.



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