Rita Zeinstejer on how to Fuel Engagement with Humour and Comics

Learning2gether Episode 333

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On Sun May 29  Learning2gether heard from Rita Zeinstejer on how to Fuel Engagement with Humour.

Rita’s presentation examines how humour can be an effective tool in teaching and in creating the affective second language classroom. It will also examine the reasons why humour is sometimes avoided, and will dispel the myth that one must be a comedian to use humour in a language classroom.

Kristmanson (2000) stressed the importance of the affective environment in second language teaching. It’s important for the teacher to create a “positive atmosphere” for learning. Humour, by decreasing anxiety and stress, can contribute to this positive classroom, to class unity and learning.

The focus is on the use of cartoons with practical examples of how to use and adapt this particular resource. One doesn’t have to be a gifted humorist to reap the benefits of using humour in the classroom.

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Earlier this week

Sun May 22 1500 UTC Susan Gaer on Students Producing Content


Mon May 23 Globinar with Dr. Nancy Grimm

Invitation to a promising WEBINAR with Dr. Nancy Grimm: More than just another introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign language

  • objective: to bridge the gap between theoretical approaches to foreign language teaching and the needs of students, teacher trainees, TEFL lecturers, and those teaching at the classroom level
  • reflections on major issues and current trends in language learning and teaching
  • the balance of reflection and practice in each chapter
  • the possibility of a flexible use of this book in inductive or deductive teaching approaches
  • ready-to-use materials: thought-provoking cartoons, key concepts, recommended reading, study questions, and rewarding examples of classroom activities for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.
  • additional material provided online: e. g. PowerPoint-Presentations for teaching TEFL and pdf-files for learners
  • other only resources: the complete bibliography, additional examples, and a German-English glossary compiled by C. Juchem-Grundmann
  • Monday May 23rd 2016 – 19:00h – 20:30h CET
  • Time and date where YOU are
  • http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock
  • access link: https://webconf.vc.dfn.de/teachingenglish/
  • Info: http://v.gd/teachingenglish
  • Registration:
  • http://lpm.lpm.uni-sb.de/Webinar/index2.php
  • Learn more about Nancy Grimm’s impressive biography:
  • https://eflspice.wordpress.com/dr-nancy-grimm/
  • Dr. NANCY GRIMM is also active as an in-service teacher trainer and educational materials developer.
  • You will need neither a username, nor a password.
  • Select the option “Enter as a guest” and enter IMPERATIVELY your FULL !!! name into the box. (All attendees are “guests”).
  • Registration: http://lpm.lpm.uni-sb.de/Webinar/index2.php

May 27 Blab with Wesley Fryer – EdTech Situation Room Episode 11



The article referred to by Peggy in the text chat above is called “What is happening with Blab?” It’s about recent changes in focus on Blab’s target audience and features a statement from Blab’s developers to the effect that, no, they aren’t going away, just adapting to the shifting playing field of social broadcasting. The article end in the following summary:

“Right now, if you want a stable platform on which you can host a professional-grade interview or discussion, perhaps even a webinar, it’s clear that Hangouts is still the best option. Despite inherent flaws, it’s the network most likely to deliver that end-result you’re looking for at the highest quality, particularly with integrations and tools like Webinar Jam. What Blab brought to the table was ease-of-use and discoverability. Don’t be surprised when Facebook sprints past both platforms.”

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