Learning2gether with Benjamin Stewart on his Academic Writing Workshop for EFL/ESL educators

Learning2gether Episode 308

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On Sunday Jan 03 Learning2gether kicked off the new year 2016 with Benjamin Stewart who introduced us to his Academic Writing Workshop for EFL/ESL educators

What is this about? 

In this session, Benjamin Stewart introduces a five-day workshop beginning January 11, 2016, to be conducted face to face with on-site participants in Mexico via the wiki here:

There, and at the Google+ event page for this event, Benjamin poses the question: As an EFL/ESL educator, what issues do you face? Participants of this workshop will be asked to develop a thesis around this essential question as they develop an argument with supporting claims and logical reasoning patterns.

This Learning2gether event will take place in Hangout on Air. As usual with L2g Hangouts, you can join us in the HoA at a link that will be provided just prior to the event (once the presenters are in the HoA). You can also follow the stream at its YouTube link and interact with us in our Chatwing text chat space.

Chatwing text chat

is the event in 19 minutes from now?
Hello friends! It´s good to see you all here on the very first week of the new year!
greetings from scorching hot Santo Tomé, Santa Fe, Argentina!
Hi, yeah we’re about to start, this is the direct link
This is the direct link to the HoA, when you come in please mute your mic
(link posted, no longer valid)
Hello all!
Sorry, having to reboot…
we’ll be streaming shortly and chatting here
Thank you! I’m here
Hello Gordon, booting up, be right there…
take your time
benjamin is having sound problems, but is back
we’ve started, if you’re in the stream say hi in the text chat here
Links Benjamine is talking about are available at
Hi Glenys
and benjamin outliner requires permission
I can see the Outliner on Diigo.
I too can’t access outliner. No permission
Do you need to create an account to access the information?
I use Diigo tho I’m not logged in at the moment.
thanks Gordon
google search on Thesis statement generator / creator
Feel free to join Benjamin’s Teachers for Interactive Language Learning Google+ Community

How this works at showtime

If space is available (up to 10 people) you can join us in the HoA directly at its live link posted\ at show time and also posted to Twitter by @vances using hash tag #learning2gether and at the Webheads in Action live event page at http://webheadsinaction.org/live
Archived  here: http://webheadsinaction.org/learning2gether-episode-308-benjamin-stewart-his-academic-writing-workshop-eflesl-educators

You can also watch the stream and chat with us live


Earlier this week

Learning2gether 307 Sun Dec 27 1500 UTC Maha Abdelmoneim shows us Blab.im


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