Learning2gether with Maha Abdelmoneim and Peggy George showing us around Blab.im

Learning2gether Episode 307

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As we often do with Learning2gether, we experimented today with a new tool mentioned by Maha Abdelmoneim at the end of Learning2gether episode 306, which she graciously offered to show it to us today.

We were fortunate to have been joined by Peggy George and briefly by Maria Colussa, both of whom were extensive users of Blab, and who both provided valuable insights into the tool, especially regarding its social affordances and the commitment of the developers to interacting with Blab users.

Here is the Blab recording, and a YouTube recording of it:

Join the conversation at the Google+ event page

There are many reviews of Blab.im available through Google; e.g. http://www.marc-levy.com/blab-im-tutorial/

Here are some of the things we know about it

  • It supports only 4 cameras at a given moment, but participants can come and go (very fluid, Maha says)
  • It supports additional registered participants in comment mode
  • To join you have to register through a social network site such as Twitter and agree to the Terms of Service there.
    You’ll then be able to participate in the stream and make comments to all who are there
  • You can later revoke any permissions given to third party apps to use your Twitter acct here https://twitter.com/settings/applications
  • You can view the stream without signing in, but you cannot interact there, only view
  • However, all participants will be able to interact with non-registered viewers in Chatwing: http://chatwing.com/vancestev,
    so all are welcome to come along and see what’s happening.

During the conversation we learned much more about the tool, especially from Blab users Peggy George and Maria Colussa. I took notes on remarks Peggy made in Chatwing:

Here are the chat transcripts from Blab and Chatwing,




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