TESOL Arabia Chapter SIG Conference in Dubai with Jim Buckingham on-site and Vance Stevens at a distance

Learning2gether Episode 294

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On Saturday October 3 at 0730 UTC, 11:30 in UAE, Jim Buckingham had finally found a parking place and was heading up to his presentation room at the TESOL Arabia Chapter SIG Conference, while Vance Stevens was getting the Hangout on Air and Learning2gether spaces properly configured from his home in Al Ain, UAE.

We were planning to converge at a distance on Jim’s on-site presentation at the TESOL Arabia SIG conference in Dubai on professional development opportunities available online via TAEDTech SIG and #learning2gether. Meanwhile Chris Fry in Barcelona was waiting for the stream to start on our Google+ event page, and Halima Ozimova in Tashkent was in Chatwing waiting for me to provide the URL to the live chat. Eventually Glenys Hanson from France joined us in the HoA as well, http://www.glenys-hanson.info/

The event was billed as …

Online PD? TESOL Arabia? Discover such opportunities today 

Jim Buckingham, Zayed University, UAE
Vance Stevens, HCT-CERT, UAE

This TAEdTech SIG session gives an overview of what online professional development opportunities TESOL Arabia already supports and those planned for the future. The presentation will also feature a “live” demonstration of online professional development strategies currently being used by TESOL Arabia’s Education Technology SIG with special attention placed on how these strategies are free, easy to use and available to anyone.

We were on at noon Dubai time (0800 UTC) in this program:

Where were we? Jim was in Dubai, we were all in a Google+ Hangout on Air

We had two back channels going

Jim’s slides:

Vance’s slides:

Here is the Hangout on Air text chat:

Vance Stevens joined group chat.

Halima Ozimova joined group chat.

Halima Ozimova – 12:01 PM

the voice is too low

sorry,must leave,because I do hear nothing

me – 12:09 PM

can you run the setting gear and see if you can configure your sound?

I have two computers in the HoA and sound is coming in fine on the other computer

Halima Ozimova – 12:11 PM

I’d try!

James Buckingham joined group chat.

Halima Ozimova – 12:13 PM


Glenys Hanson joined group chat.

Chris Fry joined group chat.

Halima Ozimova – 12:17 PM

Glenys,hello!nice images of elder generation!

Glenys Hanson – 12:18 PM

Hi Halima. Thanks for kind words.

Halima Ozimova – 12:19 PM

Uzbekistan has announced the year 2015 as the Year for caring of Elder Generation

Chris Fry – 12:19 PM


me – 12:22 PM


Here are Jim’s slides http://www.slideshare.net/buckinsand/online-professional-development-opportunities-with-tesol-arabia-dopps-w-tesol-arabiakey

Halima Ozimova left group chat.

Vance Stevens – 12:28 PM

Today’s Meet URL


Information is being posted here

more info about this presentation here http://tinyurl.com/learning2gether

James Buckingham left group chat.

Glenys Hanson – 12:53 PM


Halima Ozimova joined group chat.

Chris Fry – 1:02 PM

Thanks, Vance. Bye

Chris Fry left group chat.

Glenys Hanson – 1:03 PM

Thanks & bye!

Here is the Chatwing text chat for this session copy / pasted below:

Vance Stevens – I’m waiting for the presenter Jim to enter the HoA before posting the direct link, but if you’re looking for it, let me know and I’ll post it here sooner.
Halima Ozimova – Am waiting for a colleague from Russia May be her University could be the sponsor for Your trainings?!!!
Vance Stevens – ok, here I’m waiting for the presenter to enter the HoA, I’ll post the direct link here shortly
he isn’t due to start until 0800 UTC ( in 8 min)

He could be having problems there, it’s complicated to set up a Hangout at a live event

Jim is in mobile phone contact and telling me what to expect

Halima Ozimova – the voice is too low…sorry,must leave,because I do hear nothing
You can find more information about what’s going on now here http://tinyurl.com/learning2gether


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