Learning2gether with the Fall Blog Festival

Learning2gether Episode 292

Download mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/fall-blog-festival-with-vance-stevens-lhm-mae_ick.mp3?
On Monday September 21 Learning2gether joined forces with the Fall Blog Festival organized by Nellie Deutsch. The annual Fall Blog Festival #fallblogfest is a one day blog festival event showcasing bloggers, their work, and valuable tips for blogging for reflective practice, work with students, business and other reasons.

Highlights include: Why blog, background to blogging, influential bloggers, getting started, and best practices and challenges involved in blogging. Certificates of Participation will be available to those who attend 60% of the webinars and write a blog post about the event. Submission of the links to the blog posts and attendance area are on Moodle for Teachers website. Click to http://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=92 to enrol in the webathon for 2015, though no need to sign up for the class with your name unless you want the certificate.

Here are some links

Rogue’s Gallery of Presenters

Participants are invited to enrol in the FBF15 and get your certificate (free) here:

One of the presentations was
Connecting Learning2gether with events like the Fall Blog Festival from Vance Stevens

On YouTubehttps://youtu.be/LHm-mae_ICk


http://www.slideshare.net/vances/connecting-learning2gether-with-events-like-the-fall-blog-festival; or available via http://tinyurl.com/vance2015fbf 


Here is an excerpt of text chat during this session, copied from WizIQ

Some of the conversation below has to do with the fact that Nellie set up the link to the event on the assumption that anyone could easily join without pre-registration, but when we tried to get in, the system would drop us from the event (because another unregistered person was already using that link). Some of us worked out that the way in was to register through our WizIQ accounts (in my case, in the nick of time for my session!). The chat shows where Nellie and others were dealing with the problem and helping to get people in.

Peggy: Today’s blogging event is right at the top of Vance’s page:
Tiziana: In Italy it is 4 pm and I need to be up till late to follow a lot of events but…
it is worth doing!! It is my CPD on line
Nives: Hi Tiziana 🙂
Susan:  Aloha Everyone! Not sure how long I can be here. Bad internet and on a chromebook. Sound not very clear but slides are GREAT.
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: Nives, ‘m sharing link with you
Peggy: time zones can be so confusing! I rely on timeanddate.com to help me!
Tiziana: Hi NIVES! HI PEGGY!!
Peggy: Hi Tiziana! Great to see you!
Nives: Thank you Dr Nellie
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: Peggy, I also use timetable links
Nives: Brian is trying now
Peggy: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109504049211076695836
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: Nives, the link is for one person
Tiziana: Hi ! PLESED to be on line and learn from so many communities on line which are really engaging!!
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: Hi Brian
Nives: Ok Dr Nellie no problem
Brian B: Hi Dr Nellie
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: Let me know if your friends need a unique link to come in
Peggy: I don’t know how Vance keeps up with so many networks but he is amazing!!!!
Peggy: http://webheadsinaction.org/live
Brian B: Thanks for the link Dr Nellie
Nives: Great to see you here Brian … no idea how long this will last but let’s enjoy it while we can 🙂
Peggy: http://chatwing.com/vancestev
Tom: Nives, do not leave the session. It’s a continuous class, all day long.
Nives: There are many ways to have BackChannel chats when not all can join a HOA
Nives: Thanks for letting me know TOM 🙂
Brian B: Its taken along time to get here so I will not be leaving yet.
Peggy: http://tesl-ej.org/pdf/ej67/int.pdf
Nives: Good Brian let’s hang out here today 🙂
Peggy: Chatwing helps you to feel connected with other people in the same event 🙂
Rob Howard: Good question
Nives: Dr Nellie – what will happen with people following the Twitter or FB links which are not working ?
Nives: Hi Rob 🙂
Rob Howard: Hi Nives!
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: good question
Nives: I agree Peggy – chatting during an event in a backchannel keeps (me) motivated and engaged.
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: Nives, you can tell them to register ﷯
Peggy: love that description! you know it’s working when you’re learning new things is when your practice changes 🙂
Nives: Register … I did that and it did not work…!
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: Maybe the link I shared will work for them if they add their names
Peggy: yes Nives! I find that if there is no way to chat during webinars it’s easy to get up and walk away and get distracted. 🙂
Nives: Let’s hope so Dr Nellie
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: Smore is more ﷯
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: http://tinyurl.com/vance2015fbf
Peggy: Thank you Vance for all you do to bring these amazing professional learning experiences to all of us through Learning2gether!!!!!
Nives: Yes Peggy or do something else on another page and not really ‘pay attention’ just listen passively
Peggy: exactly Nives!
Nives: 🙂 @Peggy
Peggy: you can’t get the link with your name unless you register. That’s how I finally got it.
Nives: Will the recording also have the same problem Dr Nellie when trying to access it ?
Rob Howard: I hope we learn!
Peggy: good question Nives 🙂
Nives: Peggy I did register twice with 2 diverse emails and still no luck until magically it just happened…
Rob Howard: Very positive!
Nives: I think we always learn as long as we experience something, no?
Nives: Or at least I do …
Peggy: will the recordings for these sessions be separate recordings for each session or one long recording?
Peggy: sorry Nellie. Not prepared to take the microphone today.
Tom: Going to grab a cup of tea! ﷯
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: One long one and my Youtube for each one
Peggy: we did a show yesterday that was a preview of the K12 Online Conference. The recording and Livebinder links are here: http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources/k12-online-conference-preview
Peggy: thanks Nellie
Peggy: what is the url for your youtube channel?
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: I think it will work, Nives
Nives: Oh good idea YouTube one for each Dr Nellie – I will rely on those recordings.
Peggy: Thank you Vance for this great presentation!
Tom: Thanks Vance! ﷯﷯﷯﷯﷯
Dr. Nellie Deutsch: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8JUcjyABKxnNx8kpdaBkmTcFEP9shyi9
Peggy: I guess Vance can’t see our chat today
Peggy: thanks Nellie!!

Peggy was right, the text chat was underneath another module in my view of the WizIQ interface and I wasn’t able to see it during the event. However, I see it now, and I certainly appreciate the nice things people said about Learning2gether 🙂



Other sessions at this event

Dr. Nellie DeutschOpening Ceremony and What’s Ahead, Introduction to the Fall Blog Festival

Rob HowardEFLtalks talks for teachers, A preview of our upcoming web event “10 in 10 for 10” being held on October 4th

Anita AdnanHow to Start Selling Courses Through Blogs: A guide for Teachers, How to earn money by selling courses and becoming an affiliate to online products, http://www.anita-adnan.webnode.com

Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson, How to build your professional network through blogging and research collaboration through blogging, http://www.openeducationeuropa.eu/en/user/351

Anne FoxBlogging for cultural responsiveness, what culturally responsive teaching (CRT) is and why we need to address the issue in our classrooms (from K12 to adult), http://www.absolutely-intercultural.com/?page_id=3140

Sylvia GuinanA teacher for all seasons, The relevance of journalling: mission, values & the bigger picture of your teaching life.

Ed-Links-Morocco, Khalil Zakari, Blog for your own teacher professional identity development, Social capital theory knows  blogging can facilitate access to resources of value to individuals or groups for specific purposes


Earlier this week

Sun Sept 13 1300 UTC Learning2gether with Lucy Gray on Global Collaboration Day


Thu Sept 17 – all day – Global Collaboration Day

GEC members are welcome to participate in Global Collaboration Day onSeptember 17, 2015. Companies, non-profits, and schools will be coming together in a global demonstration of global collaboration. There are activities available for individuals and for classrooms. If you browse our separate site for Global Collaboration Day, you’ll find something for everyone!

  • To get started, we recommend that you take a look at our overview page.
  • We also have new videos that will help you understand this event.
  • Activities are posted in our calendars and event directory. More will be posted soon.
  • It is NOT too late to host a simple collaboration online for participants. Check out our host page for details.
  • We are sending out updates via text and email using the free Remind app. Sign up here.
  • A few GlobalEdCon (our November online conference) keynotes will be announced on Thursday! Stay tuned!

New items for GCD include:

Finally, many, many thanks to our sponsors for making this day possible:

Looking forward to September 17th! Hope you all can join us!

Lucy Gray & Steve Hargadon

@GlobalEdCon on Twitter

Thu Sep 17 1900 GMT Free webinar on Let them Teach with Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Where? Online here:



Thu Sep 17, 2015 7pm – 8:30pm GMT

Thu Sep 17 2000 GMT Maria Colussa – Let’s talk about collaborating globally


Because this link was shared privately, it requires me to log on to Google to access it

Benjamin Stewart has a comment there that the link to the event is here


And this  points us to the YouTube video here:



Download mp3:


Conversation about Learning2gether starts at 27 minutes into the audio, minute 38, 43 etc.

Sat Sep 19 1400 UTC Anna Uhl Chamot – IATEFL LASIG Learner Autonomy SIG Webinar

The LASIG, Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group of the IATEFL, would like to invite you to take part in its first webinar on Saturday 19th September 2015 at 3pm BST / 2pm UTC /4pm CEST. In this webinar Anna Uhl Chamot is going to explain How language learning strategies can foster Learner Autonomy.

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