Learning2gether with Elizabeth Anne about blended learning in a conservative higher ed environment

Learning2gether Episode 264

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On Sunday Mar 08 at 1400 GMT Learning2gether held a discussion hosted by Elizabeth Anne on blended learning in her conservative higher ed environment in Grenoble, France. She focused largely on Pbworks Wiki <http://pbworks.com&gt; and how she uses it to post student writing and then correct it so that the posts have correct English, but the students can see from wiki history what changes were made. She then uses screen shots from the marked-up histories to show the class what errors were made in here grammar and writing lessons.

Where? Hangout on Air

What was it about?

Elizabeth writes:

The establishment is notoriously opposed to change. For the past 8 years  my 3rd and 4th year science students have all had to create their own pbworks wikis for their English class (to fulfill the requirements of their mark), while each class shares a wiki on which they collaborate http://makeyourown.pbworks.com/. I’d love to share some of the things I’ve learnt from this experience while learning how you manage to reconcile blended learning with institutional requirements.

The Hangout on Air was full. The ten participants were, besides Vance Stevens
Benjamin Stewart, Halima Ozimozov, Maria Colussa, Nina Liakos, Maha Abdulmoneim, Teresa Almeida d’Eca, Robert Wachman, Kara Naber, Claire Siskin (plus there was a listener in the stream)

Chatwing Show Notes

Vance Stevens – here’s another pbworks tutorial wiki http://kbzpd.pbworks.com/
Maha Abdelmoneim
Maha Abdelmoneim – I was just trying to figure out how others outside of the hangout follow it
Vance Stevens – through any of the embeds like the one at http://webheadsinaction.org/live or at the youtube link, embedded at http://tinyurl.com/learning2gether 🙂
 if they can’t get in the HoA (it holds only 10) they can follow us in any of those streams and chat with us here
Maha Abdelmoneim– http://chatwing.com/vancestev this one is a good one cos the hangout is visible
Vance Stevens  – you are probably looking at http://webheadsinaction.org/live where the chatwing is embedded as well so on that page, we have a one-stop shop where viewers can listen in and interact with us in chatwng


Earlier this week

Sun Mar 1 1400 GMT LEARNING2GETHER and TILL – Developing and implementing an interactive language learning experience


Mon Mar 02 0900 GMT Hangout with Teach Tech Play

Mon, Mar 2, 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Hangouts On Air – time above does not indicate what time zone, but ends up at 0900 GMT in my Google Calendar


TeachTechPlay is a monthly web-show where educators share a range of tools, ideas and lessons with the time limit of 4 minutes.

The audience will then vote for the Play King or Queen.

Episode 8 will air on Monday 2nd March, at 8pm AEST


+Holly Clark

+Susan Oxnevad

+Philip Stubbs

+Eleni Kyritsis

+Michael Ha


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