Learning2gether with Kara Naber and TILL – Developing and implementing an interactive language learning experience

Learning2gether Episode 263

Download mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/learning2gether-and-till-developing-and-implementing-an-interactive-language-learning-experience-t2u2ktpuv1a.mp3?

On Sun Mar 1 starting at 1400 GMT LEARNING2GETHER joined forces with Kara Naber and TILL (Teachers for Interactive Language Learning) to talk about Developing and implementing an interactive language learning experience

Benjamin Stewart originally set this up as a Google+ Event on the TILL community

Here is Benjamin’s comment there: “Inspired by a post from one of our TILL members (https://plus.google.com/118245459778485541027/posts/LibiknMZZey), we’ll be discussing how to plan and implement an interactive language learning experience.  Join us in the HOA and share your thoughts and experiences!” Ben created a space for the TILL Hangout Notes: http://1drv.ms/1Iwspqd

Here is Kara’s original inspiration (sent to TILL and to the EVO Webheads list)

I’m a relatively new teacher. For the last three years, I’ve been teaching ESL to adults in an ABE program in the US.  Recently I accepted a position teaching EFL at a state university in Oaxaca and am still awaiting my work permit.  In the meantime, I’m trying to prepare myself for my new job.  In addition to teaching face-to-face classes, they want me to develop a curriculum to teach via Interactive TV (ITV).  I’ll try to explain the system.

The university has one building entirely designed as a broadcast center.  It has many small rooms that are set up with video cameras that broadcast classes live to other campuses in the state university system.  One teacher will be teaching up to three classes in different locations simultaneously.  The classes are designed so that the students and teacher can interact in real time.

The broadcast rooms are set up with a desk for the teacher. Beside the desk is an interactive whiteboard that (as you know) can be used for a variety of things.  The cameras are set up so that the teacher can focus on herself talking while sitting at the desk or standing at the whiteboard.

One benefit will be that each remote classroom will have an assistant.  That person can facilitate the class in different ways, for example by distributing materials or dividing the class into small groups for activities.

The university is already using ITV for regular content courses, but they want me to develop a curriculum for teaching EFL. This is a completely new “ball game” for me, since my previous experience included technology no more sophisticated than an ‘old fashioned’ whiteboard with felt markers.  All I know for sure is that it will be different from face to face classes.

I would appreciate hearing from any of you who have had experience with this type of distance learning.  What techniques work well for teaching language using both the ITV and interactive whiteboard?

What happened on the day?

In a nutshell, the event went off as if we’d planned it that way, but what in fact happened was that Benjamin scheduled the Hangout on Air (HoA) for March 1 and created an event for it. However, an hour and a half before show time, which would have been very early Sunday morning for him in Mexico, he sent me word that he wouldn’t be able to make it due to a sudden illness (hopefully passed by now). Presumably he went back to bed to recover.

Meanwhile some had turned up in the online comments spaces created for the event, where I posted my Skype address and the link to our synchronous text Chatwing.

Hi all, +Benjamin L. Stewart is sick today. Here is his message http://screencast.com/t/JvJ01OozzLze. I’ll give him a few minutes and then might post an alternative HoA link. Please stay tuned, Skype me on vancestev, or visit our live-now chat at http://chatwing.com/vancestev

I connected with Robert Wachman and Kara Naber on Skype. When it became clear the scheduled HoA was not starting, I posted, at 14:01 GMT

+Kara Naber  is on Skype and I’m awaiting her response to my message there. +Robert Wachman has some materials lined up for us. Halima is in Chatwing and Morteza is on Skype awaiting a link. I’m posting at this event https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cqh3kljq92gv1bgmeipkb680clo?authkey=CIytwo7QgJfv3AE and ready to start a new HoA. I’ll go ahead and do that and see what happens.
Due to the inevitable tech-ups (hic) in trying to organize on such short notice we were a little late starting but when the HoA came online it had a half dozen participants and eventually filled to ten. Besides Kara and Robert, we had Glenys from France, Halima from Uzbekistan, Jim Buckingham from down the road in Abu Dhabi, Morteza Barin from Iran, Sabrina Wilson from Barcelona, David Weksler from Tenafly NJ, and Elizabeth Anne from Grenoble, not a bad crowd for  what was essentially a flash mob. Had I had time to organize it I would have streamed it at http://webheadsinaction .org/live, so it’s possible we had to turn away some in excess of ten participants allowed in HoA.
Show notes
Robert Wachman posted in Chatwing
I want to share a link to our software +: CPLI Computer Materials: http://cpli.net/list_computerMaterials.html
Robert Wachman
Plus my site of listening, pronunciation and other resources: My LiPro wiki: http://tesol-lipro.wikispaces.com/home
And Sabrina posted links on Graham Stanley’s Ceibal Project, which I passed on in this message



Earlier this week

Sun Feb 22 1400 GMT LEARNING2GETHER about Bb Collaborate Elluminate – hands-on live online sandbox


Mon Feb 23 1700 GMT Joel Mills in conference for participants of Canvas Minecraft MOOC

Joel Mills is holding open tutorials on Friday 13th February at 9.00 – 10.00 am GMT for anyone who wants to get some advice or support on any of their Minecraft projects. He will be using the Canvas conference tool again, but in a way that allows people to join in and ask their questions or get support.

Look out for the conference email on Friday morning and follow the link to join in.

For our participants from further afield we will hold a conference on Monday 23rd February at 5pm GMT so we can make sure they can join in live as well.

Thu Feb 25 1900 GMT IAFEFL YLT SIG Webinar by Nives Torresi on Play, Learn and Grow Together

Nives Torresi will present on Play, Learn and Grow Together: An after school Language Project
The presenter will introduce a project in video format, then  explain how the project evolved over the course of 20 hours.

Class Title: Play, Learn and Grow Together: An after school Language Project
Course: Webinars for IATEFL YLT SIG

About the Presenter
Nives Torresi has been Teaching English at High Schools and Elementary / Middle Schools in Italy for about 15 years. She also does translating, interpreting and training programs for local businesses. She enjoys what she does and tries to make learning a part of life.

Sat 28 Feb 1500 GMT IATEFL Webinar with Shelly Sanchez Terrell

Shelly Sanchez Terrell Get Them Speaking & Learning with Digital IcebreakersTransform your classes into collaborative supportive student communities with digital icebreakers. In this session, Shelly Terrell will share various digital and mobile icebreakers for young learners to adults. Join the fun and learn some quick activities that get students to take better selfies, collaborate on recreating images, and much more!

28 February 2015, 15:00 GMT (to check what time the webinar airs in your location, please click here)

Shelly Sanchez Terrell is a teacher trainer, instructional designer, teacher, and the author of The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers: Small Steps to Transform Your Teaching and Learning to Go: Lesson Ideas for Teaching with Mobile Devices, Cell Phones and BYOT. She has trained teachers and taught learners in over 25 countries and has consulted with organizations such as UNESCO Bangkok, The European Union aPLaNet Project, Cultura Iglesa of Brazil, the British Council in Tel Aviv, IATEFL Slovenia, and HUPE Croatia. She has been recognized by various entities, such as the ELTon AwardsThe New York Timesthe Ministry of Education in Spain, and Microsoft’s Heroes for Educationas a leader, innovator, and visionary in the movement of teacher driven professional development and education technology. Recently, she was named Woman of the Year 2014 by Star Jone’s National Association of Professional Women and awarded a Bammy Award as the co-founder of #Edchat, the Twitter chat that spurred over 400 teacher chats. She shares regularly via TeacherRebootCamp.com, Twitter (@ShellTerrell), Facebook.com/shellyterrell, and google.com/+ShellySanchezTerrell.

See the complete IATEFL webinar schedule here: http://www.iatefl.org/web-events/webinars

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