Hangout with Alexander Hayes – Google Glass in Education

Learning2gether Episode 218

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Sun May 18 1100 GMT – Hangout with Alexander Hayes – Google Glass in Education

Alexander Hayes has been associated with a number of cutting edge education projects over the years, including exploring the potential of StreamFolio, Talking VTE, POV technologies, Drones for Schools, wearable technologies (and the social implications of surveillance, sousveillance, and uberveillance) and most recently, Google Glass through posting his interviews with 60 Google Glass Explorers on YouTube and hosting the recent Glass Meetup #1 in Canberra.

We’ll speak with Alex about his extensive work in these areas. All are welcome, should be F.U.N.



  • It might be useful for you all to watch a few of these interviews beforehand –
    There are 45 video interviews at this link, all well worth watching / listening to

About Alexander

Show Notes

Links from Chatwing


Links from Hangout
I was unable to copy text from the H/O  text chat from my Windows 8 computer (in Windows 7 I could copy the visible chat but could not scroll to copy), so I clicked on the links to open them and  pasted them below

Follow up conversation

Alexander Hayes


Earlier this week

May 12 Webmaker MOOC begins


May 12 to June 15 – Part 2 of Shaping the Way we Teach English, a MOOC for Language Teachers

You are invited to participate in “Shaping the Way We Teach English: Paths to Success in English Language Teaching“. This is the second course of the series but you did not have to participate in Part 1 to be eligible to participate in Part 2.

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We also encourage teachers to work collaboratively. Many successful MOOC participants have formed facilitation groups. Each individual will still need to submit his/her work online, but facilitation groups meet once a week to discuss the content of the course.

If you complete the course, you will be issued a “Statement of Accomplishment” from Coursera.

Course Information:

Part 2: Paths to Success in English Language Teaching – Begins May 12

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  • Week 1, May 12: Integrating skills and using tasks to motivate learners
  • Week 2, May 19: Alternative assessment to demonstrate language ability
  • Week 3, May 26: Incorporating individual learning differences in instruction
  • Week 4, June 2: Effective classroom management
  • Week 5, June 9: Reflective teaching 

Visit Shaping the Way We Teach English at:

News bulletin here:

Sat May 17 1430 GMT Andrés Ramos – Memes: Witty Cultural Discourse for An ELT Blast 

At this link



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