Hangout with University of Canberra INSPIRE first #glassmeetups and IHAQ#6

Learning2gether Episode 217

My Monday May 12 started at 4:00 a.m with the midnight GMT “I have a question” IHAQ#6


Jeff Lebow and his EdTech Talk colleagues Dave Cormier, Jennifer Maddrell, and John Shinker meet every Sunday at midnight GMT in Hangout for their new venture I have a question #IHAQ


Show Notes & Chat Log at:

Next Week: IHAQ#7 – a good old-fashioned EdTechWeekly Link Dump

Followed closely Mon May 12 at 0200 GMT by Hangout of the Minds EduGlasses

And finally la pièce de la pièce

Mon May 12 Hangout from Uni of Canberra: Google Glass Meetup 


  1. Event page –
  2. Youtube page –
  3. Main event page –
  4. Main programme link with times given worldwide –
    1. Start time 06:45 GMT, 16:45 in Canberra:
    2. Closing 09:30 GMT, 19:30 in Canberra
  5. Aggregations


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I snapped this (coincidentally) just as @alexanderhayes was thanking (unexpectedly 🙂 Vance Stevens and Webheads among others for acting as ‘nodes’ for the event


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