Learning2gether with the 7th Virtual Round Table and EVO SYMPOSIUM – IHAQ#4 and Earthcast 2014

Learning2gether Episode 214

Fri April 25 through Sunday Apr 27 – Learning2gether with the 7th Virtual Round Table



On Sunday April 27 EVO moderators are invited to present their EVO sessions at a special 2 hour EVO SYMPOSIUM at the Virtual Round Table Web Conference. Presentations were planned as 20 min (“TED talk length) followed by 10 min Q&A with a 30 min networking session in the middle. The sessions took place in Adobe Connect, hosted at http://www.virtual-round-table.com

Sun 2pm GMT

MultiMOOC EVO 2014


Vance Stevens, UAE

Sun 2:30pm GMT

Teaching English to Young Learners and Teenagers EVO 2014

Dennis Newson, Germany

Sun 3pm GMT

Networking Event

Sun 3:30pm GMT

Moodle for Teachers EVO 2014

Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Sun 4pm GMT

Crafting the e-Perfect Text book EVO 2014

Shelly Terrell, USA


This was but a small part of the …

Fri-Sun April 25-27 7th Virtual Round Table Web Conference

Some 74 presenters in 66 sessions scheduled to present, discuss and conduct workshops covering language learning technologies such mobile apps, digital publishing, tools, gaming, virtual worlds, resources, mpedagogy, video, Moodle and much more.

A total of 5 symposium were organized by each of the conference organizers bring together groups of people:

  • ARCALL Symposium with Jennifer Verschoor
  • VIDEO Symposium with Russell Stannard
  • iDTi Symposium with Steven Herder
  • EVO Session Symposium with Vance Stevens
  • ELTons Symposium with Shelly Terrell

Also an AppSwap session, keynotes by Joe Dale, Graham Stanley, Shelly Terrell, Bente Milton, Berni Wall and Geoff Tranter.

For the AppSwap participants were requested to add your favorite app to the following google docs (ppt). Share a photo, a screenshot, a website and your name to the page.

There are several networking sessions in place, designed to give a voice to the audience.

There is also fun! Entertaining events are …

  • a party in Second Life on EduNation in the Irish Pub (Fri at the end of day one)
  • one of the best live singers in Second Life (Sunday at the end of conference)

Here are some useful links


Conference Program Overview with printable pdf



Conference Program Details (GMT)






Sponsors and Exhibitors



About Virtual Round Table Web Conference



Your conference organizers

Heike Philp

Shelly S Terrell

Steven Herder

Berni Wall

Jennifer Verschoor and

Russell Stannard

Visit Virtual Round Table Web Conference at: http://www.virtual-round-table.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

Recordings have been published on the program overview (remember to click CTRL and the link to open in a new tab) of Joe Dale’s keynote, the AppSwap BYOD session with Shelly, Berni’s deep insights on building IELTS blended learning courses and much more.

Conference Program Overview

Friday Apr 25 1600 GMT to 2230 GMT

Saturday Apr 26 1200 to 2400 GMT

Sunday Apr 27 0700 GMT to 1300 GMT, followed by

  • EVO symposium 1400 to 1630 GMT
  • final events 1730 to 2430 GMT (past midnight)


Then on …

Sunday, April 27th at 8pm I Have a Question EdTechWeekly, Weekly attempt to crowdsource answers to education questions from our community of communities. Tag your questions #eduquestion or post them on our Facebook page or Google+ community.


Earlier this week

Learning2gether with Jeff Lebow: I have a Question and Earth Day Preview

Tue Apr 22 from noon GMT Earth Day on earthbridges.net

Sheila Adams connecting from Rye Jr. High

Earth Day April 22 was celebrated again this year in the Worldbridges community,


Google+ Community create at: https://plus.google.com/communities/106328638894600774537

You can join the Flickr group for Earthcast14


Tuesday, April 22nd at 7pm Learning Revolution Keynotes, Don’t miss Carlo Ricci on “Learning and Love,” Howard Rheingold on “Co-Learning, Social Media, Peeragogy, and Open/Connected Learning,” Maria Droujkova on “From Adventurous Learning to Disruptive Innovations: Brave Design in Mathematics Education,” and Mark Treadwell on “The Neuroscience of Learning – A Model for How the Brain Learns.” See the schedule in your local time at http://learningrevolution.com/page/attending-schedule.
Wednesday, April 23rd at 4pm Free BrainPOP Webinar: Come Play! Mission US: A Cheyenne Odyssey, We welcome Christopher W. Czajka, Senior Director at LAB@Thirteen, the producer of our GameUp title Mission US: A Cheyenne Odyssey. Christopher will discuss how Mission US prompts young players to think critically, make choices, and reference primary sources. He’ll also provide an overview of the accompanying educational resources. Join here.
Wednesday, April 23rd at 7pm ISTE – ISTE Standards and the Common Core Integration in Action, Are you daunted by the prospect of implementing the Common Core State Standards? Don’t be! The Common Core opens the door for innovative teaching techniques to ensure students are college and career ready. Join Catlin Tucker to see how she’s successfully blending technology and tradition to teach the new standards in her classroom. Learn how to leverage web 2.0 tools to engage students and teach creative problem solving, critical thinking, and effective communication and collaboration. Leave this webinar with lesson ideas you can use with your students today! Registration and more information here.
Wednesday, April 23rd at 7pm Learning Revolution Keynotes, Don’t miss David Loertscher on “The Flat Co-Taught Learning Experience: A ‘Core’ Idea,” Cynthia Mediavilla on “Learning by Doing: Internships and Residencies,” and Bernajean Porter on “Futuring with Story Telling Inspires Communities, Schools and Student Lives.” See the schedule in your local time at http://learningrevolution.com/page/attending-schedule.
Wednesday, April 23rd at 9pm Teachers Teaching Teachers, Weekly conversations hosted by EdTechTalk, a collaborative open webcasting community. For more information, click here.

Thu-Fri April 24-25 Learning revolution online conference

Learning Revolution Conference Online, April 24th – 25th, 2014

Thursday, April 24th at 7am Learning Revolution Keynotes, Don’t miss Pat Farenga on “What is the role of the teacher when children learn on their own?” Leonard Waks on “Beyond the University: New MOOC Audiences and Providers,” Stephanie Sandifer on “Mobile Learning Among the Museums of Houston, Texas: A Blended & Personalized Learning Environment Leveraging Community Resources for Improved Learner Outcomes,” Jackie Gerstein on “SAMR as a Framework for Moving Towards Education 3.0,” Steve Wheeler on “Students Driving Change: How Learners are Making the Difference in the Digital Age,” Roger Schank on “Out with the Old and In with the New: A Plan for Redesigning High School so that it is Fun and Useful,” and Michael Strong on “Creating Great Educational Communities.” See the schedule in your local time athttp://learningrevolution.com/page/attending-schedule.

Thursday, April 24th in Omaha, NE Identifying the Learning Potential of Apps, Websites, and Games & Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship on an iPad; , Common Sense Media presenter, Jeremy Nielsen, will deliver two great sessions at the Nebraska Educational Technology Association event in Omaha, NE. More information here.

Thursday, April 24th at 3pm Rethinking Lesson Design with App Flow & Digital Citizenship: A Whole-Community Approach, Common Sense Media presenter, Kelly Mendoza, will deliver two great sessions at the free, online Learning Revolution Conference. See the schedule in your local time athttp://learningrevolution.com/page/attending-schedule.

Friday, April 25th in Denver, CO Making a Better World: Digital Citizenship & Literacy for K-12, Empower youth to be in control of their online lives by teaching them digital citizenship using Common Sense Media resources. The K-12 Digital Citizenship and Literacy curriculum includes lesson activities, student videos and interactive assessments…More information and registration information here.

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