Learning2gether with TAEdTech SIG PDPs

Learning2gether Episode 175

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Co-hosted with Jim Buckingham (TAEdTech, Tesol Arabia EdTech SIG)

Opening discussion on

1) TAEDTECH Sig – An Introduction

We will provide a short introduction on the TESOL Arabia Education Technology – Special Interest Group(now you know why we use an acronym). This will include a short history, a review of its current mission and an intro into the PD opportunities if affords for those prepared to get involved and make a difference.

This should lead into a discussion on where the Group can and should be heading. Vance Stevens will take the view that it should be promoting more global connections for EFL educators. Jim Buckingham will take the view that it needs to provide a predominantly regional focus for EFL educators in the region. Both Vance and Jim will invite others to help present their views.

Presentation outline: http://buckinsand.titanpad.com/281

Google Hangout


In this event, Vance Stevens and Jim Buckingham engage in a mock debate.  Jim and I both work in the UAE and we are both active in TAEdTech SIG (TESOL Arabia EdTech SIG, based in the Arabic region).  Jim is promoting integration of Learning2gether with TAEdTech and he will argue the importance of doing that with emphasis on the local context while I will be emphasizing the importance of integration with a more global context.

The debate has relevance because many here (and in many contexts) tend to focus on their local situation and treat global outreach as a distraction.  Jim doesn’t feel that way but he might argue that practically speaking, a localized chapter of a global organization should be focused more inward than outward.  I might argue that outward focus would create conditions for attracting a critical mass of participants.  Either side could be right.  Come and join the debate.

This discussion was postponed to a later opportunity

2)  PDPs: why bother?

In support of TAEDTECH’s monthly theme – PDPs – why bother? we will take a quick look at what exactly a PDP(Professional Development Plan) is and why you might be interested in realizing one. We will look at who is promoting their use, the rational for their use, the frameworks used to help realize them, and relevant examples.

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