PLN Show and Tell: What does your PLN look like? How do you manage it, and why?

Learning2gether Episode 174

Download mp3:

PLN Show and Tell was intended to be co-hosted with Benjamin Stewart (TILL, Teachers for Interactive Language Learning) Sunday September 8 2013 at 1400 GMT but Benjamin got sick and had to bow out; however the Learning2gether community gathered largely thanks to notices being disseminated by Google+ communities, an illustration of PLN in action

In Hangout: What does your PLN currently look like?  How do you manage it, and why?

Scott Leslie has been collecting diagrams of what his PLN thinks their PLNs look like since 2008


Google Hangout, more information forthcoming; see for updates, and direct link


There was a follow-on event after the hangout:

First OpenSim Community Conference resumes Sun Sept 8 at 1400 GMT

Last event is at 23:00 Sunday, Sept 8

The conference is full but you would need to register at the site (free) in order to get an account and avatar with OpenSim

  • so you can attend the conference in the OSCC viewer, which you must also download.
  • Registration and viewer are available at the link above

The conference is also being streamed.  Thanks Heike Philp for providing links to the UStream pages capturing the program as follows:

More details and RSVP on Avalon:

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