József Horváth: Social media management in education and publishing

Learning2gether Episode 168

How to use social networking to attract communities to your endeavors and passions

Recording Google Hangout


József Horváth has been proposed as social networking manager for TESL-EJ. He leads many social networking undertakings; for instance, his podcast page (http://jozsefhor.podomatic.com/) is a very active one with interviews and lectures on many scholarly and social topics. Also, his YouTube page (http://www.youtube.com/user/JozsefHorvath?feature=watch) contains videos on many similar issues, especially the ‘picnic in the punctuation park’ project (http://youtu.be/4Bq_X_Kg2Kc ).

Joe is getting ready for the Hangout now: http://youtu.be/bfI37ZKIzNA


Joe has passed on these quick notes about what we might talk about today.  Vance is putting them here ‘as is’.

Who I am
Phd, associate professor
Pécs, Hungary
MA, BA, PhD programs
English as a second or additional language
Writing skills, oral presentations, research methods
Editing: google drive collaboration, draftin
Plagiarism, research
Current research project: originality, with Mate Pleic, Croatian
student, using draftin for developing a narrative that will serve as
the basis of research, think-aloud protocol in writing, interactive
Blogs, ebooks, autonomy, creativity, community
Podcasts in education
Twitter, email, youtube: thesis consultation tips and materials, for
students and followers
Youtube: fun videos using iPhone and iMovie, conference presentations,
student presentations as private recordings
My editing work
Ideas for TESL-EJ social media manager work:
More focus on journal content on FB and twitter
Upcoming issues
After publication
Interview with authors
Reader comments — moderated
Links to Twitter, FB and G+ on the journal site
Google plus
On the TESL-EJ site: info on each article, author, issue, statistics, readership

During our chat, Joe mentioned eBooks as being an instance of social media.  Someone asked how?

So Joe showed us how he uses http://feedbooks.com to have students publish and comment on each other’s ebooks.  Some students get extensive feedback on their work from peers around the world.

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