Ana Cristina Pratas on Voluntary Edtech Training in Developing Countries, and a BaW Tweetmeet

Learning2gether Episode 164

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Sun June 9 – Ana Cristina Pratas – Voluntary Edtech Training in Developing Countries

Ana Cristina Pratas and Vance Stevens discuss Future of Learning in a Networked World in light of Cristina’s recent experiences in Nepal.

Where: Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

Thanks to an ongoing grant from 


Cristina shared with us how her involvement in schools in Nepal began and her insights on the risks and demands of doing voluntary edtech training in developing counties.


If you have served as a volunteer in developing countries, or if you are interested in the concept, please join the discussion.

Vance related this to his experiences with FLNW in Thailand in January 2008:

From Maria, Women of Wiki, Cochin City:!


Sun June 9 19:00 GMT – BaW Tweetmeet

Participants in Learning2gether are welcome to join those in BaW in a Tweetmeet to be held June 9 from 19:00 GMT

BaW (Becoming a Webhead; are an ongoing EVO session <> that take on topics from time to time between EVO events each January.

In this scheme, June 2-9 is dedicated to Twitter; e.g.

Jessy Gallagher, Twitter in the Classroom

A Tweetmeet is where users of a common #hashtag communicate synchronously on Twitter.

BaW coordinator Teresa Almeida d’Eca notes that BaW have done this before. The intro to the TweetMeet2 page recaps a recent one: “it all boils down to going to Twitter and start messaging with the (to be announced) hashtag.”

The hashtag for this one is #13baw – As Teresa says “It’s totally free of people at this point”

To go to our Twitter #13baw page, click the following link and start
tweeting away to your hearts delight.  🙂


Mbarak’s video suggestion:


And here’s the TweetMeet archived:

and just the day before …

Sat June 8 14:00 GMT Creating Engaging Activities with Dave Cormier

The scheduled event for Week 2 of Moodle MOOC, hosted by: Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Download mp3:

Recording on WiZiQ

Dave’s teaching philosophy explained in prose and video:

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