Learning2gether with Nellie Deutsch and Moodle MOOC

Learning2gether Episode 163

Download mp3: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/moodle-2-5-mooc-learning2gether.mp3





4 thoughts on “Learning2gether with Nellie Deutsch and Moodle MOOC

  1. I was not familiar with the ‘reblog’ process, but it was explained to me in the comments of Lucia Bartolotti and Fabrizio Bartoli at the end of this post: https://learning2gether.net/2013/05/12/laine-marshall-and-maria-colussa-ltmooc-and-the-flipped-classroom/. I am only a recent convert to WordPress (having migrated here from Posterous) but now that I understand that the reblogging is being done by other educators I am happy with the process 🙂 I consider all of my posts to be shared through creative commons, and as long as my authorship is acknowledged and if they are shared in the same way as I share, then use of my material by others is allowed and fine with me.

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