Learning2gether with Derya Kulavuz-Onal about Developing Technology-Infused Culture-Teaching Materials for ESL

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Developing Technology-Infused Culture-Teaching Materials for ESL


How can we promote the creation and distribution of culture-integrated ESL materials that serve for intercultural competence in a way that also helps teachers’ confidence and ability in developing teaching materials by integrating technology and computers? In this presentation I will share a project that I implement in a graduate level course, named Cross-Cultural Issues in ESL, at the University of South Florida, for future ESL teachers where they create their own technology-infused culture teaching materials for ESL learners by incorporating cultural practices and products from non-target cultures. Such a project helps develop their technological pedagogical content knowledge as well as their skills and confidence in developing materials by integrating technology. We also compile those materials in a wiki named Teaching Culture as seen below, http://teachingculture.pbworks.com . I will share with you what we do, and how we do it, and students’ experiences and ideas about the project.  


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