Luis Arnoldo Ordoñez Hangout with Jeff Lebow and Vance Stevens: MOOCs and CAMELs

Press ‘Play’ on the video below to watch the live stream.

Find the recordings, MP3 and video, here:

Sunday July 15, 2012 – Luis Arnoldo Ordoñez, MOOCs and CAMELs

Luis Ordóñez will be offering a MOOC (in Spanish) about performing collaborative research in social sciences. The idea is to help graduate students to develop collaborative research for their requested theses. Perhaps education students in the areas of language or educational technologies might be interested in learning more about this course. They can get information at (easily translated).

Luis referred more than once to this picture by Stephen Downes 

He also spoke highly of

Luis presented an earlier version of the PowerPoint from which the above screenshot is made as a part of Robert Squires’s recent Education across Cultures course, recorded here: 

The event proposed is a different presentation whose slides are here

Vance Learning2gether

View more presentations from Luis Ordoñez

CAMEL is a Spanish achronym for Curso Abierto Masivo En Linea

Luis works at Universidad Simón Bolivar in Venezuela teaching the seminar for citizen involvement in the Doctoral Program in Social Sciences, and he is the President of Fundación Interconectados which aims to insert digital technologies in our society.

When: Sunday, July 15 – 14:00 GMT

 Where: Most likely, Google+ Hangout; how?


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