Previewing the next Horizon Report: Michael Coghlan leads a discussion of what’s up and coming for educational technology

Sunday, May 13, 2012

In this screenshot, Vance and Michael on top, with Phil Cozens and Dan Bassill

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Michael Coghlan is seeking feedback on what’s up and coming for educational technology in the near and long terms for the next Horizon Report due to come out soon.  He will meet us at 13:00 GMT in Elluminate and brainstorm on the topic.  More information will be posted soon; meanwhile read Michael’s postings to the Webheads list:

These messages point us to:

For example, the two trends for the current round are:

5. Openness – concepts like open content, open data and open resources, along with notions of transparency and easy access to data and information – is moving from a trend to a value for much of the world. As authoritative sources lose their importance, there is need for more curation and other forms of validation to generate meaning in information and media.

6. Legal notions of ownership and privacy lag behind the practices 
common in society. In an age where so much of our information, records, and digital content are in the cloud, and often clouds in other legal jurisdictions, the very concept of ownership is blurry.

Michael asks us

  • What are the implications for each of these trends in your institution? 
  • What are you doing already to accommodate these trends? Or, what could you do to accommodate them?  

This was a F.U.N. session.  While we were chatting in Elluminate, Sand Rogers opened a Hangout which attracted some additional listeners who wanted to be seen as well as heard in Elluminate:

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We were soon joined there by Kalyan Chattopadhyay, Tuba Angay, and Nina LIakos

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Ater the session ended, the F.U.N. began anew with Sand, Tuba, and Nina taking Hangout for a spin.  We played with the Google effects and learned how the apps worked for YouTube, screenshare, and Slideshare.  We were disappointed though that Google has not rolled out one-click recording … yet …

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Recording: Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

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