Jeff Lebow hosts the annual Kickoff Webcast for the 2012 EVO Sessions

Learning2gether Episode 80

Part 1


Part 2


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jeff Lebow hosted the annual Kickoff Webcast for the 2012 EVO Electronic Village Online sessions at  

View on »

This annual event features EVO moderators who come online to tell us about their sessions listed here:

Recordings from 13:00 GMT-15:00 GMT

  • Part 1  
  • Part 2   

Where? Google+ Hangout (see below) 

New to this? Come first to the LIVE stream at
   That stream will be broadcast also in Webheads Virtual Room in Bb Collaborate / Elluminate 


For this event you have the option to

  • Vicariously watch or listen to the live stream – How:
    Go to to simply watch or listen (separate video and audio-only streams) – You can participate live there through text chat
  • Go to Elluminate and monitor the Hangout there as well as interact with other participants there -How?
    • Go to Bb Collaborate / Elluminate to interact as you usually do there but also see a video broadcast including audio of the Hangout
    • This is your best option if you can’t reach the Hangout but want to speak via Elluminate about your session
  • Moderators can participate in the live Google+ Hangout – How?
    • Hangouts accommodate 10 simultaneous interactants in voice and video.  If you don’t show your web cam then an avatar displays, so just-talk is an option.
    • If you are in Jeff’s circles, when you go to Google+ you will see that one of your friends (Jeff) is hanging out, and you can join us that way.  Jeff will also give us a URL for the Hangout that should work for anyone else with a Google ID.
    • To get Jeff to add you to a circle so you can see him, fill out the contact details at (see complete link to Google Doc below).

If joining the hangout:


Elizabeth’s simplified instructions for EVO Moderators:

  1. Follow the directions to join Google+ at Jeff Lebow’s page:
  2. Get a Gmail address at if you don’t already have one.
  3. Join Google+ at
  4. Download and install the Google Talk plug-in at
  5. Add your gmail address to the list at so you can receive an invitation to the Launch Hangout from Jeff Lebow at around 13:00 on Jan 8.

ANYONE is welcome to watch the proceedings streamed LIVE at 

Or monitor them with option to talk in the Webhead VRoom at

Flummoxed by all these instructions? Here’s a prose description of what should happen:

The show will start out in Hangout with moderators who can reach the hangout rotating through (Hangout accommodates only ten at a time).  It’s like the old Skype events where Jeff would manage who was there live and send everyone else back to the stream.  Only here, if any moderators can’t get into Hangout, those moderators can go to Elluminate, and they can speak from there.

Anyone wanting to simply monitor the proceedings will be happiest in the live stream at  There is text chat there.  Elluminate will be broadcasting the same thing in jerky video (audio will be fine).  The advantage to Elluminate is that, if you are having trouble reaching the Hangout, you will be able to talk there, but we won’t record you there until we have stopped the live stream.

At that point we’ll all move to Elluminate.  The benefit is that there will be a recording in Elluminate from when the stream starts at 1300 GMT, since the stream itself (the Hangout) will be recorded there.  But the stream recording will end with a move to Elluminate. However the Elluminate recording will continue and preserve a record of the entire event from start of the Hangout stream to finish in Elluminate.

Vance will have computers monitoring all three areas, the live stream and its associated text chat, Elluminate for whomever happens to be there, and the Hangout where I’ll be until my space is needed, and then I’ll happily go back to listening in the stream.

There are a few tricks to sort out.  The most important thing is to wear headsets in the Hangout (not necessary when we get to Elluminate as I’ll have that set for only one speaker at a time to prevent echo chambers).  Also, if you come into Hangout from the live stream you must mute the stream.  Failure to follow either of these procedures will result in bad echo and someone will mute you.  Then you have to know that only YOU can unmute yourself in the Hangout (once you’ve resolved the echo problem),

Also it’s good form to mute yourself when not talking so we don’t get your background noise (dogs barking, chickens crowing, traffic noises, whatever).

Normally we talk people through these procedures, but it’s nice if the problems can be prevented through a prior heads-up, and the more people who know about this the merrier.

These links and recordings will give you an idea of what happens during one of these events.

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