Vance Stevens and Kalyan Chattopadhyay Hang Out with Jeff Lebow to talk about EVO and Multiliteracies

Learning2gether Episode 79

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Vance Stevens and Kalyan Chattopadhyay meet online to discuss their plans for co-moderating the Multiliteracies EVO session, and the IndiaCALL conference that Kalyan is organizing, January 7-8, 2011, 

The Multiliteracies course is structured on a MOOC model with self-assessment done by MePortfolio. As a mini-MOOC it is very much participant driven, therefore the syllabus is suggested but not followed scrupulously. Vance and Kalyan will talk about the evolution of the course, including what direction we think it might take this January and February.

These are free teacher professional development sessions starting on January 9, 2012, and lasting for 5 weeks:

Recordings of tonight’s session:

When? 13:00 GMT

Where? Google+ Hangout (see below)
   and Webheads Virtual Room in Bb Collaborate / Elluminate 

The event tonight is a test run for the EVO kickoff next week, hosted by Jeff Lebow.

Accordingly, here’s how you can partiicipate between the hours of noon and 14:00 GMT

For this event you have the option to

  • Vicariously watch or listen to the live stream – How:
    Go to to simply watch or listen (separate video and audio-only streams) and/or to text chat
  • Go to Elluminate and monitor the Hangout there as well as interact with other participants there -How?
    Go to Bb Collaborate / Elluminate to interact as you usually do there but also see a video broadcast including audio of the Hangout
  • Alternatively you can participate in the live Google+ Hangout – How?
    • Hangouts accommodate 10 simultaneous interactants in voice and video.  If you don’t show your web cam then an avatar displays, so just-talk is an option.
    • If Jeff is in your circles, when you go to Google+ you will see that one of your friends (Jeff) is hanging out, and you can join us that way.  Jeff will also give us a URL for the Hangout that should work for anyone else with a Google ID.

If joining the hangout:


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