Vance Stevens in a chat with Lawan Dalha, CALL specialist from Nigeria

Learning2gether Episode 33

Sunday, March 13, 2011 

Between noon and 14:00 GMT (4 and 6 pm in the UAE) Vance Stevens once again hosts This week’s discussion was supposed to be on transformative learning. The original title was “What is transformative learning?” But this could develop into something along the lines of … “Are educators ready for transformative learning?”

These are questions Vance has been pondering in a recent blog post:

If you’re available at noon to 14:00 GMT today and interested in the topic, swing by (at noon, 4 pm in UAE) and move with us to Elluminate and we’ll have an informal discussion on our topic.

The direct link to the Elluminate room is

If you’re up that late in Japan it would be nice to hear from you as well, to let us know the situation from your perspective. After all, that IS transformative learning, making the connection between knowledge and real people.

Is that it? Is that the definition I’ve been looking for?


In the end, it was just Lawan and I, and Jen Verschoor who stopped by to say hello.

I guess we were making the connection between knowledge and real people.



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