Derya Kulavuz-Onal interviews Vance Stevens about Learning2gether and WiAOC

Learning2gether Episode 78

Monday, December 26, 2011

Derya is just now finishing data collection for her dissertation on the online ethnography of Webheads. She has noticed that Learning2gether was meant to replace the WIAOC that  the community previously organized, and she wishes to explore the structure for the presentations held there. Derya intends to discuss with Vance the background/history of these events, how the idea came up, etc.and explore resources/articles that underpin these events.


Where? Webheads Virtual Room in Bb Collaborate / Elluminate
(thanks as always to


This might have happened the day before at our usual Learning2gether time; but if it did, it wasn’t recorded

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Seasons Greetings! This week’s Learning2gether event will come with a special double gift 

For Christmas day there is this Reminder from: EVO_Moderators Yahoo! Group

Learning2Gether Webheads VRoom Event
Sunday December 25, 2011
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
(This event repeats every week until Tuesday February 28, 2012. <— ah, that’s why

Webheads sometimes meet at during these times.  You might check there as well

But keep in mind it’s a holiday for many, so no telling what will happen …


Learning2gether with IATEFL LT SIG: Caroline Moore on Mobile Learning

Learning2gether Episode 77

This week’s event comes courtesy of Nicky Hockly, Online Events Co-ordinator, IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG 

What and where?

Come and join us this weekend online for a free IATEFL LT SIG webinar with Caroline Moore on mLearning apps, on Sunday 18 Dec 16h-17h UK time (check times in your part of the world on the LT SIG page: 

18/12 – Mobile Learning

Apps for mobile  learning: from theory to real world  application
with Caroline Moore


When: Sunday 18 December 2011, 4pm GMT
(Note this starts one hour later than usual to avoid an Adobe Connect room clash with GISIG)
Find the time in your time zone by clicking this link.

Where: The event takes place in the IATEFL online conference room.
Click here to join the webinar (this link will be live a few hours before the webinar is due to start).

Before entering the room you will be prompted to “Enter as a guest”. Please use this model to enter your name:
Jane Smith (Italy).
This will make it easier for the webinar speaker to identify you and answer your questions.

Caroline will report on a survey of language learning apps carried out with Paul Sweeney, and the features that we liked and those we didn’t.  I will describe how I have applied this learning in two mobile app projects that I am working on. The first is an arcade style iPhone vocab game and the second is a highly ambitious project to adapt existing Adobe Flash-based course materials originally designed for CDROM for learners of English, French, Spanish and German. I will describe the challenges that had to be overcome, including decisions about what technologies and platforms to adopt, copyright and intellectual property issues, and how to make such projects sustainable and commercially viable.

Director of Constellata Limited and Co-Founder of LearnAhead Ltd providing consultancy, training and product development services in the use of technology and language teaching to publishers and course providers. I started as an ELT teacher and then worked for the British Council in various ELT-related roles.

Peggy George telling us about the 2011 K12-Online Conference, and her many other projects

Learning2gether Episode 76

Learning2gether Sunday, Dec 4, 2011, 15:00 GMT

Who? Peggy George joins us to talk about
The K12 Online Conference showing now at a computer near you


Where?  Blackboard Collaborate/Elluminate


The 2011 edition of the annual K12 Online conference runs from now through December 13, The conference features dozens of asynchronous presentations plus one live event at the culmination called “The AfterGlow”– all hosted by some of the most transformative educators in the field.  See the schedule at where you can access links to all of the blog posts and recordings for each presentation.

Peggy George is a retired elementary school principal and university pre-service education professor in Phoenix, AZ who is currently one of the co-hosts for the weekly Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinars on web 2.0 tools for educators. She describes herself as one of the conference “workerbees” otherwise known as an “organizer.” The main creator/convener is Wes Fryer and there are 4 strands to the conference, each with their own conveners. Peggy’s main responsibility right now is to upload the presentations daily to iTunesU at the same time they go live on the blog.  There’s a video here  that shows how to subscribe to Classroom 2.0 iTunesU recordings, and I’m sure Peggy will show us how to do that for K12 recordings as well. Specific instructions for subscribing to the K12 Online Conference iTunesU recordings can be found here: 

Peggy might also do a web tour of the conference blog and even play a teaser video in web tour which would open it in participant browsers. She can also show us the slides she prepared for a Classroom 2.0 LIVE show Nov 12 with Kim Caise and Lorna Constantini. This is the link to the blog post with the recording, chat, links, and LiveBinders link with all links shared during the session.

See the next items down in this wiki for more information on the K12 Online Conference, or visit the  main website/blog:


Followup from Peggy:

Hi Vance,
I really enjoyed being able to share about the K12 Online Conference with you today and hearing about your experiences with the conference and many other opportunities for free online learning!! I hope people who weren’t able to join us will take some time to listen to the conversation. 🙂

Since you weren’t familiar with Livebinders I thought you might like to see a few more. I started a to compile lots of great resources and examples of Livebinders and you can access all of them here.

I add new things to it daily so it is a growing compilation of tons of great Livebinders. 🙂

I also created a on Screencasting because Lorna Costantini and I will be presenting a week-long MoodleMeet session on screencasting in March this year. I wanted to collect lots of resources related to screencasting and “flipping the classroom” so I’ve been working on that and adding new things every day. You can access that here.

Thanks for inviting me to contribute to the Webheads community. It was great to be able to “give back” for all of the great connections and learning I have experienced as a part of that community.


Learning2gether with Aiden Yeh: Facilitating online teacher professional development

Learning2gether Episode 75

November 27, 2011

Learning2gether with Aiden Yeh in conversation with Vance Stevens

about Intersections: Between Aiden’s recent dissertation on  

Facilitating online teacher professional development

and Vance’s MOOCing about with Me-Portfolios: Putting the ‘me’ in Me-Learning




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Jim Buckingham and Vance Stevens: What it is to be a Professional in EFL instruction today

Learning2gether Episode 74

Sunday Nov 20, 2011



What it is to be a Professional in EFL instruction today

and the need to be learning, sharing, testing ideas

Jim Buckingham, coordinator of TAEDTECH in UAE, discussed the topic with Vance Stevens, Elizabeth Anne, Laura Stoutenberg, and Claudio from Brazil popping in at the end


Where? Elluminate


Learning2gether through EVO Moderator Training – Week 3

Learning2gether Episode 73

Sunday Nov 13, 2011

Learning2gether through EVO Moderator Training – Week 3

EVO, or Electronic Village Online, is an annual program of free teacher professional development sessions, which take place in January and February each year.  Sessions are vetted in December and moderators are required to undergo training in the course of setting up their sessions in online spaces.

Those interested in Learning2gether today can help acculturate moderator-trainees in this week’s live online EVO moderator training:


  • Features of Tapped In – getting a virtual office
  • Managing Skype
  • Questions about Yahoo Groups
  • How is your syllabus and the training  going so far?
  • Keeping participants motivated – tips and tricks

When and where?

The EVO sessions attract participants who are practitioners in education, particularly ESOL, but who might be interested in any aspect of a given topic and might have any level of technological expertise.  Therefore it would help in training if educators such as those coming on this announcement would like to drop by and join in the conversations and activities associated with the training, and contribute their expertise.


Learning2gether with EVO Moderator Training – Week 2

Learning2gether Episode 72

On Nov 6, 2011

Learning2Gether was again represented by EVO (Electronic Village Online) Moderator Training

EVO, or Electronic Village Online, is an annual program of free teacher professional development sessions, which take place in January and February each year.  Sessions are vetted in December and moderators are required to undergo training in the course of setting up their sessions in online spaces.

According to the Week 2 syllabus for EVO moderator training:

scroll down to find …

“7. Chat Week 2 – Join us for a chat at Tapped In. Ask all the questions you want. The chat this week will be with the Webheads at noon GMT. We will also join the Webheads in Elluminate/LearningTimes at 13:00 GMT for a speed-geek session.”

Learning2gether spontaneously

Learning2gether Episode 71

Sunday October 30, 2011 – Learning2gether

The event this Sunday evolved spontaneously.

As Laine Marshall said today,, we are all creators here, so although no live event was planned as a Learning2gether one, when we went to at noon GMT we found the place full of Webheads and others from EVO, Electronic Village Online, conducting training sessions for moderators.


for the context and a link to the chat logs

Event organizers and personalities included:

  • Carla Arena
  • Teresa Almeida d’Eca
  • Michael Coghlan
  • Nina Lyulkun
  • Svetlana Obenausova
  • Marijana Smolcec
  • Michelle Worgan

Dennis Newson in conversation with Susan Hillyard

Learning2gether Episode 70

Sunday October 23, 2011

Dennis Newson in conversation with Susan Hillyard

More information:

Susan Hillyard holds a B.Ed. from Warwick University (U.K.) in Dramatic Arts and Sociology and has worked as a classroom teacher, a Head, or a teacher trainer in eleven countries, using drama for education and language learning.

She has taught at two major teacher training colleges in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she is currently based. She is Educational Advisor for The Performers Theatre and former Educational Consultant. She has co-authored a Resource Book for Teachers “Global Issues” for OUP, and has authored and taught an online course : From Learning Creatively to Teaching Creatively.

In Argentina she’s the driving force behind the provision of English language teaching  in special schools, shanty town schools, hospital schools, orphanages and home visits to students with severe and terminal illnesses.

For this challenging  project,  she has been very busy designing a new curriculum  to teach English through Drama, starting with storysacks and having the teachers become materials writers, collating all the syllabi and materials in document form whilst supervising and coordinating the implementation of this creative and innovative project.

Where ? Click here to join in


Nellie Deutsch in Conversation with Vance Stevens – Reputed Coach, Online Facilitator

Learning2gether Episode 69

Sunday October 16, 2011

Download mp3:

WiZiQ hosted a “Conversation with Vance Stevens  – Reputed Coach, Online Facilitator” to feature in their new initiative, Conversations on WizIQ, interviewed by Nellie Deutsch. This is part of a WiZiQ series in which they “bring luminaries for a conversation … We would be conducting this interview online on our platform using the virtual classroom. This interview would be about you and your experience. We would be focusing on how you have excelled in your field and are helping people through it. This interview would be joined by students as well as teachers from around the globe.”

Recording in WiZiQ,