Dr. Phillip Towndrow on How to Manage the Use of Technology in the Classroom

Download: https://learning2getherdotnet.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/686318-2011-02-27webheads-learningtimes-v-10-001-64k.mp3


Jim Buckingham conducts an online interview with Dr. Philip Towndrow
This session is set as a continuation on the Workshop / Discussion that was initiated on 30 October in Dubai – “Managing Technology in the Classroom,” Jim Buckingham conducts an online interview / discussion with Dr. Phillip Towndrow in Singapore in Elluminate. Dr. Towndrow has been involved in researching the effectiveness of one-to-one computer use in the classroom and should help shed a “researcher’s” light on the matter.

To see the time 13:00 GMT where you are:


Some notes on key topic – How to Manage the Use of Technology in the Classroom 
Two directions:
– teachers trying to decide where to begin in their implementation of technology into their instruction
– students bringing technology into the classroom (i.e. namely mobile phones)

Point of departure, a list of Google docs with information that was either gleaned from or presented at the 30 October meeting with teachers in Dubai.. where this topic was the focus:

Further suggested readings and resources:



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