Dennis Newson (aka Osnacantab Nesterov): Towards an Appropriate Pedagogy for TEFL/TESOL in Second Life

Learning2gether Episode 30

Sunday, February 20, 2011, 13:00 GMT 

Dennis Newson says about his presentation: “For enthusiastic believers in the affordances, the potentialities of Second Life for those with good broadband  access it is easy to get carried away by the ability of learners to speak through 3-D mobile figures with their own voices,  fly, hang-glide, fall off high platforms unharmed, survive under water, change gender and appearance, produce objects out of nowhere and make them disappear again with a single click, have a different YouTube video playing on each side of a large cube – and much more. But what are the principles of an appropriate, structured, coherent pedagogy for language learning in SL? What is harder to achieve in terms of language learning in  SL than in conventional settings and what elements of the SL environment are particularly language learner friendly? With my presentation I shall attempt to begin a discussion about  such issues.”

This presentation hosted by Dennis Newson is a special event.  Capitalizing on techniques learned during her EVO Village session,, Heike Philp will meet us in Second Life and in Adobe Connect and bridge the two via screen sharing so that people can come to Connect for the audio and the broadcast view of Second Life.  Participants wishing to take part in the audio must come to Adobe, and if you wish your avatar to appear in the screen share you can go to SL as well.


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