Heike Philp and others: EduNation in Second Life

Learning2gether Episode #2

Date:   September 5, 2010  

Announcement:  http://webheads.grouply.com/message/149

The Grouply list no longer exists, and the event was not recorded by L2g (unless Heike made one)



This event was held at EduNation in Second Life, hosted by Heike Phelp and others at this SLURL
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/EduNation%20III/79/50/22. Heike introduces the three new owners of EduNation I and III, who are taking over from Gavin Dudeney on 1 October 2010 (EduNation III) and 1 November, 2010 (EduNation I)…

  1. Randall Sadler aka Randall Renoir, assistant professor of the Illinois University and member of CALICO, Computer Assited Language Instruction Consortium.
  2. Paul East, CEO of Pyramid Group, http://www.thepyramidgroup.biz – provider of specialist English training (ESP), translations and interpreting in 58 languages, online training, French Academy and commercial partner to TU Dresden (EU projects).
  3. Heike Philp aka Gwen Gwasi, CEO of LANCELOT School GmbH, an accredited teacher training center for language teachers in the use of virtual classroom technology and virtual worlds, co-initiator of two EU funded projects, LANCELOT and AVALON.

Gavin will maintain EduNation II and this way the sandbox, the conference facilities and other communal facilities will remain. The webheads headquarters on EduNation will remain free of charge. This is an unconditional (Second) life long lease!

Recording: Event held in Second Life, no recording

Announcement of commencement of Speedgeek series


This is to announce a new series of Sunday Professional Development sessions which will meet from noon GMT at http://tappedin.org and then move on to the venue for the scheduled event.

Some context for this is posted here:

This explains that for this month of September there will be several events occurring simultaneously. This series is being cast also

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