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The archive that could have died at Posterous on April 30, 2013 HAS BEEN FULLY RECOVERED here on WordPress, http://learning2gether.net, if anything, improved and patched up better than before.  Enjoy!


For the best overview of our work since 2010, see our index to our weekly webcasts:

How to find us:

Learning2gether events are part of a participant-driven professional development series planned as a part of the ongoing (since 1998) Webheads in Action community of practice and professional development movement http://webheads.info, lately with the involvement of the TESOL Arabia EdTech SIG http://taedtech.ning.com and more recently still TESL Toronto http://tesltoronto.org/

The above slideshare was a part of a presentation recorded live at Al Ain Men’s College UAE: https://learning2gether.net/2013/04/01/vance-stevens-on-learning2gether-streamed-liv/

Events are normally recorded and archived

We appreciate when people volunteer to give up presentations.  If you would like to present to our community you can either write Vance Stevens at vancestev @ gmail.com or JOIN the wiki below and write in your presentation details directly on the wiki (many do this, but if you are not known to our community, please write Vance and request approval as a “writer”; otherwise your request will be approved at the “reader” level.

Visit http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/ to find:

View on screencast.com »

Normally the events take place any time after noon GMT each Sunday or Monday.  In theory presenters can nominate any time or online venue they wish and we will try to go there.  Normally we meet in the Bb Collaborate / Elluminate Webheads Room provided us on a grant from Learningtimes http://learningtimes.com or in Hangout streamed from our Webheads in Action live portal hosted at a Drupal maintained by http://worldbridges.net (connect via the links below).

Note that times given for Learning2gether events are GMT unless otherwise noted.

Use http://www.timeanddate.com/ to find local times where you are.

More info:

  • This Learning2gether site is maintained by Vance Stevens and Copyright 2013

    under Creative Commons License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/us/.

    Artifacts maintained here are property of their respective authors, but you are free to share or remix any work displayed here that was created by Vance Stevens as long as you attribute its source (the author, and the URL at which you found it) and share alike (under the same creative commons license cited above)


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