Maha Abdulmoneim, Maria Colussa and Hello Little World: The Magic of Networks

Learning2gether Episode 249

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On Sunday Nov 30 Learning2gether was privileged to meet with Maha Abdulmoneim, Maria Colussa and her colleagues at Hello Little World to discuss – The Magic of Networks


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What is this about?

The Magic of Networks with Maha Abdelmoneim, Maria Colussa, and others from Hello Little World

In our last Learning2gether event on Sunday Nov 23, Ali Bostangioglu presented a comprehensive set of demographics based on his research into the Webheads CoP. There was some discussion of who was a Webhead. For the purpose of Ali’s study, Webheads are members of either the Yahoo Group (about 1050 registered email addresses), the Facebook group (about 100), or the Webheadsinaction Google+ Community (135).  The point was made that the community likely extends to a wider network, though for Ali’s purposes, this is not quantifiable.

However, we had one participant there, Sebastian from Kerala, who mentioned in text chat that he was in the Hello Little World network. I recognized that this was the community that Maria Colussa identifies with in her Skype byline, and I asked Sebastian if he knew her. Indeed he did, and then I recalled that I have Maria in my circles as one of the Multiliteracies group, not Webheads. The point was being made through example that people like Maria and Sebastian, (and Maha Abdelmoneim another participant in online spaces such as I have a Question and in various MOOCs where Maria and I meet occasionally, and whom we invited to join us in our recent GEC presentation) might not identify themselves as Webheads but can be found actively interacting with us nevertheless in our wider networks.

This HoA seeks to gather colleagues from the wider network to meet with us and try to characterize something of the magic inherent in these wider networks.

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