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Learning2gether Episode 145

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Heike Philp took us through the highlights of various online conferences she has organized, been a part of, and most importantly, recorded.

As Heike said: “Top level guest speakers, a global audience, a lively chat and a sharing of know-how can all be had from the comfort of your home. What inspired me to start the first web conference was however another reason because truly I love to travel to conference just as much as attending them. What motivated me to run  web conferences is the fact that there are so many parallel sessions at each conference! One can actually spend all of this time and money and attend the conference and still miss more than half of the program. Not so in the case of web conferences. During a web conference all of the sessions can be recorded. And they are being watched … “
Noting that the Virtual Round Table WebCon, the DaFWEBKON for teachers of German, and the SLanguages Annual Symposium attracted some 4,500 synchronous participants in total, but that the recordings have been watched over 23,000 times, Heike supports the proposition that these recordings may serve as the ‘Khanacademy for language teachers’.


(1h1min) http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/p714rnpwb9s/


5th Virtual Round Table Web Conference

on Language Learning Technologies

17-19 May 2013


1st Virtual Round Table Conference November 2009

2nd Virtual Round Table Conference March 2010

3rd Virtual Round Table Conference 8-9 October 2010

4rth Virtual Round Table Conference 25-27 March 2011

5th Virtual Round Table Conference 20-22 April 2012

2. DaFWebKon 2013

3-4 March 2013


SLanguages Annual Symposium

27-29 September 2013

4th SLanguage Annual Symposium October 2010

5th SLanguage Annual Symposium September 2011

6th SLangauges Annual Symposium September 2012 (summary is coming soon)

Story Sharing Web Conference 

of British Council Turkey

9th/ 10th February 2013


Reform Symposium

worldwide e.conference

3-5 May 2013


Heike followed up this event with a Film Festival later the same day


This was a final event in the 2013 MachinEVO session: http://machinevo.pbworks.com/

Super Sunday Streaming with Jeff Lebow: Hanging out in Second Life with Heike Philp, PetchaFlickr with Scott Lockman, and more

Learning2gether Episode 81


Sunday, January 15, 2012 – Special EVO Triple-header, all but a small part of a SUPER SUNDAY of STREAMING instigated by Jeff Lebow; see http://jefflebow.net/node/283


Shared on Facebook by Marijana

We started at 10:00GMT – http://bit.ly/zCQblU – 

EVO Open Hangout (part 1) 

Stop by the Google+ Hangout to share EVO Week#1 discoveries, challenges, confusions and/or just some quality webhead connnection time

Next was the first in a series of EVO sessions, where we invite EVO Moderators to join us at around this time the next few Sundays to discuss their sessions with other EVO participants at large, from noon GMT to 13:30 GMT –

In this event we hear from the moderator of MachinEVO, Heike Philp aka Gwen Gwasi

Heike Philp

MachinEVO is an EVO sessions workshop for video productions of language learning conversations in Second Life

MachinEVO is all about producing films of language learning conversations undertaken in Second Life. A film of Second Life (SL) is called a machinima and it is derived from a combination of machine and cinema. Essentially it means recording the screen of the application Second Life. A machininma uploaded onto a video sharing site may also be playing on a mobile app increasing the accessibility of these productions.

Location: The session took place in Second Life, at EduNation and English City

Scott Lockman

Then from 1400 GMT

Scott Lockman will present PechaFlickr 

Info at: http://cogdogblog.com/2011/12/18/hanging-out-pechaflickr/

PechaFlickr script runs at: http://pechaflickr.cogdogblog.com/

This took place as a Google+ Hangout

But again, the event was streamed live on http://webheadsinaction.org/live

(so you don’t need to be in the Hangout to attend)

Streamed and recorded thanks to Jeff Lebow




If you need instructions or help, we’ll try to have someone in the text chat at http://tappedin.org from noon to 15:00 GMT


Then at 15:00 GMT

The IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG

Presents Cool Activities with IWBs with Barbara Gardner

When: Sunday 15 January 2012 GMT 15:00.

Where: The event takes place in the IATEFL online conference room.

Click here http://ltsig.org.uk/online-events/46-future-online-events/229-151-cool-activities-with-iwbs.html

for more details including the meeting room URL posted nearer the time of the event.

An hour after this finishes… 
The TESOL EVO/IATEFL LT SIG session ‘Teaching and Learning Languages through Gamification’ has its first synchronous session on Sunday 15th January at 17.00 GMT 

Joe Pereira will be talking about his experience of Text Adventures & Interactive Fiction. 

If you are interested in joining the ‘Teaching and Learning Languages through Gamification’ and attending the webinar, please sign up for the workshop here: 

Four hours later, Jeff carries on …

Monday, January 16, 2012 

  • 00:00GMT –http://bit.ly/y4YvFJ – EdTechWeekly#208 – Dave Cormier, Jeff Lebow, Jennifer Maddrell, & John Schinker return from another hiatus to catch-up on the latest edtech new and topics (this will also be streamed at edtechtalk.com/live  which will likely have the more active chat room)
  • 01:00GMT – http://bit.ly/ACzejO – EVO2012 Open Hangout (part 2) – For those who are unable to participate in part#1 and/or want more hangout time.

For other events later in the week check the event calendar here: http://my.calendars.net/eslhome_conferen

For Change MOOC events, see http://change.mooc.ca


Marijana Smolcec referred to this post when she posted this on Facebook on Dec 7, 2020

She says she’s still using the technique. Here is her tutorial video:

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