EVO Minecraft MOOC and Best of EVO at the 2021 TESOL Virtual Conference March 26-27

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Best of EVO March 26-27
Minecraft MOOC at Best of EVO
EVO Minecraft MOOC server tour
Facilitation – CALL-IS EV Tech Tips session
Sat 27 March Facilitated – Intercultural Competence 2021 and TECHNO CLIL 2021
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Friday March 26

Best of EVO March 26-27

This was a big day for EVO Minecraft MOOC at the TESOL 2021 Virtual Conference. We presented a Best of EVO presentation at 10:30 a.m. EDT followed by a tour of the EVO Minecraft MOOC server at 11 a.m. We had planned the tour to begin with a discussion at first, so at 11 a.m. EDT we just carried on talking. But we were asked to stop there to make a correct break between our Best of EVO session and the server tour, which we had been expected to record in a new video.

The recording here, https://youtu.be/MnCUvIrt9oU compiles the EVO Minecraft MOOC best of EVO presentation and the server tour afterwards into one video separate from the CEFR session that preceded ours.

In the EVO Minecraft MOOC Best of EVO and Tour video there was a lively discussion of the benefits of using Minecraft with language learners. I made a transcript of the parts relevant to language learning from the closed captions and placed it online here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M5NrEH9_6O37o9BnOnUUbFL1jtcBYLoqRJxMvgD3RZQ/edit?usp=sharing,

The timestamps in that document are from this video. https://youtu.be/MnCUvIrt9oU, the compilation of the EVO Minecraft MOOC contributions to the following two events

Fri 26 March 1430 UTC Minecraft MOOC at Best of EVO March 26-27

I was involved in facilitating the Live/Synch session in which our Best of EVO event occurred. It was planned as a joint hour session on Fri 26 March 14:00 – 15:00 UTC (10:00-10:30 US EDT) shared between
CEFR VS Assessment: How can new revisions help?
and EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021

Facilitators Christine / Vance

Here is the video for the combined session as recorded per the directions of CALL-IS, https://youtu.be/ZWpDpKaV8Tk

What is this?

According to https://call-is.org/ev/2021/schedule.html#evo here is how the event was listed on March 21 noon UTC

EVO Minecraft MOOC at the Best of EVO

This session was organized by Aaron Schwartz, Don Carroll, Jane Chien, Rose Bard, and Vance Stevens.

Google Slides

Fri 26 March 1500 UTC EVO Minecraft MOOC server tour

Immediately following our “official” Best of EVO Aaron Schwartz, Jane Chien, Vance Stevens, and Don Carroll conducted a virtual tour of the EVO Minecraft MOOC server. Marijana Smolčec was there as well and contributed significantly to the discussion.

We let everyone know they were welcome to come to Zoom and join the discussion as we screen share from Minecraft, and if you are whitelisted on our server you are welcome to join us there (but note that voice is via Zoom)

Bobbi Stevens and Dakotah Redstone joined us in Minecraft on the tour.

Here’s the official CALL-IS video of the event, https://youtu.be/AROQgp7Xzpw

but the full and contiguous Best of EVO Minecraft MOOC presentation followed by discussion and tour is embedded at the start of this post.

What is this?

According to https://call-is.org/ev/2021/schedule.html#evo

Updated information from March 23,10:00 UTC

What will happen?

The tour will continue via screen share in the same zoom room as was used for the Best of EVO EVOMC21 event which will have started at 10:30

For the Minecraft Tour at 11 am EDT

  • Aaron will start the session (10 minutes)
  • Jane Chien will next share her views on Minecraft and Vocabulary Learning (with one slide)
  • Jane will ask Don questions (not in-game) about his views on the utility of Minecraft for ESL/EFL learning and the nature of in-game talk (10 minutes).
  • After that, Vance will share his screen showing the server (in-game) and give our audience a world tour in Minecraft to explore tasks that engage language learners


Fri 26 March noon UTC Facilitation – CALL-IS EV Tech Tips session

From 08:00-09:00 am EDT
according to https://call-is.org/ev/2021/schedule.html#tf2 

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/GHOKZ3yPupA

Saturday March 27

Sat 27 March Facilitated – Intercultural Competence 2021 and TECHNO CLIL 2021

On Saturday, March 27, 3:00 – 4:00 am EDT (= 7:00 – 8:00 UTC) I helped facilitate
Intercultural Competence 2021 and TECHNO CLIL 2021

Facilitators Jane / Vance

2021-03-27 (3)

The video is here: https://youtu.be/Orzgx74Jj94


Zoom Chat Logs

EVO Minecraft MOOC at Best of EVO

00:01:02 MushtakHusen: Hello from India!
00:01:36 Christine Bauer-Ramazani: Hello, Mushtak! I was just looking for the form you want.
00:01:49 MushtakHusen: Ok
00:02:04 MushtakHusen: You can get it after your session. Thank you.
00:40:15 Shereen Mahfouz: Thank you Mrs Maha for this beneficial session
00:50:25 Naglaa Salem: That was great!

The image is from http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/

00:51:25 Jane Chien: Thanks! I like our promotional video as well! 😀 https://youtu.be/JUF2-loSL0E
00:53:48 Naglaa Salem: Excellent use of the PBwiki!
01:00:33 Moderator, Vance Stevens: Thanks, I have a system for archiving old sessions so we never have to delete one
01:05:32 Moderator, Vance Stevens: Here is the link to our slides https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/160Fa_C1raxyVLKiWvyrODdL_twgRnOrwhxpyF9cnNsU/edit?usp=sharing
01:09:28 Christine Bauer-Ramazani: The pedagogical aspect is great, and that is what the goal is, right?
01:09:35 Moderator, Vance Stevens: Christine is reminding me that we want time for qustions
01:09:35 Christine Bauer-Ramazani: Or one of the goals?
01:16:06 Christine Bauer-Ramazani: And how does language enter into it here?
01:17:12 Christine Bauer-Ramazani: It is really project-based learning (PBL).
01:18:12 Walton Burns: Some teachers do role plays in-world as well. In fact, some players do role-playing pretending to be a settler from the 18th century or living in a medieval fantasy world.
01:18:43 Christine Bauer-Ramazani: Is there collaboration among the players–in English?
01:18:58 Christine Bauer-Ramazani: Negotiation of meaning?
01:20:13 Camyla Yamashiro: I play Minecraft and there is a lot of negotiation of meaning because other players are all over the word and English is the main language. It is an amazing game!
01:20:23 aaron schwartz: Yes… the game itself provides no instruction, so players have to interact to learn how to do anything
01:20:37 Jane Chien: Yes, there is a lot of chance to negotiate of meaning immersed in the Minecraft world.
01:21:18 Christine Bauer-Ramazani: Glad to hear it, Jane. (I knew but wanted to be sure to get this across in the session.)
01:22:08 Walton Burns: Absolutely! My son and I are starting to do big complex builds and we do all sorts of planning about resource collection, design, task assignment, etc…
01:22:16 Donald Carroll: I would consider the “in world” language learning opportunities to be “poor” as compared to the out-of-game MC resources, e.g. YouTube videos, wikis, forums, etc.
01:22:25 aaron schwartz: discord
01:23:29 Christine Bauer-Ramazani: We are already 7 minutes over time, but there is no session here after us.
01:24:09 Camyla Yamashiro: and now it has Twitch, where they can see live streams about it and participate in live interactions
01:24:10 Jane Chien: The next session is Minecraft for ELT
01:24:23 Jane Chien: With Aaron as the host for the session.
01:24:31 IELTS & More: Is Maha Hassan’s session after this one?
01:24:36 Jane Chien: But we’re having a great discussion.
01:24:49 Jane Chien: Maha finished her session already.
01:24:50 Christine Bauer-Ramazani: Maha Hasan presented first.
01:26:59 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): Sorry, if I talked a lot
01:27:25 Jane Chien: Aaron is our host
01:28:24 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): Shall we leave

EVO Minecraft MOOC Server tour

“The quality of the learning that takes place when we focus our attention only on the items to be learned is different from (and probably inferior to) the quality of learning that is incidental to something else that we are trying to do.” –
Earl Stevick 1982 Teaching and learning languages (pp. 131-2)

Slide 23 at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KbdL_M-qT9hyRBcyCT5yZGDx2Cgx_lvhbPCZGszTBMw/edit?usp=sharing

01:30:33 Moderator, Vance Stevens: you can stay we are gong to share minecraft
01:30:40 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): Go, go guys! 🙂 #EVOMInecraft!
01:30:53 Donald Carroll: What will be used for audio in MC?
01:31:05 Moderator, Vance Stevens: Zoom, right where you are
01:31:11 Jane Chien: Welcome Aaron’s students!
01:31:42 Munavvara Xudoyberdiyeva: Thanks, glad to join in
01:31:51 Mokhlaroy: ☺️
01:32:58 Samsung: Thanks, glad to be here
01:35:37 Walton Burns: As a teacher, it seems like the map would be helpful to keep track of students though.
01:36:02 Moderator, Vance Stevens: http://mc.evomc.net:8123/

01:38:21 Jane Chien: https://padlet.com/aschwar/moegyvkptftcdvfr
01:38:35 Jane Chien: If you let me share screen
01:38:43 Jane Chien: I can show them padlet
01:44:16 aaron schwartz: “this thingy”
01:46:11 aaron schwartz: English as lingua franca for kids in different countries
01:46:33 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): Definitely, it is for my sons and it has been for the past 10 years
01:47:03 Camyla Yamashiro: not only for kids, for sure… all my students are adults, and most of them are over 30 and use English to play games! it is an amazing tool!
01:49:04 aaron schwartz: I’d like to hear more about the books… Which Minecraft Books are really good?
01:50:40 Camyla Yamashiro: for me, I improved my English playing with native speakers using the voice chat..in a EFL context, that was my only opportunity to improve my speaking and vocabulary skills, mostly phrasal verbs and expressions
01:52:53 Oylola Ibrohimova: Great, I’m in favour of you. Game i the best way to upgrade vocabulary
01:53:17 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): I heat the sheep @Jane :))
01:53:18 Walton Burns: Books: I think the official Minecraft for Beginners by Mojang book is a great place to start. If I can plug my own Basic Minecraft for Kids books, I’m producing short and easy ebooks for basic builds that young kids can handle: https://www.alphabetpublishingbooks.com/minecraft I also love Megan Miller’s books. Really nice build ideas, some big and complex and some pretty easy.
01:53:28 Jane Chien: Great points, Camyla! Would you like to take the mic and share?
01:53:29 Samsung: Is there a book on Minecraft? I didn’t know that…
01:53:30 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): Sorry, it’s Vances :))
01:53:39 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): There are many books on Minecraft
01:53:50 aaron schwartz: aren’t there some children’s fiction books set in minecraft?
01:54:05 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): I love the crafting and creative part of Minecraft.
01:55:08 Walton Burns: Diary of a Minecraft Zombie is a series of books written inside the Minecraft world that look cute. Never gotten my son into them so I don’t know if they’re any good.
01:56:14 aaron schwartz: intrinsic motivation
01:56:23 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): Yes Aron
01:56:31 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): My sons have learned so many things from games
01:57:16 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): Game within the game
01:58:04 aaron schwartz: and spider eyes 😛
01:58:07 Walton Burns: I prefer sending my son to books because some of the YouTube videos even the ones aimed at kids have some salty language, or lots of slang, or promote lots of stuff, or the kids talk at 100 miles a minute. I wouldn’t want my students exposed to that stuff either.
01:58:39 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): Yes, so true Walton, my sons have picked up that bad language :/
01:59:09 aaron schwartz: have the students write a series of steps
02:00:21 aaron schwartz: reflective journal entries based on in-game experiences
02:01:35 Jane Chien: https://mattietsai.com/2020/02/23/minecraft/
02:02:02 Jane Chien: This is mattie’s blog and writing about Minecraft as an EFL learner.
02:02:13 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): Awesome jane, will check it ouz
02:02:53 Walton Burns: Great blog! Nice simple writing task!
02:03:53 aaron schwartz: When Jeff Kuhn initially just tried to add Minecraft to his writing class, it failed — During his next opportunity, he changed the focus to do a unit on disaster preparedness (and the students read World War Z) — then they had to make anti-zombie plans and try and implement them in game — then reflect on their success in writing afterwards
02:04:36 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): Great, I have just watched WWZ with my students and I love creative writing – it works great.
02:05:20 Camyla Yamashiro: I am using videogames to teach pronunciation
02:05:23 aaron schwartz: The book is more nonfiction than the film and lays out specific strategies they can try
02:06:32 Camyla Yamashiro: that is really true, I also type really fast because of games!
02:12:20 aaron schwartz: “tricked them to learn” — Nice Marijana
02:12:27 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): You get exposed :))to many different accents
02:12:31 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): :))
02:13:41 Camyla Yamashiro: that’s what I love the most! With the other medias, you mostly get exposed to American/British accent… but on the gaming environment, there people literally all over the world!
02:17:26 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): You really had fun this January and Feb, I am so busy and I couldn’t join as I wished, hope join soon
02:17:47 Walton Burns: Oh my gosh. I hadn’t realized that. I just thought phantoms randomly attacked sometimes and didn’t. It never occurred to me there was a rule!
02:18:13 Oylola Ibrohimova: thank you all for sharing
02:18:18 Munavvara Xudoyberdiyeva: Yes It was great to be informed about the minecraft
02:18:48 Jane Chien: Thank you for coming!!
02:18:55 Munavvara Xudoyberdiyeva: Thank you all sharing
02:19:20 Andrew Bowman: Good work, everyone. Great to see you all again.
02:19:33 Munavvara Xudoyberdiyeva: You are welcome!
02:19:37 Moderator, Vance Stevens: thanks great to see everyone
02:24:37 Oylola Ibrohimova: Hot conversation it was thanks

CALL-IS EV Tech Tips session

00:16:20 Presenter: Baiba Sedriks: Welcome everyone!
00:16:32 Presenter: Baiba Sedriks: Please feel free to ask questions of the presenters.
00:16:42 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: Welcome everybody! 🙂 Where are you from?
00:17:30 Presenter: Baiba Sedriks: Kansas via Latvia!
00:18:23 Mr Khamis Atteyat-Allah Hegazy: Hello from Egypt
00:18:28 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: Great!
00:18:42 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: I am from Trujillo, Peru 🙂
00:18:47 Presenter: Baiba Sedriks: Salam and hola!
00:23:32 Eric Grunwald: Students as Virtual Tour Guides: Link to documents and students presentations: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7dsf91jk6p14ec8/AABbrPutP_o_BytmlM-af5wQa?dl=0
00:24:13 Omar Moussa: greetings from Egypt
00:24:35 Omar Moussa: thank you Mr Khamis Attia for invitation
00:30:49 Presenter: Baiba Sedriks: Any questions?
00:31:26 Camyla Yamashiro: Hello! Baiba Sedriks, thank you for the presentation! I saw the video and I tried the website… how do we use the function that allow students to see presentations that are happening around the world? Or did I understand that function wrong?
00:32:31 DR.MD.ALAUDDIN: Nice Program
00:32:57 Presenter: Baiba Sedriks: The Pecha Kucha website has thousands of videos your students could watch. I do not know if they are by country. I search by topic. Did you look at the official Pecha Kucha.org website?
00:33:21 Moderator Vance Stevens: If you want to ask a question about a specific presentation you watched, please put the speaker’s name here and we’ll let you speak it, or ask your question here
00:33:22 Presenter: Baiba Sedriks: Feel free to email me. bzsedriks@gmail.com
00:34:05 DR.MD.ALAUDDIN: dralauddin129@gmail.com
00:34:44 Larisa A Olesova: I have a question to Judith about padlet and specifically about peer feedback via comments. Thanks for a sharing great ideas on the use of padlet.
00:35:26 Muhammad Abdul Wahid: Welcome to all
00:35:38 Camyla Yamashiro: Sara Sedriks: I looked the website right before watching your wonderful presentation. I want to start to use this app instead of Google Slides or Pretzi. I will take a closer look and if I cannot find it I can post another question on the Flipgrid or send you an email! Thank you!
00:36:18 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: https://view.genial.ly/60498754f5458d0d987a5a8a/presentation-ovccalltesol
00:41:09 Shereen Mahfouz: Awesome first time to know about them.
00:41:40 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: Thanksa lot 🙂
00:42:01 Moderator Vance Stevens: Does anyone else have a question directed at a specific presenter? if so we can take your question.
00:43:03 Camyla Yamashiro: Olenka: Hello! Thank you for your presentation! The Hogwards genially theme that you showed in your flipgrid… that was a template or your own creation?
00:43:54 Omar Moussa: thank you
00:44:11 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: This is not the free version, one colleague shared with me in Spanish and I changed it into English.
00:44:18 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: Let me share with you the link
00:44:19 Eric Grunwald: Students as Virtual Tour Guides: Invaluable information, Judith, thank you.
00:44:39 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: https://view.genial.ly/603b123c0e04680d5d718c71/interactive-content-oleharrypotterescaperoom
00:45:14 Camyla Yamashiro: Olenka: Thank you very much! That is an amazing tool!
00:45:37 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: Yes, try it! You will love it!
00:45:55 Presenter Judith Otterburn-Martinez: Here is a link to the padlet I presented: https://padlet.com/jotterbur/TESOL
00:46:11 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: Thanks a lot Judith 🙂
00:47:19 Larisa A Olesova: Thanks Judith for the link
00:47:58 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: You can find me on the Social Media https://view.genial.ly/60182ad2e9f82d0d9de686c0/presentation-olevilla
00:48:12 Presenter: Oliver Rose: https://sites.google.com/view/lingolabsiteshelp/lingobingo-live
00:48:30 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: Thanks a lot Oliver 🙂
00:48:44 Presenter: Baiba Sedriks: Arigatou Gozaimasu, Oliver!
00:49:46 Michelle W.: Thank you!
00:51:03 Camyla Yamashiro: Oliver Rose: thank you for your presentation! Does the bingo work as an app on the cellphone or does it open in the browser? Or both? thank you!
00:51:35 Presenter: Oliver Rose: Hi Camyla – works in both
00:51:57 Presenter: Oliver Rose: …in the browser on phone, tablet, PC
00:52:11 Camyla Yamashiro: thank you!
00:52:12 Larisa A Olesova: Oliver, how long can you keep LingoBingoLive? For example if I want to use for asynchronous mode and students come at different time and play. Is it possible?
00:52:50 Michelle W.: Is it available when having live sessions on Zoom? I mean playing the game.
00:53:41 Presenter: Oliver Rose: Larisa – it is really for synchronous, I’m not sure how it could work asynchronously (but you could try my other site LingoLab.co for asynchronous )
00:54:43 Presenter: Oliver Rose: michelle – yes, works well via zoom
00:55:10 Michelle W.: The students need to get an account, right?
00:55:45 Michelle W.: so I can play with the students via zoom?
00:56:02 Presenter: Oliver Rose: michelle – no , no account needed
00:56:50 Larisa A Olesova: Thanks Oliver
00:57:53 Presenter: Baiba Sedriks: Socrative is wonderful for instant grading.
00:58:50 Michelle W.: thanks Oliver, I will try it.
00:59:48 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: That’s right, Baiba. Another app that I use is nearpod.
01:01:39 Larisa A Olesova: Thanks Rana
01:02:08 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: Thanks a lot, Rana 🙂
01:02:14 Camyla Yamashiro: Vance: the presenters already kindly answered me! thank you!
01:07:49 Presenter: Baiba Sedriks: 20 secs
01:08:39 Presenter Judith Otterburn-Martinez: jotterbur@atlantic.edu
01:08:55 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): hi all, LIVE from the kitceh again :)) Greetings from Croatia
01:08:58 Marijana Smolčec (Croatia): kitchen*
01:09:18 Presenter: Oliver Rose: https://sites.google.com/view/lingolabsiteshelp/lingolab-online
01:09:21 Eric Grunwald: Students as Virtual Tour Guides: Speaking of 20/20: A public service announcement: I had my annual eye exam in December and things were mostly fine—no change—but then had to go back for my dilation in February, and it was found that my vision had deteriorated quite a bit. The doctor said she’s seeing this all over from staring at screens—certain muscles don’t relax, other’s atrophy—and it can become permanent. She recommended 20/20/20 or another app which reminds you every 20 minutes to look off into the distance for 20 seconds. It’s helped a lot.
01:09:26 Presenter: Olenka Villavicencio: https://view.genial.ly/60182ad2e9f82d0d9de686c0/presentation-olevilla
01:09:29 Presenter: Oliver Rose: oliverrose@kwansei.ac.jp


Promotion and Feedback

We organized ourselves around this info from CALL-IS:

In addition to the live sessions such as our Best of EVO sessions March 26-27
and those listed at https://call-is.org/ev/2021/schedule.html#evo

There are 6 asynchronous Best of EVO sessions scheduled uploaded to FlipGrid


For more details about the TESOL 2021 Virtual Online conference and for the associated CALL-IS Electronic Village virtual events please see the previous post at the bookmark here, labeled
Promotion of and preparation for the TESOL 2021 virtual events


Earlier Events

Minecraft, Virtual Worlds, and MWIS/CPPLN March 25 at the 2021 Virtual TESOL Conference



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