EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021 kickoff event in Zoom and in Minecraft – How the EVOMC21 ecosystem works

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On Monday, January 11, Teacher Vance, Jane Chien, and Bobbi Bear organized and hosted this 7th annual EVO Minecraft MOOC kickoff event in Zoom and Minecraft.

We met in Zoom and many of our colleagues and participants who were whitelisted on the #evomc21 server joined us from there as well. Jane, Vance, and our server administrator sysop Aaron Schwartz shared their screens from Minecraft and explained how this EVO session is being organized in Discord, Facebook, and optionally in Groups.io. Inexplicably, but serendipitously, some of our colleagues managed to tune in from Discord, and voice-broadcast through Zoom. Others participated in the text chat associated with the Facebook stream from Zoom. J

We started where most visitors will begin, at the spawn point, where, although we are in survival, mobs (monsters) have been suppressed for their safety (safety of both the mobs and our participants). And we ended at, of all places, with the ultimate experience in Minecraft, a rare visit to the Enderdragon engineered by our Minecraft server guru Zzidkha, aka Aaron Schwartz.

This event was intended to be an informative visit, the main purpose being to make a recording of how participants could join us in-world, and how we would welcome them there and tend to their needs as they immerse themselves into the challenging world of our Minecraft server, and it ended with an out-of-this world visit under the hood, covering the gamut of ways people might interact with us in EVO Minecraft MOOC this 2021 EVO season.

EVO is Electronic Village Online, http://evosessions.org.
For more information about EVO Minecraft MOOC see http://minecraftmooc.org

This and all #evomc21 events are being posted at http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/w/page/142133859/2021_Live_Events
and their YouTube videos, when available, are being archived there as well.

The picture shows our resident turtle at the EVO MInecraft MOOC spawn point

Zoom and Facebook Chat Logs


22:18:57 From Marijana : hi everyone,
22:19:08 From Jane Chien : hello
22:20:22 From Claire Siskin : Hi Sedat!!
22:20:28 From Sedat Akayoğlu : hi Claire
22:20:41 From Marijana : I am on my tablet, because
22:20:45 From Sedat Akayoğlu : hi Vance
22:21:06 From Marijana : my laptop is having some problems. Filip is trying to fix it for me. 🙂
22:21:10 From BARBARA STEVENS : Hi everyone
22:21:20 From Sedat Akayoğlu : hi all
22:21:25 From BARBARA STEVENS : Oh good luck with your laptop
22:21:54 From Marijana : @Vance, you always have fun!
22:22:07 From Marijana : Thanks Barbara! 😗
22:22:09 From BARBARA STEVENS : We try 😉
22:22:42 From Serdar Sen : Hi Sedat hocam
22:22:55 From Sedat Akayoğlu : hi Serdar…
22:24:31 From Marijana : hashtags will help us all more to find the important information
22:29:04 From Caterina Skiniotou : What is each playground about?

To answer this question, we make available a number of channels in Discord (which we call playgrounds) so we can have multiple separate conversations. For example when Olivetree was conducting an orientation recently, we saw that Serdar was more advanced than the other players, so Bobbi Bear and I went into another channel and talked to him there as we went elsewhere on the server

22:30:20 From Marijana : I am on tablet so, it’s a bit hard to follow
22:30:38 From Marijana : Playground is for you to speak while playing in Minecraft
22:31:02 From Marijana : I suppose you can join certain playground with certain players
22:31:12 From Marijana : Aaron has microphonia
22:32:10 From Caterina Skiniotou : @Marijana, thanks!
22:36:55 From Marijana : No problem Catarina. Let’s say newbies use Playground 1 with few of us mods, and more expert Minecraft players can talk in Playground 2. but you always need to connect to voice to be able to use mic and speak in channel. while you should disconnect others
22:38:16 From Marijana : Playing Minecraft and using Discord is a process, but you will be able to see how our students and kids do this at the same time. I have witnessed that with both of my sons 😁
22:39:23 From Marijana : @Aaron, is this an octopus?
22:43:03 From Jamie Harrison : Does the night end for everyone if one person sleeps or just for that one person?
22:43:06 From Caterina Skiniotou : So, when is nighttime exactly?
22:46:08 From Jane Chien : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ILqfvWUAMvwYIfIir10w0Qj-J2jmUXChr-OB_YarrYA/edit?usp=sharing
22:46:25 From Caterina Skiniotou : Is the list of plug-ins recorded somewhere so we can explore?
22:50:32 From Vance Stevens : nighttime is every 20 minutes
22:51:22 From Claire Siskin : every 20 minutes?????
22:51:36 From Jane Chien : Super cool!!!
22:51:41 From Vance Stevens : day night cycles, you have to get your business done in 10 min and then get to a bed or get to a shelter. If you sleep it gets light immediately. If not you have to wait another 10 min
22:52:35 From Vance Stevens : https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Daylight_cycle#:~:text=Sunset%20is%20the%20period%20between,lasts%205%E2%81%846%20minutes.&text=During%20sunset%2C%20the%20Sun%20descends,rises%20on%20the%20eastern%20horizon.
22:53:11 From Marijana : Night is more scary in survival mode , but you can cheat, hahaha, my sons love survival mode as well
22:54:00 From Vance Stevens : checking that, I think the day and night together are 20 min
22:54:53 From ROSEMERE BARD : Survival mode creates some interesting interactions between players
22:55:22 From Tilly Harrison : I thought it was shorter than 20!
22:56:13 From Caterina Skiniotou : I am still in the dark as to the objective(s) of the game: is it to build and/or destroy? Do we as a group of players set the game objectives?

To answer this question, the objectives are very much open ended. It’s up to the teacher to find ways to channel the inherent interest kids have in Minecraft toward educational objectives. There have been books written about this subject; a good one is Teachercraft, listed on this page in our wiki, giving articles, presentations, and blog posts about EVO Minecraft MOOC: 
But the best way to learn is through a community and that is what we are here for. Join us and learn through doing and by example; through modeling best practices in Minecraft for one another.

22:56:41 From Caterina Skiniotou : We focus a lot on technical stuff but I am so far unable to connect the dots.
22:56:45 From Marijana : You will get to test both modes
22:57:12 From Tilly Harrison : Hi Caterina – I was the same as you when I started. But when I tried Survival it started to make sense – that is where the game gets fun because you really have to work hard to not get killed.
22:57:14 From Marijana : My suggestion is to read the week 1 orientation and just get yourself familiar with Minecraft
22:57:40 From Jane Chien : XD yes work on not to get killed
22:57:43 From Vance Stevens : hear hear
22:57:43 From Marijana : Creative is to huild, Survival is to stay alive and kill zombies.. 😉
22:58:03 From Marijana : sorry, guys, I am on tablet so I make spelling mistakes
22:58:06 From Dani Hersey : I’ve gotta run and teach a class. Thank you for this introduction!
22:58:14 From Marijana : bye Dani!
22:58:16 From Claire Siskin : If you kill all the zombies, are you safe?

To answer this question, on our server you are pretty much safe in the daytime as long as you are out of doors and it’s not raining. Clouds and dark places in caves is where mobs (zombies, etc. ) hang out during the day. You are also safe if you’ve protected yourself inside a shelter. We have shelters spaced throughout our server. You can see examples of what Bobbi Bear and I do to protect ourselves in our videos, here
You can see how we move around freely during the daytime and take care to get indoors at night. Join us on the server and we’ll show you.
But I didn’t answer the question. Mobs spawn algorithmically in Minecraft. Sometimes you can kill one and there are no more, but sometimes they seem to swarm you if you are in a dark cave without light or out at night. As you might have gathered, light intensity is a factor in their propagation. Best to carry torches and a good sword.

22:58:16 From Jane Chien : Thanks Dani!
22:58:19 From Jane Chien : Bye!
22:58:28 From Tilly Harrison : When you realise how hard it is to stay alive, you REALLY appreciate advice from experienced players – but it’s better for it not to be too easy.
22:58:55 From ROSEMERE BARD : Minecraft is pretty much like a sandbox. You can do a lot of different things there. As Marijana says, once you start experimenting and also participating in the ‘play and learn’ sessions, you will understand more and more how the game Works and what the possibilities there.
22:59:04 From Caterina Skiniotou : The story line sounds pretty limited so far.
22:59:41 From Tilly Harrison : It’s like ‘Little House in the Big Woods’ – just surviving!
22:59:48 From Jane Chien : Bobbi says: Claire, you asked about Zombies. If you kill one others you are safe from that one but others might appear.
23:00:01 From Claire Siskin : Thanks, Bobbi!
23:00:07 From Don Carroll : I don’t think there is any “story line” in MC.
23:00:38 From Claire Siskin : The “story line” seems to be like life!
23:01:19 From Claire Siskin : I mean, we live life but we are not always aware of what the story line is,
23:01:33 From Don Carroll : You can really do whatever you want.
23:01:44 From Don Carroll : If you want to build things you can do that.
23:01:56 From Don Carroll : If you don’t want to build, that’s fine tool
23:02:16 From Don Carroll : I really just run around, find stuff, and take photos.
23:02:30 From ROSEMERE BARD : You create your own stories
23:02:41 From Jane Chien : Yes, we like your photos! And your adventures!
23:02:50 From Marijana : I personally loved riding the rollercoasters one of our experts builds. so much fun.
23:04:19 From Marijana : I am very bad at bulidng, both Filip and Domagoj always laugh at me, I used to build and destroy at the same time, by just a wrong mouse click 🙄
23:05:21 From Marijana : oh no Jane! 😄
23:05:22 From Claire Siskin : What is AFK?
23:05:33 From Nazlı Ceren Işıklıgil : away from keyboard
23:05:38 From Claire Siskin : Thanks!
23:05:47 From Marijana : there will be many abbrv. in Minecraft
23:05:49 From Anne Hendler (complete noob) : What other abbreviations do we need to know?
23:06:27 From Marijana : Those are similar for all social media, for example BRB
23:06:32 From Marijana : be right back
23:06:34 From Sedat Akayoğlu : I think we will learn in time as you suggested
23:06:40 From Caterina Skiniotou : Thanks, everyone. I will be exploring things on single-player mode and come up with more questions to post on groups.io.
23:06:48 From Caterina Skiniotou : Buy for now!
23:06:49 From Don Carroll : The abbreviations used in MC text messages are pretty much the same as regular text messaging.
23:07:04 From Jamie Harrison : Thank you for this intro. I’m glad to be part of this EVO group. I’ll do my best to be part of things and learn a lot! I have to go now – but I’ll be back! 🙂
23:07:20 From Don Carroll : If you join via Discord you won’t really need to use the text messaging within MC.
23:07:27 From Marijana : Sure Caterina, 😉
23:07:46 From Marijana : Yes, as you speak, so no need to use chat in Minecraft
23:09:41 From ROSEMERE BARD : Emanuel took me and my husband to the End yesterday and took him almost an hour to get crystals and kill the dragon. Guess where hubby and I were at that time? hiding in a shelter ahahah I can survive there, but I won’t dare to fight the dragon yet. ahahah
23:09:47 From Don Carroll : I’ve got to go. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to participate this year.
23:10:03 From ROSEMERE BARD : you can survive if you are wearing a good armour
23:10:06 From Don Carroll : This year happens to be really busy.
23:10:08 From Anne Hendler (complete noob) : I guess I’ll have to go in and figure out what my questions are.
23:10:09 From Claire Siskin : Must go too. Thanks for a most informative session!
23:10:17 From Marijana : Great Rose, bye Don, take care, sure no worries
23:10:35 From Marijana : I also need to go, I have meeting in 30 mins in Adobe. 🙂
23:10:45 From Marijana : bye guys, see you soon
23:10:50 From Vance Stevens : thanks for coming
23:10:53 From Sedat Akayoğlu : thank you so much for this intro… I will join MC today..
23:11:08 From Sedat Akayoğlu : I will have more questions when I start using it
23:11:15 From BARBARA STEVENS : Bye Thanks for joining us everyone.
23:11:22 From Nazlı Ceren Işıklıgil : Other than live events like this, are we going to have specific times to play together? I normally play with Olivetree since I know her from last year and learning from her but that would be great to play with others as well

To answer this question, we moderators set up times to be online where we tend to find others active. For example, Bobbi and I usually go for our evenings around 14:00 UTC (GMT). This is early morning for people in South America and two hours before midnight in Asia where Jane and I are. But we are up from about 1 or 2 am UTC, in case anyone wanted to make an arrangement to meet. During lockdown we stay home usually, so if you want to meet suggest a time. Or go to our server map at http://mc.evomc.net:8123/. If we are you can join us. You can page us in world right on the chat bar at the bottom of the map.

23:11:37 From Jane Chien : Thanks for joining everyone!
23:12:08 From Jane Chien : I’m doing research on language learning in Minecraft, if anyone is interested 😉
23:12:42 From Nazlı Ceren Işıklıgil : Yeah that would be great!
23:12:42 From Jane Chien : Also, we’re building Minecraft language learning lessons 🙂
23:12:47 From Marijana : Great Jane. Have you checked our old article, written in 2014, bye Vance, Filip and me
23:12:53 From Nazlı Ceren Işıklıgil : If we know who are up for playing at what time generally

We are from all parts of the world, so we are up at different times. If you are in Turkey you are near those of us from Egypt, Croatia, Romania, and Asia (in Asia we are 24 hours away from USA)

23:13:03 From Jane Chien : Yes, I cited your article when I wrote mine 🙂
23:13:39 From Marijana : great
23:13:53 From Marijana : ok, need to go now. see you later, bye all
23:14:12 From Vance Stevens : Smolcec, Smolcec , and Stevens (2014) is listed here: http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/w/page/142599177/Pedagogy_of_Minecraft
23:14:56 From Anne Hendler (complete noob) : Thank you for all the information! It’s after midnight here, so I have to turn in. See everyone in game.
23:15:12 From Aaron Schwartz : thanks everyone for coming
23:15:13 From Nazlı Ceren Işıklıgil : Thank you!!! See you in Minecraft 🙂
23:15:13 From Serdar Sen : thanks for the instruction, see you later in the game 🍃stay safe ✨
23:15:26 From BARBARA STEVENS : Bye all
23:15:36 From Sedat Akayoğlu : bye all
23:15:42 From Sedat Akayoğlu : thank you all
23:15:46 From Sedat Akayoğlu : for this great intro
23:16:00 From BARBARA STEVENS : see you all in the game!


Facebook live stream

Krisztina Tisza · 53:49 Just joined on Zoom! It’s awesome! Thank you!
Walton Burns · 44:04 Does warp creative mean you go into creative mode?
Virgínia Oliveira · 38:13 I`m watching on facebook but the audio is very low!
(Teacher Vance – Huge Hint, the passcode is in the email confirmation)
Aaron Schwartz · 28:26 i’m also being asked for a passcode
Virgínia Oliveira · 25:44 what`s the password?
Jane Chien · 0:00 I don’t have the password?
Jane Chien · 15:41 https://us02web.zoom.us/…/tZctf-6trzMsG9P-x…
Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Mon 11 Jan 1400 UTC etc
Jane Chien · 11:19 Let me get you info
Don Carroll · 10:49 The server is popping on and off.
Don Carroll · 10:25 How do I join the Zoom?
Jane Chien · 0:00 Hi! You’re early! I’ll be back soon! Give me five minutes!
Don Carroll · 5:11 Hi Vance and Bobbi.
Mike Kenteris · 0:52 In the backdrop … not available to attend at this time!

Promotion and Feedback

Announcements were made
on these Facebook groups

And at Groups.io

Live stream
And the event was live-streamed on https://www.facebook.com/groups/evomc
but the recording ended up at my facebook page under videos: https://www.facebook.com/vance.stevens.3/videos/ and to that add the code 10158846255149719
to complete the URL (if I write that out in full here, it converts into what you see below)

We started the stream about 15 min before we started the Zoom recording,

I’ve faced this problem in the past, when I stream to a private group, I can’t post the video in such a way that anyone can see it. I’ll have to make a Camtasia recording, maybe of just the first 15 minutes until we started the Zoom recording (they should be the same). And in FUTURE stream to a public group, such as Learning2gether. Later for this.

Earlier Events

Electronic Village Online Opening Kickoff and EVO Minecraft MOOC pre-session server party


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