Vance Stevens and Heike Philp present on blended learning and the future of education at Teaching ESL Hub Bouncing Talks series

Learning2gether Episode 486
During this event I said it was episode 485. That was just an estimate 🙂


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Vance recorded the event in full desktop view using Camtasia

In this webinar, Maha interviewed Vance Stevens and Heike Philp about “comparing and contrasting ideas on blended learning … ” She asked us to consider these 4 questions:

  • What  do you think  of blended learning? Is it the best choice?
  • How has this changed along your experiences?
  • What practical examples of teachers you trained reflect this?
  • What do you think of the future of education?

Vance wrote out his answers here:

Maha Hassan had invited Heike Philp and Vance Stevens to participate in
“a new round of talks in August. We call it Bouncing Talks where we will invite two guests as a kind of panel where they would talk about similar topics comparing and contrasting their points of view.”

Maha’s invitation said:

We will be meeting @Heike Philp and @Vance Stevens for the Second Bouncing Talk about Blended Learning and the future of education.

We’ll be in Zoom but if you can’t find the link you can join us on Facebook: Teaching ESL HUB [LIVE]


Facebook Chat Logs

Teaching ESL HUB was live.
Ayat Tawel · 1:42 Hi lovely people.. can’t find the zoom link . So will follow on FB
Rochelle Jauod Ubiña · 2:50 Good evening from Commonwealth, Quezon City, Philippines
Nesreen Sayed · 7:13 Hi
Houcine Fendou · 8:46 Good afternoon
Ma Eleta M Asuncion · 11:19 Blessed day
Ayat Tawel · 12:34 Maha Hassan can you post the zoom link here ?
Ahmed Magdy El-Nagar · 14:06 Ahmed Gohar
Rikki Evanz · 14:27 Blended learning is a hybrid of of asynchronous and synchronous learning.
Ahmed Magdy El-Nagar · 15:34 Good luck, Miss Maha Hassan 🙂
Ahsan Ul Kabir Mukul · 15:48 hello From Bangladesh
Heike Philp · 16:53 May I ask you all, what is blended learning for you? and how does this work for your students?
Heike Philp · 17:57 Thank you Rikki, a hybrid of asynchronous and synchronous learning
Heike Philp · 19:35 hi Ayat, I will paste the link to Zoom in privat chat ok?
Ahsan Ul Kabir Mukul · 22:08 hello From Bangladesh
Heike Philp · 23:59 hi Ahsan, great you joined
Heike Philp · 24:05 and Ionela, lovely to see you
Ahsan Ul Kabir Mukul · 24:48 Heike Philp @thanks
Ahsan Ul Kabir Mukul · 28:11 excellent presentation
Ahsan Ul Kabir Mukul · 30:23 thanks From Bangladesh Open University. Bangladesh 🇧🇩
MT Hoque · 32:25 Hi teachers, l an so happy to have you. Thank you very much for so much beneficial live class.
Heike Philp · 33:33 so what do you use?
Teaching ESL HUB · 33:26 Ahsan Ul Kabir Mukul thank you Ahsan for joining us
Ahsan Ul Kabir Mukul · 35:12 I am so happy to with you
Hari Singh Karki · 36:07 Glad to join you from Nepal
Ionela C. Mateș · 19:23 Hello from Romania
Heike Philp · 38:34 May I ask the question to all of you: what do you think of blended learning and what do you use?
Heike Philp · 38:48 do you have an LMS in place and which one?
Michael Birch · 43:48 It’s easy to assume that the passive ones are underachievers, but it’s not necessarily the case. Maybe they find the MOOC materials too limited or prescriptive.
Heike Philp · 56:18 what apps or tools do you know about on doing assessment
Hanaa M. Khamis · 59:10 ELSA Speak
Heike Philp · 1:02:08 hi Hanaa – lovely to hear from you
Heike Philp · 1:02:10 🙂
Julie Diamantakou · 1:03:45 It is definitely going to be less time consuming for students.
Heike Philp · 1:05:16 Julie, fabulous point, special educational needs
Heike Philp · 1:05:50 this is a big question
Heike Philp · 1:06:24 oh, big point
Heike Philp · 1:05:45 could technology help provide access for learners or prevent them from having access
Hanaa M. Khamis · 1:07:26 Same issue v equity
Rikki Evanz · 1:09:35 Thank you everyone. 🍀
Heike Philp · 1:10:12 4438955
Heike Philp · 1:10:22 thank you so much
Julie Diamantakou · 1:10:39 thank you very much!!!!
Nesreen Sayed · 1:11:08 Thanks alot
Julie Diamantakou · 1:11:03 appreciate it.!!!
Nesreen Sayed · 1:11:49 Bye
Heike Philp · 58:56 and last question: what do you think is the future of education
Hanaa M. Khamis · 1:01:06 Less of traditional test types
Teaching ESL HUB · 0:00 Sure Hanaa M. Khamis I totally agree 🙂
Rikki Evanz · 46:56 Ever since, we teachers have been stepping up to make our lesson or instruction engaging and effective. I reckon we need to leverage technologies to humanize teaching and learning.
Teaching ESL HUB · 1:02:42 If you have any questions for Vance or Heike please write it here in the comments.
Hanaa M. Khamis · 1:06:24 Q: Is MS Teams an efficient n user-friendly platform?
Julie Diamantakou · 1:02:22 Online learning is not going to work with young learners.and especially for those with dyslexic and those with attention deficit.
Teaching ESL HUB · 0:00 Julie Diamantakou The problem is that they need a guide or a parent to be with them. I have heard for a specialist that special needs students enjoy the private attention they get from online sessions. Do you agree with this?
Syeda Fozia Naz · 1:05 HELLO


Promotion and Feedback

The event was promoted on Learning2gether in the usual way as follows

An event was set at Learning2gether and shared with the following Facebook groups

And posted as a message at this

And on twitter:

Maha promoted her event at the Teaching ESL Hub

The event was streamed on Facebook


Note: this is just an image


This says: Here is the link to our latest Bouncing Talk with Heike Philp and Vance Stevens last Saturday on our You Tube Channel


Earlier Events

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Join our weekly hour-long play “workout” for people of all ages around the world! Take a play break with your family or on your own – suitable for children, teens, adults and elders! Create connection and community while having fun – alleviate stress and anxiety through play. Bring whatever you have to play with … emotions, language, humor, your challenges and your hopes for our world. Hosted by international performance activist and comic educator, Marian Rich, and an international team of co-facilitators. This week’s co-facilitator is Judy Wong. Sessions are conducted in English.

I had another event at that time but I attended this one when it began. It started out with music playing which was disorienting for newcomers since it prevented communication with others (I was let into the room 8 minutes after the top of the hour – it was possible I had been let in late after the meeting had already started through I was on time). The music had a purpose as a mood-setter, and we were then to put in our feelings into the text chat. By then I said I was feeling conflicted since I was already late for my other meeting, and excused myself that I needed to leave. I existed as another musical segment started playing.


Wed 26 Aug 1700 UTC- TESOL Intercultural Communication Interest Section Coffee Hour on Building classroom community

TESOL’s Intercultural Communication Interest Section will be hosting their next coffee hour on Wednesday, 8/26 at 1:00 p.m. EST on the topic of building inclusive classroom community in language and intercultural communication courses.

Coffee hours start with about 15 minutes of welcome and sharing content, 25 minutes in breakout rooms with others, and about 15 minutes for sharing out ideas as a whole group. Come share your thoughts and walk away with some new ideas!

Zoom invitation:
Time: Aug 26, 2020 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:


Wed 26 Aug 1800 UTC 6th NileTESOL PD Coffee Night

Hanaa M. Khamis wants to know …

Have you ever seen any bizarre/unique customs & traditions around the world as an ESOL practitioner in some international cultural encounters? Participate with a 3~5-min talk in which you express how this may have caused funny/awkward/uneasy moments of misunderstanding, but has become a teachable moment about tolerance and openness to others.

Speakers: Achama Isaac, Anastasia Jean, Fatmah Azam Ali, Hind Elkhatim Elyas, Maria Bossa, Salma Tarek Al-Feqqi 


Fri 28 Aug noon UTC Mick King on TESOL Career Path PD Net

The requisite screenshot selfie:

Here’s the recording with chat logs and transcription of the spoken audio

Liz follows up with thoughts on resiliance


Fri-Sun 28-30 Aug VWEDU Opensim Fest 2020

#VWEDU: Update 8/17/2020 . Opensim Fest 2020 coming August 28-30 STÖMOL is a feature-length sci-fi video done in Second Life®

Information at the above link is robo-churned, but there is a website for Opensim Fest here

There are buttons there for:

There is a video you can watch:

The video says that with 60 days to go all the “performers” were signed up, but they were looking for “exhibitors, merchants, and volunteers”

and then there is this stipulation …

And that’s all I know …



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