Gavin Dudeney discusses with TALIN: Why the Obsession With ‘Tools’?

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Learning2gether Episode 481
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This was a delightful wedinar with one of Gavin Dudeney’s impeccable slide presentations, this one on the appropriateness of tools when teaching and their necessity relative to pedagogy (or just plain dogme). Gavin’s prepared remarks took only half the available hour which left us plenty of time for discussion and conversation.

With us in the Zoom chat room were, besides Gavin and myself, Laine Marshall, Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux, and Carla Arena. In Facebook we had Helena Galani, Miguel Mendoza, Vicky Saumell, Jane Chien, Liliana Simón, Kelley Proctor, and Perry Christensen.

Gavin (a.k.a. ‘the voice of reason and common sense in ed tech’) Dudeney led a group discussion on Why the Obsession With ‘Tools’?  about education’s response to Covid, online teaching and our obsession with ‘tools’

Dudeney, G. (n.d. but c.2020). The Future of Online Learning. TransformELT.

See more of Gavin’s thoughts on this topic here

As Gavin mentioned an interest in stir fry, let’s discuss an appropriate tool for that: Linguacuisine. Gavin and I talked about this before others had arrived at the webinar, and that discussion is on the recording.

Seedhouse, P.,  Heslop, P., & Kharrufa, R. (2020). Cooking as a language learning task. TESL-EJ, 24(1), 1-13.

Zoom and Facebook Chat Logs


There wasn’t much contributed to the Zoom chat this week.

22:07:22 From Lorena Zurbano Ruiz-Casaux : hello 🙂
22:11:45 From Vance Stevens : hi, welcome to show a web cam if you like
22:20:22 From Vance Stevens :
This is the link to Gavin’s blog post which was anchoring out discussion
23:00:41 From Vance Stevens :
I posted the link to the Seedhouse et al. article on Linguacuisine, but without comment
23:03:27 From carlaarena :

The Facebook chat was much livelier, though the conversation didn’t pick up until toward the end of the hour.

Vance Stevens · 39:52 Hi everyone
Helena Galani · 40:53 Hello!
Miguel Mendoza · 42:16 Hi, everyone!
Vance Stevens · 45:38 Join us if you like
Vicky Saumell · 47:36 Hi, I’m late to the party!
Vance Stevens · 53:41 Glad you’re here
Vicky Saumell · 58:19 Exactly! Some things are impracticable and we need to leave them out
Vicky Saumell · 59:28 Some schools in Argentina have decided to do this: reproduce the face to face schedule all day long. But not all
Helena Galani · 1:01:02 Same in Greece. State-school teachers tend to use their webex platform as a lecturing tool, which is not an easy task, I confess, given the technicalities and lack of experience on the part of both teachers and learners (and families)
Vicky Saumell · 1:01:48 And coordinators or heads who don’t know either
Vicky Saumell · 1:02:12 So they cannot lead the necessary change
Helena Galani · 1:02:39 No, they are not prepared for this, yet.
Vicky Saumell · 1:04:00 Well, many countries are still hoping for the curriculum to be taught
Vicky Saumell · 1:04:15 And teachers don;t have such freedom
Helena Galani · 1:04:50 But practice makes perfect… Perhaps, as of September, they will all be tempted to learn more in order to meet the needs of the new type of “school”
Helena Galani · 1:06:52 Thanks Gavin
Jane Chien · 1:07:17 Great! Thanks!!👍👍👍
Helena Galani · 1:07:08 Great to see you again everyone.
Miguel Mendoza · 1:07:25 Thanks, Gavin.
Liliana Simón · 1:07:31 Hi Gavin
Vicky Saumell · 1:08:01 Thanks, bye!
Miguel Mendoza · 1:08:24 Bye
Helena Galani · 1:08:36 Thanks bye!
Kelley Proctor · 26:26 Thanks Gavin, completely agree. Completed the Teaching Live Online course with Consultant E 4 years ago, it was so useful and, as a result, myself and my teachers were prepared.
Perry Christensen · 0:25 This was great. It reaffirmed that I don’t need to look for all the latest tools and that each teacher can can continue to do what works best for them and their students.

The next morning, I added this suggestion and appeal to the Facebook chat:

Vance Stevens · 0:00 Hi all, thanks for joining us. I wish there was some way we could integrate this chat each Sunday in a better way with what is happening in the Zoom room. Perhaps there could be a dedicated person who could join both.  I try to keep my eye on the FB chat but I have a lot going on hosting and managing the event to be able to do it effectively.

We need someone who is following the FB chat closely and could relay the gyst to those meeting in Zoom, to help create a more meaningful interaction between the zoom and FB participants. Any volunteers?

Promotion and Feedback

The event was posted to these Facebook groups

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After participating in this event and the discusion afterwards, Carla Arena posted this on the Webheads in Action page,

And so much clear now how Webheads’ spirit is more alive than ever before and the world needs all of us who have been “preaching” to the crowd for so long… Now, as we mentioned in the call, we are being heard and looked for as never before!

and some feedback …



What is TALIN?

TALIN stands for Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN,

The idea for TALIN was prompted by suggestions in numerous cross-fertilizing communities of practice that there was needed a space where members of these CoPs could meet online and talk informally to one another about how they are dealing with changes in their personal and professional contexts and what they are doing to help others in this trying time of pandemic.

Learning2gether can host TALIN events in Zoom during times of isolation/lockdown if they are intended to be recorded and shared with the wider community, and if they take place between 02:00-14:00 UTC

TALIN events here are open to all and free to attend.

If you would like to propose an event or invite others to meet in conversation

  1. Visit this page
  2. Click on “Request Edit Access” to the left of your profile picture at the top of the page
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Write in your event on the schedule. Give the time in UTC if you can, and give the time in your location also as a double check on time

You can host the event yourself, but if you want Learning2gether to host it and promote it, please allow enough time to check that I am available, at least a few days in advance.

More about TALIN, as presented at international online conferences

Earlier Events

Sat 25 July 1400 UTC IATEFL LTSIG hosts Graham Stanley on Interactive storytelling games

Sun 26 July noon UTC – 18th Webheads Revival Weekly Sunday Sandbox OpenMic-inar

Mon July 27 TESOL Career Path Development Professional Network Group

Maybe you have to be a member of the FB group in order to view the video at this link

Wed 29 July 1400 UTC TESOL Supporting Students with Disabilities (SSDIS) Interest Section Webinar

TESOL’s Supporting Students with Disabilities (SSDIS) Interest Section is hosting a Webinar which looks at supporting and identifying English Learners with disabilities on:

July 29, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. US EST.


A framework for better understanding the interface with language learning and learning disabilities will be presented along with guides for reflection and tips for practice when working with English learners who have disabilities.

The information in this webinar is ideal for K-12 teachers and administrators who would like to learn more about English learners with and without disabilities, but the information can easily be applied to post-secondary students as well.

Here is the Link:…

Please pass along to teachers, administrators, and graduate students and professionals who might be interested!

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