Vance Stevens and Heike Philp co-host a free webinar: How to effectively defuse Zoom bombers

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On Thursday,  June 18, at 1300 UTC, timed to coincide with 9 a.m. EDT in the USA

Vance Stevens and Heike Philp presented
How to effectively defuse Zoom bombers

Two CALL practitioners, both with decades-long experience in hosting online events, overview documents they have created explaining how they configure their Zoom meetings to prevent intrusion in the first place, and failing that, to defuse bombers if they manage to penetrate their defenses. We aim to demonstrate our approach to security in this meeting and wish to role model SMART security and not necessarily tightened security.

We planned to discuss these documents:

Heike Philp had prepared a document on Zoom security

Heike had decided to put some of these notions into practice,

  • Heike and Vance would co-host the meeting (and we modeled and explained how to set that up)
  • We started with a waiting room, but Heike removed it at the outset, as there were only 10 participants, and thus there was no need for its certain purpose, which included to serve as a communication tool for late participants
  • Heike provided guidance on how to actively mute and unmute people and co-host roles.
  • We started the recording on time, but early arrivers would have seen what kind of preparation is required to make this Zoom meeting memorable and disturbance free.

Vance Stevens presented his document, Zoom settings to prevent Zoom bombers, and for this presentation, given a tiny URL:

The settings here are presented as in a manual, in the order you would find them in your Zoom settings

Therefore, Vance prepared a slide presentation to introduce the topics in a more logical order:

  • General settings that are best practice for all your meetings
  • Security settings that must be set before you launch your meeting
  • Security settings you can adjust during your meeting
  • Other settings that must be configured prior to launch of your meeting

The text and the slides documents both link to one another

The webinar was free and no pre-registration was required 

Meeting details (Zoom room and password) were NOT posted on any social media site, but were distributed via links to the following wikis:

There is more about TALIN further down this page, here

This was an archetypical Learning2gether experience. Vance painstakingly and systematically compiled resources not only to share them, but in hopes of getting feedback on them (and when we get feedback, we learn). Heike brought her expertise to the banquet, revealing elliptical menus that others had not been aware of, and Laine Marshall is a power-user also with much to add to the discussion. Chris Fry’s comments on how whiteboards work and on obtaining passwords for mobile phones contributed to everyone’s knowledge. It would not be inappropriate to thank all of the participants in this session for walking so often together this far into our mutual learning journey.

Zoom Chat Logs

Participants: Besides co-hosts Vance Stevens and Heike Philp
Maryanne Burgos, Nancy Ackles, Lucy Alton, Chris Fry, Laine Marshall, Ilka Kostka, Simone Sandler (and Heike and Chris’s cell phones, which upped our partipant count to 11)


21:01:49 From Heike Philp :
21:07:59 From Heike Philp : haha
21:11:41 From Laine Marshall : we need to remember there are three levels, each with different in-meeting menu options: host, co-host, participants
21:12:55 From Ilka Kostka : good point, Helaine
21:15:43 From Heike Philp : btw, I am looking down because I am taking notes
21:16:05 From Heike Philp : who experienced Zoom bombing?
21:16:14 From Heike Philp : I did twice
21:16:31 From Ilka Kostka : I haven’t experienced it, but I’ve heard horror stories about it.
21:17:22 From Lucy Alton : I haven’t had Zoom bombers yet, but I teach Adult Ed. and that may have something to do with it.
21:17:32 From Heike Philp : what have you heardß?
21:18:41 From Heike Philp :
21:20:36 From Heike Philp : does everyone of you have a Zoom account?
21:20:42 From Laine Marshall : My question is about video, not audio. It seems there is no obvious way to disallow video for participants in the same way as you can force “no unmuting” of audio. Is that the case? And if so, is there a work-around?
21:21:50 From Heike Philp : No you are right Laine, there is no way to disallow video
21:21:54 From Lucy Alton : I have a personal account and also one through the community college where I teach. That college account has some controls on it set by the IT department.
21:22:08 From Heike Philp : but you can discourage it by selecting ‘start Zoom without video’
21:22:41 From Maryanne Burgos : What is an instant meeting?
Question answered: An instant meeting is convened for similar reasons that you might start a Skype of Facebook group chat, where you just want to meet with people spontaneously, and your personal meeting room is an available space for that. For this webinar I created a room just for that, with no intention of using it again, and with a password, nobomb, that I’ll never use again – Vance
21:22:52 From Heike Philp : however if someeone wants to use Video, you – as host or co-host can not stop it – but you can disable the video manually when they started the video
21:23:18 From Laine Marshall : Consider all our questions as a “parking lot” for after your slide presentation – no worries….. 🙂
21:24:17 From Lucy Alton : Free accounts have personal IDs.
21:24:49 From Heike Philp : every Zoom account has a personal ID and the free ones no longer can be hosted without password
21:25:44 From Lucy Alton : @Heike. Thanks! I didn’t know that. I haven’t really used mine. I set up repeating meetings for family and just turn that meeting on.
21:26:24 From Laine Marshall : WOW – thanks. Heike!!!! how did you find out they couldn’t re-start it after you stop in once? That’s awesome!!!!!
21:26:38 From Maryanne Burgos : I have a personal account and I just copy and send link to my friends. They do no need a password b/c in setting I check no password.
This is fine for friends and family but would be a risky practice with students or in a professional setting – Vance
21:29:15 From Laine Marshall : Is there a way to have a pre-message they see in the waiting room telling them to come in without video? I know you can message the waiting room only after the first person is waiting. Do those messages stay there for subsequent arrivals? (I have so many questions!)
21:30:42 From Laine Marshall : I use it to remind them to do the pre-work for the flipped session before entering!!
21:30:56 From Heike Philp : cool
21:34:41 From Laine Marshall : mine just says “on your phone?”
21:35:08 From Chris Fry : Click on the green shield at the top on an ipad and you can see the password
This regards how participants who check in from phones can get a meeting password. Since they cannot type alpha characters such as nobomb Zoom generates passwords for them and reveals them in the ways we discussed here – Vance
21:36:25 From Heike Philp : If I click on the green shield, I dont get the password on the windows machine
21:37:01 From Chris Fry : Works the same way with android phones. Maybe you have to click on the word Zoom at the top. There’s a down arrow next to it
21:37:12 From Heike Philp : @Laine, when you click on what?
21:37:55 From Lucy Alton : In upper left of my laptop screen, there is a letter i in a circle. Clicking there gets the meeting number and password.
21:38:37 From Chris Fry : just like on my desktop pc
21:38:37 From Lucy Alton : And a link that can be copied and shared.
21:38:49 From Heike Philp : oh I got this wrong with the password
21:39:01 From Heike Philp : under the phone settings
21:39:03 From Heike Philp : apologies
21:39:53 From Maryanne Burgos : How do you put people in your account?
21:40:15 From Heike Philp : hey Lucy – well done
21:40:20 From Heike Philp : yes this is where it is
21:40:50 From Heike Philp : The putting people on your account is only possible in an enterprise or institutional setting
21:41:06 From Heike Philp : people will have to be added to a zoom hosting group
21:41:27 From Maryanne Burgos : Thanks.
21:41:29 From Heike Philp : this was an answer to Maryanne
21:43:15 From Laine Marshall : Can Vance control the placement of his Zoom control bar b/c it intermittently shows up and blocks the lower piece of his slides?
21:44:06 From Heike Philp : This is a Google slides bar which covers the slides
21:44:14 From Heike Philp : and this can be disabled in Google slides
That’s good to know, I’ll disable it from now on. It has alway annoyed me – Vance
21:44:43 From Laine Marshall : Got it, thx Google slide bar disabling but not moving….
21:46:57 From Maryanne Burgos : no
21:47:09 From Maryanne Burgos : yes
21:48:16 From Laine Marshall : Do you pop out the chat? You can resize all your windows and see chat and participant pods and see it all
21:50:17 From Chris Fry : What about the whiteboard? It is an option when screen sharing, so if no screensharing is allowed, no problem. But don’t allow annotations by other people
21:51:53 From Lucy Alton : Does requiring registration make zoom bombing less likely?
21:52:18 From Maryanne Burgos : Sorry, I will have to leave as I have another Zoom meeting.
21:53:29 From Nancy Ackles : I, like Maryanne, must leave. I’m learning a lot and I’ll be sure to go to the recorded version of this webinar,
21:54:51 From Laine Marshall : @ Chris – could the “share content” option be a pre-meeting setting?
21:55:31 From Heike Philp : In answer to Chris, this named user control is only possible if people have a ‘shared Zoom account’ setting – I have one and am happy to show you – but you don’t normally need this
21:56:17 From Heike Philp : @Lucy to require people to register is only possible in the webinar version
21:57:07 From Chris Fry : @Laine, I think the Heike has the key. My experience with zoom is limited to doing school work with our granddaughter
21:57:50 From Lucy Alton : @Heike – We have registration option in the college’s account. I need to have my students register if I am going to use a poll for a quiz. I can pull up the report later and see their individual answers.
21:58:11 From Chris Fry : Streaming to YouTube offers closed captions which streaming to Facebook doesn’t.
21:58:21 From Ilka Kostka : Thanks so much! I learned a lot.
21:58:35 From Lucy Alton : Thanks so much! This was interesting and fun. I have to skip out and get to the same other Zoom meeting as Maryanne. 🙂
21:58:41 From Laine Marshall : The chat has lots of goodies in it, too!
It certainly does – Vance
21:59:56 From Chris Fry : I can never get closed captions on Facebook….
I’ve seen closed caption on Dilip Barad’s Facebook streams; I’ll have to find out from him how he does it – Vance
22:00:46 From Simone Sandler : Thank you! Running to another Zoom session!
22:00:52 From Laine Marshall : @Lucy, that is why I have TWO accounts – my own and the school’s!
22:02:02 From Laine Marshall : Want to see why Laine has no video today?
Laine then proceeded to Zoom bomb us 🙂
22:04:27 From Vance Stevens : thanks Chris, thanks for joining us

This is where the bomber appeared, at 58:19 in the recording. We were on speaker view in the recording, so it’s not here, but Heike took a photo on her cell phone … Heike??


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Earlier Events

Sun 14 June noon UTC – Webheads Revival Weekly Sunday Meeting number 12


Mon 15 June 15 1500 ET Lizabeth England announces Let’s talk about our TESOL Career Paths! (in Zoom)

Following the great turn out we’ve seen for our events in the past weeks and with the lead of many TESOL affiliate leaders (including my own, Virginia TESOL), TESOL CPD leaders are offering a new opportunity to connect.

Let’s talk about our TESOL Career Paths!

Please join us on Monday, June 15, at 3 PM ET (7 PM Tuesday GMT*) for informal conversation, brainstorming and story sharing.  We are eager to support each other in these challenging days.  We may not have all the answers but we do have ideas to share and perhaps the beginning of a new way of looking at our professional paths.

*Learning2gether is fact checking this date and time

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Join Zoom Meeting:
Topic: Zoom Meeting Invitation – TESOL CPD Zoom Meeting
Time: Jun 15, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 716 028 3832

Wed 17 June noon-3pm Pacific time – Library 2.0 miniconference on Small, Rural, Independent Libraries

Another conference Hosted by: Steve Hargadon …

Our second Library 2.020 mini-conference: “Small, Rural, and Independent Libraries,” will be held online (and for free) on Wednesday, June 17th, from 12:00 – 3:00 pm US-Pacific Daylight Time (click for your own time zone). We currently have 3200 people registered for this event. Please join them and us!

This mini-conference will focus on innovation and innovative thinking in rural, independent, tribal, and other small libraries–as well as the many unique challenges that they face. A diverse array of keynote panelists and curated presenters will cover topics that will likely include:

  • Innovations to provide Internet access and training to rural patrons;
  • New ways that small libraries can offer services that the big urban libraries offer;
  • Taking community partnerships to the next level;
  • How workers from small and rural libraries can easily connect with each other to get ideas and keep innovating;
  • Novel ways to fund special programs;
  • Unique “Internet of Things” offers that are tailored to specific communities;
  • Safety, security, and ways to deal with emergencies when the sheriff’s department is far away.

This event is being organized in partnership with Jim Lynch from TechSoup for Libraries, Kate Laughlin from the Association for Rural & Small Libraries, and The School of Information at San José State University.

This is a free event, being held live online and also recorded.
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Participants are encouraged to use #library2020 and #smallruralindependent on their social media posts leading up to and during the event.


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