Regular Webheads Revival 7th Sunday Weekly Meeting, May 10, 2020

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Learning2gether Episode 460
and TALIN event #15


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More about Webheads then and now
Find out more about TALIN
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Our 7th Regular Webheads Weekly Revival Meeting was TALIN event #15, and Learning2gether #460, despite whatever I might have said on the recording.

Susan Marandi was first to arrive at the meeting, an hour early in fact, but once I had got there and could monitor the waiting room to let her enter, we started talking about the situation with COVID-19 in Iran. She had a lot to say but could not stay and say much because she was supposed to meet her class online (she was connecting from her home). She asked if we could meet earlier next Sunday, so I agreed to be there half an hour early (11:30 UTC), though I also plan to be there from noon to 13:00 as usual.

Meanwhile Michael Coghlan and Laine Marshall had arrived, soon to be followed by Nina Liakos. Laine was fresh off her successful series of SOFLA presentations. SOFLA stands for Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach, an idea the Laine has been developing for years, most recently culminating in a workshop she had given at the Virtual Round Table Web Conference just two days before. Heike Philp, who mounted the conference for the benefit of all her many friends and colleagues around the world, has links to all the recordings of all the presentations throughout the conference, including Laine’s at 7 pm UTC on Friday May 8, here: (and for the direct link, click here).

The recording of Laine’s workshop is there, but not the links to her presentation materials which she released to her participants at the end of the workshop. I suggested she return to the program and add them there, but by that time Heike had removed write permissions to avoid her program becoming an annoyingly shifting playing field, so she sent the materials to me, and I added them to my record of the event, where colleagues and I had made our own presentations, blogged here:

Laine Marshall’s VRT workshop on SOFLA

So for the benefit of all our readers and colleagues, here are the recording of her presentation and accompanying materials:

Laine created a Google Folder
with everything we produced, along with all instructions, the workshop chart of activities, etc.

Here is more about SOFLA, webinar links, blog links, etc.
Flipped Learning Global Initiative Blog Post:
Teacher Education Interest Section Newsletter, TESOL
Screencast-o-matic Blog Post
Professor Shares 3 Big Benefits Of Video Learning
Laine’s webinar on SOFLA- Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach:


More about Webheads, then and now

The original Webheads weekly meetings used to be held regularly for the first decade of this century in various online spaces, traditionally at noon UTC on Sundays.

These started out being meetings of Writing for Webheads, a precursor MOOC for people worldwide who wanted to improve their English in conversation and other interactions with native speakers. After Webheads in Action was formed n 2002, the meetings were mostly attended by teachers and educational technology specialists, and others, in the process of becoming a community of practice; see


Webheads never disbanded, though we did lie fallow for some time. When COVID-19 provoked us into moving online to a greater degree than in the interim, and at the instigaton of Webheads co-founder Michael Coghlan, we regrouped, falling eventually into the original time frame.

In these meetings we gather in Zoom to talk about Life in the Time of COVID-19. It’s an opportunity for virtual friends and colleagues to spend some time together and talk about how we’re spending our lockdown days, or anything else that may be on our minds. It’s open mic; our meetings tend to be free-form and are tailored to the interests of whomever turns up (but of course, if anyone wants to suggest an agenda in advance, they are welcome to do so.)


This event was posted to these Facebook Groups 

And announced here:

More about TALIN

TALIN stands for Teaching and Learning in IsolatioN,

The idea for TALIN was prompted by suggestions in numerous cross-fertilizing communities of practice that there was needed a space where members of these CoPs could meet online and talk informally to one another about how they are dealing with changes in their personal and professional contexts and what they are doing to help others in this trying time of pandemic.

Learning2gether can host TALIN events in Zoom during times of isolation/lockdown if they are intended to be recorded and shared with the wider community, and if they take place between 02:00-14:00 UTC

TALIN events here are open to all and free to attend.  If you would like to propose an event or invite others to meet in conversation

  1. Visit this page
  2. Click on “Request Edit Access” to the left of your profile picture at the top of the page
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Write in your event on the schedule. Give the time in UTC if you can, and give the time in your location also as a double check on time

You can host the event yourself, but if you want Learning2gether to host it and promote it, please allow enough time to check that I am available, at least a few days in advance.

After the Virtual Round Table Conference May 8-9, 2020, there’s even more about TALIN here: and

Earlier Events

Fri May 8 – Sat May 9 2020 Virtual Round Table Web conference


  • Sat May 9 1130 UTC Vance Stevens presents TALIN at the 2020 Virtual Round Table Web conference
  • Sat May 9 1200 UTC Minecraft Symposium at the 2020 Virtual Round Table Web conference

This blog is written and maintained by Vance Stevens
You are free to share-alike and with attribution under

The date of this update is May 12, 2020 07:00 UTC

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