Wrap-up and closing ceremony of EVO2020

Learning2gether Episode 437

On Sunday, February 16, 2020, at 14:00 UTC, Electronic Village Online, http://evosessions.org, held its annual wrap-up and closing ceremony, this time for EVO 2020. The session was run by Carolina Buitrago and Martha Ramirez, our Head Lead and Lead Coordinators for EVO 2020.

In an effort to get everyone to talk to one another, the two lead coordinators conducted a couple of polls and then had the groups go into breakout rooms in Zoom. We found out later that anyone could have recorded a breakout room, but in the main room, the breakouts resulted in silence, so Nellie Deutsch, who was hosting the Zoom sessions, recorded the event in two parts.

The first part displayed interesting display of results from the Polleverywhere (e.g. how the app can form word clouds from data input.

There was then a breakout session. As mentioned earlier, any group in its breakout room could have made a recording of that room. This didn’t occur to anyone, but now we know (for next year, or for our future Zoom sessions)

Nellie resumed the recording after the group reconvened. Here is Part 2


The sweetest takeaway from this session for me was when Head Lead Coordinator Carolina Buitrago thanked us all for our hard work and passion and said that “It is inspiring to see that there are still people who want to make education better without anything in return.”

This occurred at 29:31 in the video here: https://youtu.be/pL0Z-CtAahw?t=1771



The event was announced on Facebook


The official EVO closing ceremony takes place on Sun Feb 16 1400 UTC in Zoom at
https://zoom.us/j/210143084. All are welcome to attend to hear moderators talk about their sessions and to share participant experiences.

  • EVO Minecraft MOOC can carry on as long as there is a server running and as long as people want to play (and learn, of course :-).
  • (Co-hosts wee added to our EVOMC20 group announcement for acknowledgement, not actually expected to attend 🙂


And afterwards


Earlier events


Sat Feb 15 1300 UTC Learning2gether 436 Final EVOMC20 Classic 1.12.2 Play and Learn Time – Mattie’s wool race


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