EVO Minecraft MOOC kicks off its 6th season with Electronic Village Online

Learning2gether Episode 433

EVO Minecraft MOOC kicked off its 6th consecutive season as an Electronic Village Online session on the first day of EVO 2020, Saturday, January 11, 2020. We dubbed this a “final preparation” to be held in Discord and Minecraft, but besides many of this year’s moderators (and their kids), we had several newcomers turn up. It was encouraging to have several new participants appear on the very first day of our activities.

You can find more about EVO Minecraft MOOC, including a description of the current session, which any educator is welcome to join, along with all our archives since our first session in 2015, at http://minecraftmooc.org .

In this, our first adventure of the 2020 season, we showed our newcomers some of the resources around the spawn point and stepped through the wilderness portal there to arrive at our wilderness outpost. From there we followed a path and crossed a river to reach the nearby village, and headed for a tower due west of there. Continuing west along the river we arrived at a second tower built atop a shelter, from which we set off to neutralize a nest of skeletons emanaing from the spawner that Teacher Vance had discovered earlier in explorations around the wilderness portal. When it was working, the spawner was a great source for bows and arrows.

On the first day of EVO20, and 24 hours before the official EVO kickoff event Jan 12 we attracted several moderators and a few newcomers to Minecraft.

We announced our event

Where? We had announced our meeting to be held in 3 places

Heike joined Vance briefly in Zoom (pictured below) but I left that space after half an hour in order to focus on the others on the EVO Minecraft server and speaking in DIscord

When? The event was set for Sat 11 Jan at 1400 UTC

We gathered at the /warp Whitetower (or /warp spawn) and then went over to the /warp hub

Someone named ~tour_helper joined us there. Could it be … ???

From there we stepped into the Wilderness portal and were beamed up to the wilderness outpost

There is a high point there with a ladder up a tower where you can then jump into the treetops and get a nice view

From there we took a trail signposted “to the village” and crossed the river to the village with a red building added by Dak

Heike had had a run in with a skeleton by then

From the red building you can see a tower to the west

From that tower you head for another tower in a bend in the river at the base of the mountains

Here are the coordinates for the second shelter

From there, going down to the bend in the river, you find your way signposted up the mountain. Follow the torches.

Up the mountain we found the spawner guarded by skeletons

Lots of skeletons (they just kept coming). There was a grand battle

Most of us survived, barely

Hi mom, it’s meeeee !!

You can suppress the spawner by putting torches on it. Mobs don’t spawn in bright light.

Dak built a wall around the spawner designed so that skeletons coming out of the spawner wouldn’t be able to shoot out but someone outside could shoot in.


In preparation for EVOMC20 in early January

Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear and Jane Chien and Olivetree Grove and others have been exploring the area northwest of the Wilderness Warp at 20k x 20k on our classic server. Those are the X (-west +east) and Z (-north +south) coordinates you see when you press F3 in Minecraft.

Our new area is in the tiaga at around 19.5000-X and 20.5000-Z  Here are some screenshots of the area:

You can tame llamas nearby if you give them about ten bundles of wheat

If you feed parrots seeds they might sit on your shoulder

Be careful, some of the candlelit paths up the mountains come out on a skeleton spawner


You can recover wherever you respawn. Right click on a bed inside this shelter to set a bed spawn here.

Here are the coordinates for this shelter

Down across from the bend in the river you find your way signposted up the mountain

You can see some of the torches marking the way up behind AbuFletcher. The spawner is a good place to pick up a few arrows, and you might collect some bows if you manage to get a few skeletons before they get you. If you linger there they’ll overwhelm you.

There are ways to deal with spawners. The first step is to light up the chamber. We’ve put enough light there where we can see our way in the dark cave, but we’re leaving this for a group of EVOMC20 adventurers to sort out. Welcome to join us.


Earlier events

Wed 11 Dec 1500 and 1900 UTC -Macmillan hosts Deborah Healey on Gamification in ELT



Sat-Sun Dec 14-15  OpenSim Community Conference

Get the links from Heike Philp’s tweet, https://twitter.com/heikephilp/status/1205866030637232128

And more from Facebook about the OpenSim conference, https://conference.opensimulator.org/2019/

The link to the conference livesteam leads to a nice thumbnail but not to a playlist of recordings unfortunately,




Tue 17 Dec 1200 UTC – iTDi interview with Gianfranco Conti

Dec 17th (Tue) – An interview with Gianfranco Conti

Link to The Teachers’ Room: https://zoom.us/s/867202173
(Zoom Meeting ID: 867202173)

Find out more: https://itdi.pro/itdihome/the-teachers-room/
Check out previous sessions: https://tinyurl.com/utvjan8



Sat 28 Dec 0100 UTC iTDi Teachers’ Room Open Mic session

Dec 28th (Sat) 0100-0200 GMT – What on your mind? Open mic session

Link to The Teachers’ Room: https://zoom.us/s/867202173
(Zoom Meeting ID: 867202173)

Find out more: https://itdi.pro/itdihome/the-teachers-room/
Check out previous sessions: https://tinyurl.com/utvjan8


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