A spontaneous discussion on Getting error correction right: an iTDi MonthlyRoundup on FB Live

Learning2gether Episode 431


I was first alerted to this event when Philip Shigeo Brown posted this reminder on Facebook just the day before:

International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi) MonthlyRoundup (FB LIVE) with Philip Shigeo Brown & Steven Herder: Fri Nov 29, 1200-1300 GMT:

The graphic was interesting 🙂 so I decided to drop in. I had intended only to see how this event worked. I hadn’t had enough notice to make it a Learning2gether episode in its own right, and I didn’t know I would be called on to participate. When I arrived, Steve was explaining how he had prevailed on the powers-that-be at the most recent 2019 JALT conference to stream their most recent plenaries and put the recordings on open access:


JALT 2019 plenaries streamed and recorded:

At first I was only listening to Phil and Steve on my PC talking in Zoom while broadcasting that through Facebook, so I got the event up on my iPad and took it into the kitchen to do the dishes. But when I heard them talking about my interview with them the previous week, I dried my hands and made a screen shot. You see? I was starting to get engaged.


And then when Steve invited anyone listening in Facebook to come into the Zoom room and join the conversation, Andy Boon and I obliged, joined later by Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto.

Also in the listening audience were Doris Molero, a long-time collaborator in Webheads in Action, whom I last saw at WorldCALL 2018 in Concepción, Chile, and Barbi Bujtás a one-time co-moderator of EVO Minecraft MOOC (these networks are constantly colliding :-).


And here is what it all looked like:


Some Links that came up during the discussion

More screen shots



Earlier events

Thu Nov 21 noon UTC – Steve Herder and Philip Shigeo Brown on iTDi and the challenge of commercial viability vs social community needs


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