Learning2gether with Heike Philp and GUINEVERE simulcasting colloquium on games in virtual worlds

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Learning2gether Episode 428

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On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, Heike Philp hosted a simulcast from Firenze on educational applications of virtual worlds, and invited me to come on in the Q and A period and talk for 5 min about #evomc20 EVO Minecraft MOOC. My brief appearance followed more comprehensive presentations by Heike herself talking about her #GUINEVERE project, Nick Zwart-Knottnerus of 3DLES on his work in OpenSim, Tuncer Can talking about his app Gistory, and James York presenting on the affordances of Minecraft for language teaching.

Zoom video recording link, provided by Heike Philp
Click here to play the recording and see the accompanying text chat

75543782_10158892950439338_2486098126587297792_nPicture posted on Facebook by Christel Schneider, used here with permission

Event details: https://tinyurl.com/GUINEVEREFinale

When? Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019, 11am – 1pm CET

Where? Simulcast: Video conference using Zoom and local participants in Florence

Zoom URL https://zoom.us/j/8039048284

GUINEVERE (2017-2019) is a two-year project investigating the potential of digital game-based learning in 3D immersive environments focusing on foreign language learning (2017-2019).As part of the project, language teachers were introduced to the art of designing and processes involved in creating digital games within various VWs including Second Life, OpenSim, and Minecraft.

The project is nearing completion and all of the partner are present in Florence for the final project meeting and look forward to sharing the outcomes. They proudly present the project results in a 2h web conference on Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019 from 11am to – 1pm Italian time.

Project outcomes

Program of events


Heike Philp from let’s talk online will introduce the goal of GUINEVERE and the final results.


Project partner Tuncer Can of the Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa will talk about the theoretical framework of Game Design/Gistory App Design Process (soon available from PlayStore and Appstore under the name ‘Gistory’)


Project partner IUL and Heike Philp talk about the Teacher Training Course development and the impressive 3D games developed by teachers.


Nick Zwart-Knottnerus of 3DLES presents his work in OpenSim


Guest speaker James York from Japan will talk about his experience teaching English and Japanese in Minecraft. Time where you are: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=James+York+at+Guinevere+Wednesday%2C+13+Nov+2019%2C+11%3A15+am+UTC&iso=20191113T1115&p1=1440&am=45


Q&A with online participants – Vance Stevens has been invited to speak for 5 min about EVO and EVO Minecraft MOOC


Guest speaker James York: How to teach languages in Minecraft: What are the affordances of Minecraft for language teaching?

Minecraft offers three different game modes (survival, creative, and adventure) which each have different use cases. In this talk, I provide a list of teaching tips and ideas that have worked for me in my own teaching context with a focus on productive language skills. The talk addresses the affordances of Minecraft for language learning and how teachers can adopt a task-based language teaching approach in this environment.

James is a lecturer at Tokyo Denki University where he conducts research on the pedagogical application of games for language learning. His current main focus is a curriculum development project using tabletop games as the centrepiece of a task-based language teaching and multiliteracies approach to second language acquisition. James is co-editor of Ludic Language Pedagogy, an open access, open peer-reviewed journal exploring games and play, language and literacies, and teaching. James’s previous projects include the development and management of an online Japanese learning community which utilized Minecraft as the domain for interactive, experiential learning activities.

Dr Tuncer Can completed his MA at Istanbul University in 2004 on “Constructivism and Training of Pre-service Foreign Language Teachers”. In 2005, he was granted a Fulbright Scholarship and he spent two terms at Syracuse University, NY, USA, where he taught Turkish via videoconferencing for one year. In 2008, he took part in a project at Istanbul University in the Faculty of Education, English Language Teaching Department, on the implementation of MOODLE in the training of pre-service foreign language teachers; a project was funded by Istanbul University Scientific Research Center. He completed his PhD at Istanbul University in 2011 on “Using Foreign Language Learning Strategies in the Context of Lifelong Learning and Plurilingualism”. Dr. Can also has taken part in three EU Projects. (1) CAMELOT, (2) INTEGRATION OF YOUNG REFUGEES Using mobile devices leading to better language acquisition and relevant career / YouRNI, and (3) TABLIO on the use of tablets for classroom differentiation and inclusion/ TABLIO.



Nick Zwart-Knottnerus is CEO of 3DLES, a Dutch company that offers project management on educational project in virtual worlds. Nick has studied theology and IT in Amsterdam, was an IT teacher for years and built the EU prize-winning virtual language villages Chatterdale and Parolay. He worked for the University of Alcala de Henares in Spain doing research on the use of OpenSimulator for language education. He works for the City University in London as a technical researcher for the aphasia project called EVA Park. 3DLES was partner in several EU projects like TILA, TeCoLa and now the GUINEVERE project.



Heike Philp is CEO of let’s talk online sprl is an edtech and immersive learning integration specialist. Philp co-initiated four European funded projects on teaching and learning a language in real-time at a distance: LANCELOT (LANguage learning with CErtified Live Online Teachers), AVALON (Access to Virtual and Action Learning live ONline) and CAMELOT (CreAting Machinima Empowers Live Online language Teaching and learning) and GUINEVERE (Games Used IN Engaging Virtual Environments for Realtime language Education). Philp founded and organizes several web conferences, Virtual Round Table (language learning technologies) DaFWEBKON (teachers of German), SLanguages Annual Symposium. She co-owns EduNation islands in Second Life.

Screenshots and text chat logs


05:56 PM Me (Vance): Heike is muted (she then requests a sound check)
06:01 PM alansimpson: Fine sounds good.
06:01 PM Me: fine (Heike then requests introductions in text from the audience)
06:09 PM Me: I’m a coordinator of EVO Electronic Village Online and moderator EVO Minecraft MOOC which starts its 6th session in Jan-Feb
06:09 PM Tuncer CAN: Hi Vance
06:09 PM alansimpson: Yes, I joined as a student on the pilot study. I teach at a uni in Japan, have an interest in ESP applications online.
06:09 PM Lucia Bartolotti: Nice to see you, Vance. I took part in the Guinevere project
06:09 PM Me: Hi Tuncer



06:10 PM Tuncer CAN: Hi ALL
06:14 PM Lucia Bartolotti: Hi Heike 🙂 I will leave you in 15 minutes as I have a lesson shortly. I have no microphone, sorry, I am at school


06:18 PM Me: where can we find these links? (Heike voices the links for me to post)
06:19 PM Lucia Bartolotti: These documents are really outstanding
06:20 PM Me: http://guinevereproject.eu/deliverables
06:21 PM Lucia Bartolotti: Hello Nick


06:51 PM Heike Philp: hi James, great to see you
06:51 PM James York: Thanks for inviting!
06:58 PM Rumeysa Yücel: thank you tuncer cam but how can we find this app, cause when I searched ,I couldn’t find it
06:58 PM James York: Thanks Heike
From Tuncer CAN: 07:00 PM
Hi Sare
it will be on the market veri son, when the project is over
From Rumeysa Yücel: 07:00 PM
Okey hocam thank you,btw Im Rumeysa:)
07:01 PM Tuncer CAN: rümeysa 🙂



07:05 PM Me: hmmm – I would like to join the next one (in response to learning that participants in one of Heike’s projects overwhelming gravitated to Second Life; only one to Minecraft)
07:06 PM James York: All good 🙂


07:09 PM Me: what is the link you are showing (when you get a moment)
07:17 PM James York: ?? – Well remembered!


07:20 PM Vance Stevens: 6th one (I hold up 6 fingers in video, indicating that we are about to enjoy our 6th EVO Minecraft MOOC session coming up next January-February)
07:21 PM alansimpson: Great, fine. (must be in response to a sound check)


07:24 PM Me: I know the feeling – Minecraft is easy … Zoom? (James is having trouble navigating in Zoom; he seems to get around fine in Minecraft 🙂
07:27 PM Heike Philp: fine




07:44 PM James York: Slides from me http://bit.ly/34YkGyq
07:50 PM Heike Philp: Any questions from the audience about GUINEVERE and for James or for Vance?
07:50 PM James York: http://minecraftmooc.org/
07:51 PM Heike Philp: James was faster than me
07:51 PM James York: hehe – Keen to join actually! Ty ty vance
07:51 PM Heike Philp:  James do you have a link to your TED session?
07:53 PM James York: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gokaQuqIAwM
Is Jeff Kuhn still involved? In the MOOC (If he ever was?)
07:53 PM Heike Philp:  he was
07:54 PM James York: gotcha
Thanks for the information!
I have read your paper

Kuhn, J. and Stevens, V. (2017). Participatory culture as professional development: Preparing teachers to use Minecraft in the classroom. TESOL Journal 8, 4:753–767. https://doi.org/10.1002/tesj.359 and http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/tesj.359/full.
Pre-publication proof available: https://vancestevens.com/papers/tesol/r1_TESJ_359_review2017oct25_1_archivecopy.pdf

07:56 PM Me: Here are the links I gave about my work (Vance)


08:00 PM alansimpson: Thank you so much everyone. Educational and inspirational!
08:02 PM James York: Minecraft and language learning: https://www.academia.edu/32656663/Chapter_11_Minecraft_and_Language_Learning



Just for the record, here is a list of Screenshots used
1855 Tuncer – https://www.screencast.com/t/RRTTrwDwG
1849 Tuncer – https://www.screencast.com/t/W0ctyBOKMdtg
1822 Nick – https://www.screencast.com/t/mu8TjSOg3j
1833 Nick – https://www.screencast.com/t/I3HH2tYdWw1
1802 start – https://www.screencast.com/t/xy0kxypjp
1810 Guinevere – https://www.screencast.com/t/3Te6mBdib
1811 Minecraft – https://www.screencast.com/t/Nyutgybxtn
1814 three VWs – https://www.screencast.com/t/DYEeADWb
1821 Nick – https://www.screencast.com/t/ftMjwkVTEMUp
1903 Heike – https://www.screencast.com/t/Itp3ZUGx
1902 Minecraft – https://www.screencast.com/t/8vO6VRwaScJ
1909 Guinever: https://www.screencast.com/t/hT9Ez9fCn
1920 James – https://www.screencast.com/t/SrZNw3Uk
1923 James – https://www.screencast.com/t/vTIsa9mM
1932 James – https://www.screencast.com/t/7a6ckTQZ
1933 James – https://www.screencast.com/t/wKDz12adp
James York’s links: https://www.screencast.com/t/veZ2thnqol
2000 Gallery – https://www.screencast.com/t/1o4Lpynlw6X
2000 Vance – https://www.screencast.com/t/KI692IYDv

Announcements on Facebook Groups


Earlier events

Sun Nov 3 1300 UTC – L2g 427 EVO Moderator PD discussion of online spaces and badges and certificates


Christine Coombe TESOL Webinar Nov 8 on participation in professional organizations

The announcement was sent out on TESOL lists Nov 7 and this event was over by the time I opened the mail, but for the record:

Sun 10 Nov 1400 UTC EVO Moderator Professional Development Week 4 Live Event

The coordinating team and the members of the EVO (http://evosessions.pbworks.com) Moderator Professional Development Week 4 invited EVO coordinators and moderators to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Learning2gether invited others who felt they would have something to contribute.

Topic: Week 4: Getting ready to go live

Time: Nov 10, 2019 at 2 PM UTC and 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Click to join the Zoom Meeting


Recordings of all 2019 EVO Moderator Professional Development for EVO20 live events are here:


Below find a video embed of this session starting at 25 min 35 seconds, which is where Nellie asked for moderators to come on and discuss the online spaces they had chosen for their sessions. First up was Graham Stanley, who spoke about how his Escape the Room session is organized, and he invited Vance Stevens to join him in the discussion, https://youtu.be/0W–5Kuk2mA?t=1535

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