Hanaa Khamis interviews Georgios Chatzis on the topic of The music of our humanity: Using YouTube videos to highlight social problems

Learning2gether Episode 424

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Just prior to this event, I announced it this way:
It seems like the last one was only yesterday, but it’s almost time for another #learning2gether free online event. Episode 424 takes place at noon UTC today, when Hanaa Khamis interviews Georgios Chatzis, past chair of TESOL Greece as the second of September’s #NileTESOL #PD_Committee and #LTSIG webinar series. This time the topic is

The music of our humanity: Using YouTube videos to highlight social problems
about the DE-desensitization of the YouTube generation to social issues

Where? Zoom Meeting
YouTube recording: https://youtu.be/973kk9s_dpk

After the event, Georgios provided us with a list of  YouTube links expanding on
topics he mentioned in his presentation, and more:


First Man

Queen – Live Aid

Shawshank Redemption 

Video Editing How to Videos

Chat transcripts:

Eman EL Difrawy : Hello George
Georgios Chatzis : hello!
Vance Stevens : hi we need to keep everyone on MUTE mic until you wish talk.
Vance Stevens : hi Lilika
Lilika Couri : Hi Vance
Hanaa Khamis : Shawshank Redemption movie
Vance Stevens : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shawshank_Redemption
Hanaa Khamis : thx vance
Vance Stevens : 🙂

In this 5 min. 36 sec. snippet Hanaa notes that she is not herself a great opera fan and how then does George make an opera like Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro appeal to his students.

Hanaa Khamis : feel free to post Qs or raise a hand at any point dear audience
Eman EL Difrawy : Sure Dr.Hanaa
Eman EL Difrawy : Loved their Words
Hanaa Khamis : yes
Eman EL Difrawy : How creative!
Eman EL Difrawy : Wow!
Eman EL Difrawy : How do you let them interested as some of our students are not interested in social issues?

Hanaa asked George how he managed to make movies like the Shawshank Redemption relevant to his students. This snippet is 6 min 09 seconds. George mentions the element of surprise in his answer, and how this piques their curiosity

Lilika Couri : George in actuality uses the real function of EFL teaching by enabling his learners develop as sensitive and responsible individuals, aware of the various social issues.
Hanaa Khamis : Eman n lilika u r next

Likika took the mic and spoke about George’s impact his students and on his audience at the most recent Greece TESOL Conference. This segment is 3 min. long


Hanaa Khamis : Eman u go next
Eman EL Difrawy : Yes,I attended this one.My eyes was full of tears.
Vance Stevens : Eman would you like to comment or ask a question?
Hanaa Khamis : Yes she is, Greta Thunberg, climate activist
Hanaa Khamis : Noah Trevor interviewed her
Hanaa Khamis : oxymoron
Hanaa Khamis : Student Conference: How yr profession can help by 2030
Hanaa Khamis : Eman, Ask away
Hanaa Khamis : Stephen Krashen
Hanaa Khamis : A personal story
Eman EL Difrawy : Do you ask them to use the grammar or vocabulary point you are teaching to comment on the videos?
Lilika Couri : I’d like to say something.
Hanaa Khamis : Sure Lilika, u go next
Eman EL Difrawy : Thank you so much George! So happy to talk to u again. When is your next webinar. What about coming to present in Egypt.
Hanaa Khamis : any further comments Eman?
Eman EL Difrawy : No Thank you.
Hanaa Khamis : Would u like to add to the wrapup Lilika?
Vance Stevens : as in David Crystal’s book Txtng: the Gr8 Db8, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Txtng:_the_Gr8_Db8

Hanaa asked me to go back to this reference later in the conversation, and she extracted a 3 min. 42 sec. snippet from the longer video where I did that and uploaded it to YouTube:

Lilika Couri : No, thank you, Hanaa. I believe I said what I felt was important re. George’s ideas and work.
Lilika Couri : Love your shirt, Vance.
Hanaa Khamis : Thx:-)
Vance Stevens : https://edpuzzle.com/
Eman EL Difrawy : Thank you so much
Lilika Couri : Thank you, Hanaa and Vance.
Mohamed Nagah : Thank you George for this informative webinar!
Georgios Chatzis : Thank you all!
Eman EL Difrawy : Thank you!
Lilika Couri : George, dear. Thank you. See you soon.
Georgios Chatzis : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYGd-llxHJE
Eman EL Difrawy : yes please.we need more webniars
Vance Stevens : https://learning2gether.net/2019/09/28/nile-tesol-ltsig-webinar-hanaa-khamis-interviews-lilika-couri-on-whether-or-not-to-teach-literature/
Eman EL Difrawy : Thank you George for sharing!
Mohamed Nagah : We will need a tutorial later

I don’t usually say much during the webinars so Hanaa has taken to check if I’ve been listening by asking me to do a wrap-up toward the end. She made a video snippet of this one, 4 min 44 seconds.

Announcements on Facebook Groups

Vance’s tweet: https://twitter.com/VanceS/status/1178213633798492163


Earlier events

Sat Sept 28 1200 UTC – Learning2gether 423 with Nile TESOL LTSIG Webinar – Hanaa Khamis interviews Lilika Couri


Sept 1-30 2019 4th annual Virtual Worlds MOOC (VWMOOC19)

The fourth annual Virtual Worlds MOOC (VWMOOC19) will take place from September 1-30, 2019. The theme of the current MOOC is peace through learning and connecting online for instruction and learning via web technologies such as Second Life and Virtual Worlds. The MOOC will focus on connecting online for collaborative learning and teaching around the world through Virtual Worlds.

Sign up to access the live sessions, reflect, and receive a free certificate here: https://moodle4teachers.org/course/view.php?id=114

To SEE the live sessions, check out the YouTube playlist




 Sun Sept 29 2000 UTC – Live event at the 4th annual Virtual Worlds MOOC VWMOOC19


September 29

13:00-14:30 p.m.  SLT



2000 UTC

4 am in Malaysia next day

Ann von Rhein  (avatar in SL)

and the Origin team in Open Sim

Anabel Origin,

Ramesh Origin and John Origin will welcome you.

Rethinking Content Creation in Virtual Environments

(Click on the title to access the live Zoom session if you can’t join us in Kitely)

Join us to explore a completely new way of creating learning environments in minutes without any knowledge of building or coding.

We will present 5 example Apps, small focused applications, assembled using our application building blocks.

These example Apps will demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach for enabling educators to focus on educational content creation rather than on the laborious building of virtual environments.

The environments that will be presented have been created to illustrate the application of our tools across various learning domains. Attendees will also discover that our approach is  relevant for Business and Entertainment applications as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxW2OyuFtPY

Attendees will win a Garden creation App and a presentation App. The tour will end with a short hands-on practice session in which attendees will be able to create their own virtual learning environments and save the work as a file that they can import for reuse later.

Meeting point is Kitely welcome center from where we will hypergrid to our RezMela Grid.

It is recommended to make a Kitely avatar beforehand in order to travel safely.

HG Kitely welcome center: grid.kitely.com:8002:Kitely Welcome Center

HG RezMela Grid: ( Link will be added later.)

Please register with your RL  name and avatar name until September 26th with an IM  to TR5 in SL. Further tours upon request, the sim will stay open until October 15th.

Mon Sept 30 1900 UTC – Closing ceremony at the 4th annual Virtual Worlds MOOC VWMOOC19


September 30

12 SLT


1900 UTC

3 am in Malaysia next day

12:30pm SLT

3.30 PM EST

Dr. Nellie Deutsch(Nellie Homewood),Dr Greg Perrier(Dodge Threebeards), and Dr. Nan Zingrone(Maggie Larimore).

Closing Ceremony(Click on the title to access the live Zoom session if you can’t join us in Second Life)

Closing Dance!

Looking ahead to VWMOOC20

Location for the dance:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Madhupak/209/245/91

The Chilbo Nature & Sculpture Garden




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