Learning2gether with NileTESOL LTSIG — Hanaa Khamis interviews Csilla Jaray-Benn

Learning2gether Episode #413

On Thursday, June 27, at 1600 UTC, Hanaa Khamis from the NileTESOL LTSIG  interviewed Csilla Jaray-Benn, past-president of TESOL France, now living in Grenoble though she is originally from Hungary. The topic was the role of empathy in successful language learning and language teaching.

Hanaa created the following poster and distributed it on her various social networks.

Where? In Zoom, hosted by Vance Stevens, Learning2gether

Comments from the chatroom

Mohamed : hi
Azza : hi, thanks Van for hosting us. hi Hanaa and Scilla.
Vance Stevens : Vance Stevens, and this is Learning2gether podcast #413
elya Adly : no sound!!
Vance Stevens : hi elya, I notice you have no mic showing in the participants list
Azza : enable the zoom audio in your device.
elya Adly to Vance Stevens(Privately) : ok.. sound is on now.. Thanks
Hanaa Khamis : Dear Partipants, ask away, plz tupr yr Qs in chat box
Waleed Mandour : How can we build ’empathy’ within language students?
Hanaa Khamis : thx waleed, more Qs dear audience
Azza : which definition of empathy are we dealing with? and how do we apply it in total physical response TPR?
Hanaa Khamis : good Qs
elya Adly : how can a teacher adapt empathy in class activities?!
Hanaa Khamis : yes got those Qs
Vance Stevens : I think teachers are by nature empathetic, more so than people in other career paths, except maybe psychologists, but then teachers are part psychologist
Azza : Van, you are right considering the amount of time we spend with our students that helps building strong relationships with our students.
Waleed Mandour : I agree with you, Vance. We are intrinsically emapathetic. But how to develop it correctly in students?
Vance Stevens : that’s a good question
elya Adly : how can a teacher with a low emotional intelligence develope?!
Mohamed : can you mention us some empathetic activities???
Vance Stevens : she is describing one now
Mohamed : great
Azza : building on students backgrounds and experiences that they share in the classroom enhances empathy in the classroom, but again, how to employ this in a very diverse classroom?
Mohamed : how can empathy change students’ behaviors???
Waleed Mandour : Nice one
Vance Stevens : got it
Mohamad Fayez : yes thanks
Waleed Mandour : I guess in a way or another we indirectly pass ’empathetic skill’ to our students through our actions in class.
elya Adly : can we count EMPATHY as a psychological issue more than educational?
Mohamed : thanks a million dr Hanaa, interesting
Azza : what if a teacher doesn’t really care about students’s learning more than their grades?
Mohamed : do u agree with empathy sometimes can be bad or have side effect in classroom ???????
Waleed Mandour : Thank you all for the interesting session
Mohamed : for all of you
csillajaray-benn : It was my pleasure to be here and sorry for the questions that were not answered.
csillajaray-benn : Thank you all!


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