Learning2gether with the 2019 annual Electronic Village Online Kickoff event

Learning2gether Episode 397

On Saturday, January 12, at 1400 UTC, coordinators, moderators, and some participants in the 2019 round of Electronic Village Online sessions met online for their annual Kickoff event. The event was held in Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/417142783

Zoom produced a recording of the event, now available on YouTube

The YouTube URL is https://youtu.be/pe2LW5U8Zzs

For the benefit of participants from Uzbekistan and other countries where YouTube is blocked, the recording was placed on Vimeo (courtesy of Nellie Deutsch)

The PPT (actually a Google Slides presentation) for the Kickoff session was collaborated on by all the EVO coordinators. By kickoff time, it was ready to be shown to the world at large:

During the event all moderators present spoke about their individual sessions. Here are the  sessions on offer this year, followed by links to their descriptions:


Preparation for Best of EVO at the upcoming TESOL 2019 conference in Atlanta

Thursday, March 14 2019: 10:30-12:20 pm in Atlanta
Friday, March 15, 2019: 1:45 – 3:00 pm in Atlanta

The event ended with an invitation to all moderators of 2019 EVO sessions to join us either face-to-face in Atlanta in March for the 2019 TESOL conference or from a distance at either of the two events shown in slide 21 of the presentation embedded above.


EVO moderators are welcome to present (in person or online) but anyone will be able to watch the presentation when it is streamed live from Atlanta.

How to join us is explained on the slides


Earlier events

Learning2gether was in haitus over the end-of-year break, as were many of the other events we follow. In November “we” (meaning Vance) were in Chile for the WorldCALL conference, and in December I tried to catch up with the #el30 MOOC that Stephen Downes had been running.

Fri Nov 16 – Vance Stevens presents ‘Gamifying Teacher Professional Development through Minecraft MOOC’ at WorldCALL 2018



Mon Dec 17 – Learning2gether with Stephen Downes about eLearning 3.0



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